Monday, September 25, 2006

Guess Who's a Mrs.!!!

Ok, so hopefully these picture makes up a bit for my absence as of late. As most of you who've been through the wedding planning process know, it's exhausting and mentally and emotionally draining. So I desperately needed a break from everything that wasn't on the "Must Do" list.

So yes, we are married now...and I promise I will share details of the day. It was amazing, and for the most part, the day was flawless. And I will say that I think we had the best reception I've ever been to. Not that I'm biased or anything. But we even had guests start karoke'ing. Yeah, I'm talking about you Miss Ang or should I call you Miss Bon Jovi "Living on a Prayer". Needless to say, the dance floor was packed all night and the guests had a great time. It was a big, fun party which was exactly what we wanted. I'm still waiting for the photos from the professional photographers, but I do have a few pics that friends have sent me from that day. So to make up for my extended blogging break, I'll share a few right now and post more later in the week. Enjoy!

Life is slowly returning to normal....oh, except the whole moving across country thing!!! Yep, you heard me right. But if you want to know, you'll just have to come back for that scoop. Don't be greedy now...patience my dears! I know, I suck!


Blogger Kjersten said...

Congratulations!!! You look gorgeous!! Looking forward to more details and pictures!

So... colorado perhaps? Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the general neighborhood. Marina and I are trying to plan a new years ski trip in colorado... so... if you want to join us... :)

10/21/2006 7:05 AM  

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