Sunday, October 30, 2005

Super Girl

Ok, so I totally did not cry...ok, fine maybe I did tear up a little bit. Sheesh, cut me some slack. I'm such a wuss when it comes to physical pain. Burger-Butt and I went out to dinner tonight. It was our first venture out together since the weekend from hell because he's been sick all week. And we all know men when they're sick, heaven forbid you make them leave the comfort of their smelly pajamas or their favorite sprawled out position on the couch. (Love ya honey!) But tonight we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Can I just say mmmmm...yummy Chicken Steamed Dumplings with Ginger Sauce.

We decided to go to the mall to check out some jewelry stores and look for wedding bands. We happened to pass by one of those Piercing Pogada booths. So being the shopping fanatic that I am I've passed those a million times before. However, tonight genius struck me and I decided to get my ears pierced! (I had them pierced when I was really young but they got badly infected and I just gave up and let them close. Turns out the damn holes were uneven anyways. Hmmph!) So Now- I officially have pierced ears and the holes line up and everything. How cool is that? Ok, so the pain and discomfort that has me up right now, not so cool. But it is pretty cute how Sean keeps lusting after my ears and staring. He thinks they make me look "really" girly. I think that was a compliment. *lol*

So the ten-year-old who went before me was like super bionic child. She didn't even flinch at all when they pierced her ears.

Me on the other hand, I jumped very high and teared up. But I didn't run off screaming after the first ear was done and refuse to let her torture me through the second. And I didn't sob uncontrollably. So take that 10-year-old Super Girl!

Um, does anyone want to volunteer to clean my ears twice a day for me? It really is a pain. (Yes, I know it's important and I'm doing it. I'm just lazy. Hehe.) Sean did say he'd do it for me. But yeah, that's like letting a bull in a china shop. I don't know if my poor ears would surive. And I am kind of attached them. They're actually pretty cute, especially since I didn't get my grandpa's Dumbo ears. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Sit Behind Britney...

So when I signed up for a Womens Studies class this semester little did I know that Mrs.Federline was enrolled in it as well. The girl who sits in front me of has the same greasy-hasn't-been-washed-in-2-weeks-hair with roots in dire need of massive quantities of hair dye. She makes the same fashion blunders to include wide bra straps peeking out of a thin strapped tank top and much too long pants. She is also never without her frozen coffee drink with mounds of whip cream on top. If she breaks out a bag of Cheetos I may be forced to notify Star that Brit isn't really in L.A. with Creepy Kev and the baby. Actually now that I think about it, why call the tabloids when I could just take the pics myself and sell them for big bucks. Hmmmph! I'm so smart sometimes.

Monday, October 24, 2005

These Are My Favorite Moments...

Baden and Sean are rolling around on the living room floor wrestling. They're so cute. They keep swinging their full body weight into each other. Boys! I love watching them play. One second they are nipping at each other's ears, growling back and forth and the next Baden catches Sean by surprise and tugs on his boxers or bites him in the tush. It's hilarious...Sean will try and tap Baden on the feet and Baden will skip and hop to get away until finally he gives up in submission and just collapses onto the floor with his paws tucked under him. It's times like this that might heart just swells with so much happiness and joy that I think I may just burst and I say a silent prayer of thanks to God for the wonderful trio of boys in my life.

Ok, enough with the sappy Laguna Beach tonight!!! Although, I don't know if I can stay up that late I have to be at 4:30 tomorrow because I have a 7:30 a.m. meeting which means I have to leave no later than 6 a.m. thanks to good 'ol DC traffic. Pfffbbbtttt!

Night sweets!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend From Hell....Ahh, Where to Begin this Bitchfest

So we traveled 4 hours this weekend to the Peanut Capital of the World (please try and keep the excitement and jealousy to a minimum). We check into the hotel and go to our room to change for the wedding. (It's been so long since I wore pantyhose- oh my god!! Those things are just wrong and evil in so many ways and quite cruel to a bloated tummy.) We got to the church about a half hour before the ceremony. There were three parallel rows of pews. We were sat in the front row of the far right section. Sean and I kept looking at each other like "hmm, we're not that special to this couple why would we be in the front row". We even asked one of Sean's buddies, "B" who was a groomsmen if we should have been sitting there. He said it was fine. Ok, ceremony starts and we can't see shit! All we're seeing is the back of the groomsmens' heads. The bride and groom flashed in front of me for maybe five seconds max as they were leaving. After the ceremony everyone waited outside the church to see the bride and groom off in their limo. We waited for a half hour with no word and then heading off with a majority of the guests to the reception club.

