Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend From Hell....Ahh, Where to Begin this Bitchfest

So we traveled 4 hours this weekend to the Peanut Capital of the World (please try and keep the excitement and jealousy to a minimum). We check into the hotel and go to our room to change for the wedding. (It's been so long since I wore pantyhose- oh my god!! Those things are just wrong and evil in so many ways and quite cruel to a bloated tummy.) We got to the church about a half hour before the ceremony. There were three parallel rows of pews. We were sat in the front row of the far right section. Sean and I kept looking at each other like "hmm, we're not that special to this couple why would we be in the front row". We even asked one of Sean's buddies, "B" who was a groomsmen if we should have been sitting there. He said it was fine. Ok, ceremony starts and we can't see shit! All we're seeing is the back of the groomsmens' heads. The bride and groom flashed in front of me for maybe five seconds max as they were leaving. After the ceremony everyone waited outside the church to see the bride and groom off in their limo. We waited for a half hour with no word and then heading off with a majority of the guests to the reception club.

Ok, this is where it just goes from disappointing to I want to rip someone's extremities off and beat them with it. Yes, I was that annoyed. See, don't mess with me! :)

We arrived at the Country Club and the set up was horrible. I honestly do not know what they were thinking. There were probably about 170 guests. The country club building had four rooms- the lobby and then three seperate dining areas. So only people seated at one of the ten tables in the same room as the bride and groom could even see them. Well, we weren't even in one of the rooms inside the building. We were outside in the damn cold. Anyone who lives here knows that VA is cold in October. We're at Table 24 in the damn tent. A nice tent, yes, but a fricking cold tent. They squeezed ten tables into this tent and ten people were seated at each one. There was no room to even move your arms. And we were at a table in the far corner with the speaker right next to us. Ok, by this time I'm perturbed. My heels sunk into the grass as we walked out to the tent, I'm in a skirt and sleeveless shirt and freezing my butt off. We put some of our stuff down and headed inside to get a much needed drink. Inside, we ran into Sean's best friend's parents, we'll call them "Mr. and Mrs. F", who we knew were seated at the same table us as. We took our drinks and Sean and I led them outside to our lovely table. By the time we got back to the table, there were only three seats left. Two of them were ours, so that left only one remaining. We asked around the table and it turns out some frizzy-haired-wanna-be-Vegas-showgirl in a tacky shiny crinkly-fry looking like gold dress sat herself at our table because hers was full. Uh, ok. Sorry that your's is full, but we have this table number on our place cards. So you would think she would have moved, right? No, she informed us that she didn't know what to say and suggested that Mr. and Mrs. F, seek other seating arrangements. Now, had this been a wedding of people I knew rather than for one of Sean's friends I would have probably went off on the stupid rude bitch.

Ok, this could go on, but my fingers are getting tired. Long story short, we ended up leaving the reception early with Mr. & Mrs. F, and we all went out to dinner. That's right we took the happy couple two big bags of presents and didn't even get a damn meal or cake or to see them dance or to speak with them.

So we returned from dinner around 11 and went to bed. It was hard to fall asleep because we could clearly hear the dinging of the stupid elevator every five seconds. Fast forward to midnight- I'm awoken by loud, drunk people screaming and laughing and slamming doors in the hallway. I endure this for twenty minutes and finally called the desk downstairs to see what the hell was going on. I latered learned they had about 30-40 drunk people in the lobby. Some were from the wedding we attended others were from one that had been held at the hotel. By 1 a.m. this is still going on. Sean gets dressed and goes out into the hallway and finds that it's his friend "B" making the latest round of noise. Sean went off. Now, my honey does not cuss much, but the expletives were flying. I was like...ooh, you made Burger-butt mad you better watch out fuckers! :) About twenty minutes later, noise is still deafening, so I get dressed and went downstairs to the lobby to complain. Of course I saw some of the offenders and they were members of the wedding party. Yes, the wedding party of the wedding we attended. There was a guy in front of me at the lobby desk who turned around and said, "Hey, you were at the wedding weren't you?". I said, "Yes, drunk boy I was." He replies, "Are you going to the bar across the street with the rest of us?" Me.."Um, no. I'm one of the unfortunate people whose actually trying to get some sleep and who you guys keep waking up and are severely pissing off at this point."

