Monday, November 14, 2005

Seeing Double

So we took another road trip this past weekend. This time our destination was VA Beach for Sean's little cousin Baby Boy J's baptism. It was a weekend filled with adorable babies and their cute chubby cheeks and heart-melting smiles. I also got to meet little cousin Baby Girl G for the first time. She is just the sweetest thing ever! So playful, smart and curious. She was more than content to just entertain herself. She is 9 months and Baby J is 7 months. It's crazy how at that age, two months makes a big difference as far as their development and mobility, but a year from now you won't even notice the age difference. Baby Girl G can't wait to get this walking thing down. She does this little baby booty engine rev up as she begins to crawl and keeps looking for things to pull herself up. Baby Boy J, at this point can get in the crawling position, but isn't sure what to do or where to go quite yet. He loves to be tickled though. And his little ears that stick out- so darn cute! (They remind me of Sean's baby pics...hehe) Of course, all this just helped to spike my baby fever. Shhh, don't tell Sean! Haha. I know, I know, we really should at least get through the wedding first.

We got to see Sean's wonderful parents who flew in from Florida for the baptism and they spoiled as us usual. Not letting us pay for anything and refusing to take back money they gave us for gas. Being around them is so wonderful, but also just a little surreal because they're definitely more nurturing and parental than anyone in my family. :) But that would explain why Sean is the great guy that he is.

So we got into VA Beach a bit later than expected on Saturday and didn't have time to check in to the hotel before the baptism. We decided to change for the baptism at Sean's Cousin K's house. I laid my clothes down on the bed in the spare bedroom and then went out to get my make-up bag from the car. When I came back in Cousin K's sister-in-law came up to me and said, "Nice pants that you're wearing tonight, for a second I thought they were mine and I couldn't figure out how they got on the bed". Yep, that's right! We were twins..well almost. Damn GAP stores! And it's not like her and I live in the same area. She lives in San Diego. Ok, so fine whatever, at least our shirts were different. I was wearing a white shirt and she was wearing a black sweater...thank goodness. Oh, and of course when I went in the room to change and saw her pants sitting on the bed too, I just had to take a look at them to see what size they were. Yes, total neurotic chick thing to do. I should really learn not to be nosey. They were a teeny tiny size 2. Yeah, if she wasn't so sweet I would have to hate her for having just as good taste as me, but being able to fit in pants several sizes smaller than my size 8. Which by the way, I just bought and are now snug. Dear God, when will my body stop rebelling against me and just allow me to fit in my clothes comfortably again without having to unbotton my pants anytime I sit down. Damn Boston Market and their sweet potatoes are the root of all evil!


Blogger Kjersten said...

Babies!! I've been pouring through Greg's baby pictures for over a week now. he's so cute!!

Regarding pants sizes... I went out to lunch with this girl from work the other day. She was complaining that she couldn't shop at Bloomingdales anymore because the size 0 is too big for her!! Nice...

11/15/2005 4:32 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

And then of course you took her outside and beat her senseless, right? ;-)

11/15/2005 7:20 PM  
Blogger Kjersten said...

Believe me, she deserved every bit of that beating! :)

11/16/2005 12:35 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

size 0 huh? i'd have shoved her skinny a** into my big diaper bag and smacked it against a brick wall a few times...i hope she has kids and ends up on a jerry springer like show because a crane has to rip into her house to take her out of it...nah i'm not bitter..much :P

11/16/2005 2:19 PM  

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