Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kicking Off 2006 in Slacker Style...and Family Insanity Preview

Ok, I know I've been awful about posting regularly. If it makes ya'll feel any better I've been slacking off in many areas. This being my last weekend of freedom before Spring semester begins on Jan 23, I should be getting the house/bills in order, going to get my taxes taken care of so I can fill out the FAFSA and get me some loan money so I can pay for academic torture, and probably cleaning last semester's crap out of my backpack. But alas, instead I have chosen to plop my butt on the couch and lounge around all day watching cheesy Lifetime movies. I tell ya those things are addicting. Rather than ending winter break in a blaze of glory it's much more appealing to spend a lazy day lying in bed.

I think I'm still trying to physically recover from the recent burst of traveling activity. Oh, and yeah...I so haven't mentally recovered from the December visit with my family. I'm going to give you guys the snapshot version of one aspect of rudeness and ridiculousness that I had to deal with during this wonderful visit home. My sis arranged for us to have lunch with my mom and her hubby. No biggie, right? Well, the first time my sis was seeing our mom in ten years and I've only seen her two times over the last ten years. Neither of which times was very pleasant. As you may imagine, my sis and I were a bit apprehensive/nervous/curious as to how this lunch would go down. Both sides agreed that it should be low key and no issues or serious topics would be addressed. This was basically just supposed to be a casual lunch. Well, certain family members felt the need to invite themselves to the lunch, one of them being my aunt. It began to feel like the lunch was becoming some sort of side show or the hot ticket in town rather than something private and low-key. And with my family, the more of them in a room the more likely sparks are to fly. So here are some of the highlights of why I'm not too happy with Aunt C.

1) When I called her to tell her that I thought it best that it just be my sis and I given that this was going to be the first meeting in a decade, she went ballistic and hung up on me.

2) The next day she called and left me a nasty "make-up" voicemail that basically said, even though you were evil and insensitive and cruel I'll forgive you. I ignored this message because really what good could have come from responding. Nothing productive.

3) A few days later Aunt C calls my sis and asks her to let me know that they won't be able to attend our wedding due to money issues. This was never a factor or mentioned before. Hmm, apparently money matters didn't affect their Reno trip the day I arrived or the Las Vegas trip they were going on two weeks later.

4) My last night in town I called my uncle to say that I was too tired to drive all the way to their house, but would be happy to meet them at a restaurant somewhere in the middle. He said he'd talk it over with my aunt and I never heard back.

Ok, there's more but this is already a book. Needless to say, I've received two messages from her in the past week. She's acting like nothing ever happened. I am not someone who can do fake niceness. If I'm going to talk to her at all then we're going to discuss these issues. However, I have a feeling that she'll go psycho and the conversation will go nowhere. So do I keep ignoring her till she gets the hint? It's tempting but my little cousin, B, is a junior bridesmaid, so I kind of need to know if they're attending since my sister nixed Aunt C's plan to send Cousin B to the wedding with my sis since we could watch her. Because in the days before my wedding I'll have nothing to do, right? Nope, so I'll plenty of time to babysit. Fricking insanity. I love my little cousin to pieces, but things will be a bit too hectic then for me to be babysitting. A sane person would know this. My family however, is not sane obviously. So any thoughts anyone (that is if you had the patience to make it all the way to the end of my ranting). Guess we know why I'm so tired, eh?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Back from the State Where Everything is Supersized

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but rather had to hit the road again to travel for work. This time to San Antonio where I ate more food than is humanely possible and which I'm sure will be staying with me for some time to come. I endured major embarassment and frustration and stupidity while trying to give a presentation. It all worked out in the end and I did manage to recover somewhat gracefully or so I'm telling myself. I missed my boys like crazy! Oh, and have I mentioned the super turbulent flight and the multiple approaches we had to make due to rather mean gusts of winds. Yes, not a good scenario for someone whose already a paranoid, super nervous flyer. And it especially did not help when the girl next to me started crying and praying. Oh, and the guy on the other side of me was telling me about a tv program he watched about the American Airlines plane crash (same Airline we were on..thank you very much, but not the best timing). Apparently, he didn't think better of mentioning something like this to a girl whose crying and one (me) who was bent over her knees staring into a barf bag and thinking how will it all ever fit into this teeny tiny bag? It was then that I decided if I did get sick I so knew whose direction I was going to toss my cookies in. I know, nice imagery. Ok, so stories to tell but first I must recover from the mental and physical exhaustion. Oh, and get through the many loads of laundry that await me. What's been up with all of you?

Friday, January 06, 2006

When the F*ck did I become a Mam?

So apparently, the Starbucks by our house is the local high school hangout. I made the mistake of going there a few days ago around 3, which is just about when school gets out. As I was leaving I held the door open for a teenage boy walking in. On the upside, the kid had manners. On the downside, he said, "Um,..thank you..Mam!" I happened to be on the phone with my friend Usha at the time, so she got to witness my horror and dismay firsthand. Both of which she found quite amusing. That's ok, she can laugh away because she'll always be a year older than me. That's right Missy Usha, so if I qualify as a Mam, then you may just be of age to join the AARP. Ha! Love ya girlie!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bringing in the New Year in Style...He's Pimpin & I'm a Hoe! Mom Would be so Proud...

My feeble attempt at striking a sexy pose. What can I say? There wasn't enough alcohol in me yet! The boots though- they are pretty sassy! Oh, and I wore a white bra with the black top....for me that's on the edge baby!

Move over Jay-Z and Beyonce....There's a new Bonnie and Clyde in town.

The always photogenic Ang took time away from the Jesus Juice to toast to the New Year! Check out that sassy shirt and more cleavage than I'd know what to do with. Haha!

Sean channeling Al Pacino, his hero.

Ba-da-Bling Baby! The Godfather would be proud.

Ok, so maybe my outfit was tame compared to others. However, I like to think that I was a high class hoe or perhaps a Madam a la Heidi Fleiss.

Lisa + Jesus Juice aka alcohol filled punch = Poor, Poor Mr. Baden

Mr. Baden would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! And he sends sloppy, wet, puppy kisses! Oh, and don't player hate just because he's sporting some massive Bling Bling around his neck.

Bad boy Baden's "Whatchu lookin at homie?" face