We finally fell asleep around 2:30am or so. The groom from this wedding is supposed to be one of Sean's groomsmen. Yeah, I'm not happy. That may be changing. Also, "B" is a groomsmen in our wedding as well. I've already told Sean that we'll be having a talk with him on proper hotel ettiquette, but that I really don't want those people staying at the same hotel as the rest of our guests. His groomsmen status may change too. It sucks for Sean because these our high school friends who he was close to way back when, but he's definitely matured faster than them. This was just the weekend of encountering rude people. What is wrong with people? How can you be so oblivious, self-absorbed, inconsiderate and just plain tacky?

When did people get so damn rude? Btw, I've cut out a few other annoyance for time's sake. I've already written a book here. Let's just say that I am know sleep-deprived and so behind in homework it's ridiculous and pissed off and annoyed and insulted.

I think I may be growing up though. I realized at some point that no matter how bad this weekend was that I'm still blessed. I have a wonderful fiance who isn't a rude obnoxious drunk, the world's best pets and the comforts of home. So I can suffer through a crappy weekend every now and then as long as Sean is next to me (to stop me from knocking out wannabe Vegas show girls).


Blogger Bailey's Mom said...

Wow that does sound like the wedding from hell.
charlie and I went to a wedding a month or so ago w/ 4 separate dining areas (similar to what you are explaining) It sucked because you couldn't see the bride and groom and it really just felt like we were out to dinner rather than at a wedding.

As for the other rude ass people you encountered this weekend..
It always surprises me how some people were not brought up with manners!
I dont know what their parents were thinking!

10/24/2005 8:04 AM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Wow sorry your weekend was so horrible. Every wedding I have been to has had the loud drunk group. Except for Jay and Jen's we haven't ever stayed to the end of a wedding.

I really do hate when people are loud in hotel hallways. Good for them for having a great time but when you go back to your room be nice and keep it down. At least you walked away with some dont's for your wedding.

10/24/2005 11:02 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said... comments are taking forever to load. Very odd!

Bailey's Mom and Mia- Oh, and that's so not even the half of it. More gossip and horrid details of rudeness keep popping up. Sean is going to get the rest of the wicked evil wedding scoop on Wednesday when he meets with his bud, "C", for wing night. I'll fill you in on the rest when I have the details. Things just kept going from bad to worse to insane chaos.

10/24/2005 7:42 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

wow, i don't envy your weekend one bit...if you thought after that, that you'd grown up..just wait til your next h.s. reunion...i made the mistake of going to my 10 year reunion and out of all those people, I had the most fun with John. People are stupid no matter where they're from. It's us smart grown up people that you're lucky enough to meet :D ...just for should've taken a poll to see how many of the dorks at the wedding and after party were republican or democrat, ha ha ha. yep when the pot of sh*t is boiling, i feel it's only prudent to stir said pot :D

10/25/2005 4:45 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Bethers- Not even touching that one. You're such the instigator! Bad Bethers! Bad! :)

10/25/2005 6:41 PM  
Blogger Kjersten said...

How HORRIBLE!! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, but it sounds like you handled yourselves quite well. That is a great learning experience for both of us: spend more time with your guests, make sure there are more than enough seats and (I've decided to) cut off the alcohol at 11.

10/25/2005 8:36 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

kjersten: since you're having your wedding in utah...are you importing the alcohol?! if so, can you bring me a case of REAL beer? this piss water stuff ain't cuttin it for me :P jk

10/26/2005 12:06 PM  

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