Ok, this is where it just goes from disappointing to I want to rip someone's extremities off and beat them with it. Yes, I was that annoyed. See, don't mess with me! :)

We arrived at the Country Club and the set up was horrible. I honestly do not know what they were thinking. There were probably about 170 guests. The country club building had four rooms- the lobby and then three seperate dining areas. So only people seated at one of the ten tables in the same room as the bride and groom could even see them. Well, we weren't even in one of the rooms inside the building. We were outside in the damn cold. Anyone who lives here knows that VA is cold in October. We're at Table 24 in the damn tent. A nice tent, yes, but a fricking cold tent. They squeezed ten tables into this tent and ten people were seated at each one. There was no room to even move your arms. And we were at a table in the far corner with the speaker right next to us. Ok, by this time I'm perturbed. My heels sunk into the grass as we walked out to the tent, I'm in a skirt and sleeveless shirt and freezing my butt off. We put some of our stuff down and headed inside to get a much needed drink. Inside, we ran into Sean's best friend's parents, we'll call them "Mr. and Mrs. F", who we knew were seated at the same table us as. We took our drinks and Sean and I led them outside to our lovely table. By the time we got back to the table, there were only three seats left. Two of them were ours, so that left only one remaining. We asked around the table and it turns out some frizzy-haired-wanna-be-Vegas-showgirl in a tacky shiny crinkly-fry looking like gold dress sat herself at our table because hers was full. Uh, ok. Sorry that your's is full, but we have this table number on our place cards. So you would think she would have moved, right? No, she informed us that she didn't know what to say and suggested that Mr. and Mrs. F, seek other seating arrangements. Now, had this been a wedding of people I knew rather than for one of Sean's friends I would have probably went off on the stupid rude bitch.

Ok, this could go on, but my fingers are getting tired. Long story short, we ended up leaving the reception early with Mr. & Mrs. F, and we all went out to dinner. That's right we took the happy couple two big bags of presents and didn't even get a damn meal or cake or to see them dance or to speak with them.

So we returned from dinner around 11 and went to bed. It was hard to fall asleep because we could clearly hear the dinging of the stupid elevator every five seconds. Fast forward to midnight- I'm awoken by loud, drunk people screaming and laughing and slamming doors in the hallway. I endure this for twenty minutes and finally called the desk downstairs to see what the hell was going on. I latered learned they had about 30-40 drunk people in the lobby. Some were from the wedding we attended others were from one that had been held at the hotel. By 1 a.m. this is still going on. Sean gets dressed and goes out into the hallway and finds that it's his friend "B" making the latest round of noise. Sean went off. Now, my honey does not cuss much, but the expletives were flying. I was like...ooh, you made Burger-butt mad you better watch out fuckers! :) About twenty minutes later, noise is still deafening, so I get dressed and went downstairs to the lobby to complain. Of course I saw some of the offenders and they were members of the wedding party. Yes, the wedding party of the wedding we attended. There was a guy in front of me at the lobby desk who turned around and said, "Hey, you were at the wedding weren't you?". I said, "Yes, drunk boy I was." He replies, "Are you going to the bar across the street with the rest of us?" Me.."Um, no. I'm one of the unfortunate people whose actually trying to get some sleep and who you guys keep waking up and are severely pissing off at this point."

We finally fell asleep around 2:30am or so. The groom from this wedding is supposed to be one of Sean's groomsmen. Yeah, I'm not happy. That may be changing. Also, "B" is a groomsmen in our wedding as well. I've already told Sean that we'll be having a talk with him on proper hotel ettiquette, but that I really don't want those people staying at the same hotel as the rest of our guests. His groomsmen status may change too. It sucks for Sean because these our high school friends who he was close to way back when, but he's definitely matured faster than them. This was just the weekend of encountering rude people. What is wrong with people? How can you be so oblivious, self-absorbed, inconsiderate and just plain tacky?

When did people get so damn rude? Btw, I've cut out a few other annoyance for time's sake. I've already written a book here. Let's just say that I am know sleep-deprived and so behind in homework it's ridiculous and pissed off and annoyed and insulted.

I think I may be growing up though. I realized at some point that no matter how bad this weekend was that I'm still blessed. I have a wonderful fiance who isn't a rude obnoxious drunk, the world's best pets and the comforts of home. So I can suffer through a crappy weekend every now and then as long as Sean is next to me (to stop me from knocking out wannabe Vegas show girls).

