Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dammit...Respect My P'ness!

How did I forget to tell my favorite internet peeps about this? So a few weeks ago, Sean and I had our first premarital counseling session with my fabulous, sweet and wise as can be therapist. She decided to start out by giving us the Myers Briggs Personality Tests. Well, as we already knew...Sean and I were on opposite sides of the spectrum on oh pretty much everything.

In particular, we were polar opposites when it came to this:
Structure: In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay open to new information and options? This is called Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

Sean is a total J-person, and me..well, I'm just a little 'ol P. Wonderful therapist lady was telling us how important it was that we respect each other's differences. And of course, since my mouth usually runs faster than my brain, I blurted out....

"Yeah Sean, so you better respect my P'ness!"

D'oh! Sean got his usually Lisa-put-her-foot-in-her-mouth-yet-again-oh-why-doesn't-she-think-before-she-speaks face. Think I embarass him much?


Blogger PaintingChef said...

That's too funny! I remember when we were doing out counselling and the pastor looked at the results and looked at us and said "Are you two SURE you want to get married because you have absolutely NOTHING in common."

11/02/2005 11:13 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

PC- I had forewarned our therapist that we were very much opposites. I think that worries Sean more than me. I look at it as a chance to learn from each other, whereas, he thinks, "God woman, why can't you just agree with me for once?" Haha. :) Doesn't it keep life interesting?

11/02/2005 11:17 AM  
Blogger Bailey's Mom said...

you had already told me that story but it is even more funny this time.

I found my self laughing out loud right here at my desk :)

Based on the description you gave i think I am a J too.

11/02/2005 3:02 PM  
Blogger Kjersten said...

CLASSIC!! Great story! I think we need to look into this group therapy thing. Sounds like fun.

11/02/2005 5:11 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

too funny lisa *L*...and as time goes by he'll learn that he's never right, that's just how things are :P jk ...as you well know john and i didn't do the counseling thing and while the first year or two were rough, i think things have turned out alright..even if he does have the habit of chasing rabbits and arguing in his sleep at night *rolls eyes*...it's the things like "the target story" that keep me around though...free entertainment *snorts* ...i've taken the test in the past as well btw and i'm a P as well :)

11/04/2005 10:15 AM  

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