Saturday, February 25, 2006

Eeeek!! The Countdown Has Begun...

Six months from today is the big day. It used to be this far off date that was just kind of looming out there way off in the future. I didn't need to worry about all the wedding details, vendors, guests lists, invites, shoes and jewelry (good God, could I just find something that matches already). I'm guessing though it's fairly common for a bride to feel like she's just inches away from a nervous breakdown or from ruining the whole day, because oh my god you forgot something and you're a horrible bad wedding planning person, and your guests will remember this forever and life as we know it will cease.

Ahem..sorry about that. I think I'm back from my mental meltdown now. Thanks for listening. :)

Sean, if you're reading this. For the love of God, would you please finally put the damn ring on the proper hand when trying on wedding rings. Do you think there's a hidden message in the fact that he keeps putting them on his right ring finger? I mean, come on, you're left-handed honey! Your first instinct should be to put it on the leftie. Sheesh! ;o)That's ok, keep it up because each time you do it I think the carat weight of my wedding band should increase. Hehe.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't You Just Hate Prickleys?

Sean, being the great guy that he is, (oh and it probably had something to do with him fearing never getting lucky again if he didn't), got me a big bouquet of red, pink and white roses for Valentine's Day.

Lisa: Ahh, Burger-butt thanks for the flowers. They're beeeutiful!
(Sean walks over to check them out)
Sean: There's different colors, right? Because I didn't want them to be plain so I ordered a variety.
Lisa: Yeah, babe there's pink, white and red.
Sean: What the hell is this?
Lisa: What...what's wrong?
Sean: This flower is decapitated, the one over there has brown petals and they didn't even bother to take off the damn prickleys.
Lisa: (trying to stifle a giggle) Prickleys?? Um, honey what exactly are prickleys?
Sean: You know the pointy things that stick you.
Lisa: You mean the thorns?
Sean: Yeah, those...the prickleys. They always cut them off. This is just unacceptable. I'm writing them an email. They better fix this.
(Sean emerges a half hour later from sending off his email)
Lisa: So did you give them a piece of your mind?
Sean: Damn right I did. I told them they better fix this or they'll lose a long time customer.
Lisa: Hmm, sounds like you were pretty tough on them. (trying to keep a straight face) So did you scold them about the prickleys?
Sean: Of course.
Lisa: Um, please tell me you called them thorns in your email and not prickleys. Because it'll probably be a bit difficult for them to take you seriously using the word prickleys.
Sean: (shoulder shrug) No, I called them prickleys. Trust me they got the point.
(15 minutes later)
Sean: Mother F*cker! I should have called them thorns.

Update: So this bothered him so much that night that he didn't sleep very well. Yes, my honey is a bit of a control freak perfectionist. So he kept beating himself up over trying to be a tough guy while at the same time using a word like prickleys. Hehe! But the rest of his email must have been pretty good because I arrived home today to a huge bouquet of gorgeous red roses in a pretty vase tied with a ribbon. You know, a girl could get used to coming home and finding flowers waiting outside her door weekly. (Hint, hint Sean). Hehe!

Monday, February 13, 2006

My First Public Service Announcement

So you know what burns and hurts like a mother f*cker? That would be getting extra pulp orange juice in your eye while wearing contacts. Yeah, so my entire drive in to work I was trying to ignore the tiny strings of pulp that were disrupting vision from my left eye. Me and my pulpy o.j. eye made it into work, but of course no one has contact solution here. (Before you ask yourself, "Well, why isn't she smart enough to carry it with her?"...Well, the answer would be that I just started wearing contacts again because I've been battling dry eye issues so my eye doc is having me try out various brands of dry eye contacts...Anyways, bottom line I haven't had a chance to go buy a travel bottle or even one to just store at the office.)Thank God, one of the ladies had something called Blink & Clear?, and that combined with some water helped me scrub most of it off.

Public Service Announcement 2: Water doesn't do a very good job of moisturizing a contact and getting a dry contact to stick to your eye is a b*tch!

Public Service Announcement 3: Always carry make-up with you so you can do emergency touch ups. I now have eyeliner and mascara on the bottom of my right eye, but it has all rubbed off under my left eye. Now, I could attempt to make them match but then I risk messing up my concealer and scaring everyone with my dark circles. So I guess for today, the eyes, they won't match. Gah!! I'll just tell all my coworkers that it's the latest trend in fashion and that I'm tre chic.

Mondays....who needs them? Bah!