Friday, October 21, 2005

Hitting the Road and Mommy Anxiety is at Full Throttle

So we're attending a wedding this weekend in Southern VA about 3 1/2 hours from where we live. It's a high school friend of Sean's and one of his groomsmen, but I've never met the bride or groom. So yeah...Sean better be ready to entertain me since I won't really know anyone else who will be there. Doesn't that sound like fun ya'll? And the city we're going to is one that no one has ever heard of. Yes, quite exciting. Not to mention this will put very, very far behind with my homework. Oh well, at least there will be free drinks and food. Hehe!

Unfortunately the Hilton isn't Baden-friendly. So Baden Pup will be staying with with his Aunt Angie overnight while we're away. This will be the first time that we'll both be away from Baden at the same time. I'm nervous, worried and sad. I know Ang will take great care of him and that Baden will have fun with her. I'll just miss snuggling with my Mr.Baden-boo at night or waking up in the middle of the night because he's pushing me off the bed or hogging my pillow. Yes, all this sappy emotional hoopla is over a dog...but not any dog, my dog. If it's this hard to leave him, I can't imagine how parents feel living a child. But Baden Pup is my child..he's just extra furry and happens to walk on all fours. So laugh if you must, but this is quite traumatic. Ok, not so much for him or Sean, but for me it is.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

They're My Friend...Ok, So No They Aren't My Friend

So there are a few weddings we'll be attending next year (including our own...yes I had to throw that in there again in case you forgot..haha). I was talking to a fellow bride-to-be and we were discussing invite lists. What do you feel about "friends" who you sort of feel obligated to invite, but then again not so much since you've lost touch. Is there like a friendship expiration period? If we haven't talked in several months does that mean they shouldn't be invited? What if I called them last and as of yet have not recieved a call back? We're not talking about super close friends here, just people that were maybe friends of convenience (you had a class together last semester and would hang out outside of school occassionally...that sort of thing).

Also, I'm on the fence about something else too. I suspect and am fairly certain that one such questionable person on the guest list has in the past said some negative things about me. Should I call them on it to clear the air and to help aid in my decision as to whether or not I want them at my wedding? I know they've hidden things from me and just overall haven't reciprocated what I would call "true" friendship. Sean thinks I should just let it go and cut my losses. I don't know though, maybe it's a chick thing, but part of me feels like I have to voice my feelings in order to let this go or move forward with the frienship.

Am I completely overanalyzing? Yes, I know I am.

Btw, I not cool to post once a week. Cut me some slack. The boss is away so work is crazy, mid-terms are insane and last night my professor said, "Yeah...cry me a river" to me. Yes, I'm serious. He's an a$$. And no, this isn't the cute Latin American History Prof who by the way looked super hot in a suit today. The more I think about it, I think his cuteness factor is heavily increased by his intelligence. Oh no, I'm getting soft and all non-superficial. Aaaack! Make it stop! Hahaha!

Yes, I'm Using Puppy Cuteness to Bribe You....

Baden's please-don't-be-upset-with-mommy-for-not-posting face!

The sweet boy we found a few weeks ago. I so wanted to keep him, but Seanie denied me. His owners apparently claimed him from the shelter much to my dismay. Hehe.

Puppy Play Time! They were so darn cute together. That's it...if this doggy ever gets lost again and we find him...we're so keeping him. :)

Baden's a lean, mean, cuteness machine! The little face...the happy tail...the fashionable collar...Don't ya just want to smother him with kisses?!?! (Ignore the sad-looking patchy grass.)

Baden is doing quite well in his typing lessons. He's now types up all of my homework. (How Hot Are My Legs In This Pic? Haha.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Evil Thy Name is Love Handles

So Miss Ang, one of my bridesmaids/ex-roomie/work office mate, came over the other night to pick up Jazz-cat who I was pet-sitting for her. She had on the cutest sweater coat which I discovered she got from Target. Last night after dinner at Famous Dave's, Sean and I stopped over at Target. I tried the sweater on, in a different color of course, but it was not nearly as flattering on me. Not to mention, the size I would have had to purchase in order for it to fit correctly was not one that I was willing to buy. I decided to give another sweater coat a try. Yeah, this one didn't look to great either. In fact I noticed a distinct bulging as it skimmed over the sides of my lower waist. Hmm, what could that be I wondered? Was there something wrong with the cut of the sweater? Oh no, it had nothing to do with the article of clothing, but rather the body underneath.

So I have a couple of questions:
- When the hell did I get love handles?
- Real life friends did you notice them? If so, let a gal know!
- How do I make them disappear NOW!!!
- Dear God, I think I see stretch marks over them! This must be a cruel joke and I will hunt down and punish the responsible party.
- I don't like this whole thing called aging, so please make it stop.

Have I mentioned how incredibly depressing this is? To add insult to injury. I came across a photo from a few years ago when I was a bit thinner. Wow, where did that girl go and how do I bring her back without having to give up sweets or start exercising? :) Ok, so actually, I don't want to be that size again...I was too thin and didn't look healthy especially my face. But I remember that time period and even then thinking that I wasn't thin and could stand to lose a few pounds. What the hell was wrong with me? I wonder if as women, we're ever really happy with our body? If there's some of you out there who are, well god bless ya! And what's your secret- spill now!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Laguna Beach Re-hash...Because I Refuse to Watch Adult TV!

First off, yes I know I'm too old to addicted to a "reality" show about a bunch of spoiled high schoolers. But hey, the voyeuristic side of me just can't help it. So shut it!

Here are my rants:

1) How many woman can Jason swap spit with? This is filmed only over the span of a few months, right? Man whore and not even one with good game!!

2) Can we talk about Casey's dress? Eeew...did she go shopping in Britney's Spear's post-Kevin Federline-white-trash closet? She really needs to just walk away from the unkept hair extensions and stop after three coats of make-up.

3) Kristen...Ok, I get the whole always having to have her way and wanting boys to do what she wants; however, seriously if you're going to blow off your date who is supposedly at the very least a good friend of your's, then why not just go solo? Obviously, no one is going to think she went alone because she couldn't get a date. So go with your girls and just have fun. No shame in that.

4) As they were walking in to the prom, did you guys see Jessica and Jeff engaging in some major tongue action? Damn! Looks like she finally got her man. Now, go get you some of that "he's actually single" booty!

5) The two Jeffs in the gorilla suits? Yeah, so wouldn't have said yes to that prom invite. And again Talan who had the best, albeit completely cheesy, way of asking his date...gets the could shoulder.

6) What's up with Alex and Jason and the parking lot slobberfest? Hehe...they are so the Britney and Kevin of LB.

7) I love the salon scene with Cedric getting his hair did! Although, he needs to get a refund because the dye job so didn't take.

8) The pre-prom party at Sarah's house. Holy crap! Did ya see the house? Where do I sign up for one of those? At the very least is there a way I can get an LB parent to adopt me? I really should have a hot tub on the edge of a cliff overlooking the valley just like LC! Don't worry, I'm not greedy, ya'll will be invited over!

9) Speaking of LC....Ok, congrats on finally getting over your unhealthy Steven-stalking, but eeew don't rebound with parking lot Romeo aka Jason. [Updated to Add: Check out the latest scoop on the icky new couple.]

I hope all these folks are routinely checked for STDs because damn if one person gets something the whole town will get infected!

Ok, ladies...ready, set, dish the dirt!! (Especially Miss E and PC...I know you ladies have it in you.) And who the heck is this Brody kid that Kristen (in 'real' life, not on the show) is now dating. I don't recognize him. What's he "famous" for?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Exciting News Everywhere I Turn....

So Depeche Mode will be here in concert...and I kind of want to go. I'm not too familiar with their newer stuff, but I love the old songs. I was pretty psyched until I realized that the concert takes place on Dec 9. Darn it! I fly out at the butt crack of dawn the next morning. There's no way I can deal with no sleep, a hangover, and get on a plane. Nope....not doing it.

In other news....OH MY GOD!! It's Christmas in October! Could this really happen? I'd be so fricking excited. Please ladies, please do it!!! We miss you so. No show can compare. Do it for the money, do it for your fans...I don't care what the reason is just give us more SATC!!

And in other news Laguna Beach will be back for Season 3 and apparently some the girls have taken up modeling...corsets of all things. Um, someone tell me why they have Jessica dressed in those horrible pants and whose the chick on the very right that's hotter than the rest of them. I've never seen her before and of course I know all the LB kids! ;-) E-online has more dirt. Such as, did you know that there's an LB kid who lives in a trailer? Why doesn't the kid just move in to LC's house. She's got plenty of room...hell we could all just live in the backyard and enjoy the HUGE hot tub with the awesome view. I so want one of those!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's a Sad Day...

This story has been in the news for a few weeks now in Virginia. I don't know if it's been discussed outside of this area. But the story came to an end today with not the outcome everyone had hoped or prayed for.

Please keep the friends and family of Taylor Behl in your prayers. I can't imagine losing someone you love in such a tragic and cruel manner and unfortunately it happens all to often.

Go Sandra!! And I Get All Feminist...

Sandra Bullock is one cool chick! So I'm sitting here watching Oprah (yes, I ditched class, but I deserve to do so after the week I've had and the mid-term I survived today, but that's a whole different story). They're talking about the movie Crash, which by the way looks really good. I think it's going to spark some great conversation about racism, stereotypes and sexual violence. You know the issues that really matter but always seem to go underreported by the news and media and get little attention from politicians. Anyways, getting off my soapbox now. So Oprah and the actors/actresses from Crash are having a candid conversation about the "n" word. I agree with Oprah, that it just shouldn't be used at all. It's definitely way too racially charged and the negative connotation it has is too strong. However, Ludacrous (sp) and Don Cheadle disagree and are making arguments for why the "n" word or "nigga" are ok to say between black people. Oprah continues to disagree and mentions how the terms shouldn't appear in music videos either. Well, Sandra Bullock chimes in and says well while we're on the topic of retiring words, can we take "bitches" and "hoes" out of the videos and music as well. Woooot! Go Sandra! That has always irked me. I get the whole freedom of expression and music is art blah, blah, blah...but I personally find it demeaning to women and think it just perpetuates our subordinate status in society. On the other hand though, to me it's also says a lot about a person if they feel the need to use those words in their vocabulary. If you can't make good music without sexualizing or opressing women, then personally in my mind you're lacking in the talent department and just jumping on the band wagon of what's popular these days. And how sad is it that these words are used so freely and considered cool lingo with the younger generation?

Ok, I'm done being all self-righteous now. Sorry, it's this women's studies class I'm taking. And I just finished writing a paper on the gender wage gap. It's ridiculous that there's only 7 female excutives between all of the Fortune 500 companies and women continue to earn 75 cents for every 1 dollar earned by men. That value drops if you're a woman who aren't white. I really think the key is getting more women in high-level positions so a trickle down event begins to happen. Because to be honest, I don't think we'll get the promotions or salaries we deserve if we're constantly having to request them from a male boss. Although, I could be very biased given what I've gone through the last 3 years.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cross-Eyed & Sleepy...Zzzzzzzzzz

Ok, this just sucks. Why did I take 12 credits? Oh, that's right because I am INSANE. Wednesday I have a quiz and Thursday I have a paper due and a midterm. Am I ready for any of no. So wish me luck. Oh, and I got a "C" on my last Geog test. I don't get C's. This is so not cool. I'm tempted to drop the class on principle alone. :) What really sucks is I so thought I had done well on the test. Oh well.

Have I told ya'll that my Latin Amer Hist Prof is such a frickin hottie! He showed up today in a suit. Hmm...can we say yummy! Shh, don't tell Sean I said that. Oh, and did I mention that I was one of those rude people whose phones go off in the middle of class? Yep, I was so embarassed and felt like such an ass. I think it just speaks to my level of exhaustion though.

Anyways, now it's sleepy time, but I'm coming off a Suzanne high. I just IM'ed with an old friend who I hadn't talk to in ages. We were sending pics back and forth and catching each other up on the latest happenings in our lives. Isn't it funny how you don't realize how much you miss someone until you talk to them again? And then it's like hey...why'd you disappear? You're such a cool, kick ass chick. And I have to say she looks fabulous. The hair is so super Pantene shiny. Suz, I'm so glad we had a chance to chat and catch up. You better keep in touch Missy! :)

Ok, I'm going to go crash for five hours before I have to get up to work on a paper. *sniffle* Any volunteers to do it for me? Puh-lease.

Lost Doggie Update: The owner picked up the cute little Chow/Shepherd mix pup we found. I think the retrieved him on Friday. I was happy for the dog, but a bit bummed out that it mean we weren't going to get to adopt him. Not that Sean would let me...but I was already starting to work on him and I think the guilt was setting in. Oh well, I'm glad the doggy is back home with his owners who will hopefully be more cognizant now of his whereabouts because next time I'm Keeping Him!! :)