Thursday, September 08, 2005

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Ok, so I keep seeing my site visit numbers go up and when I check my stats I see an influx of unique new visitors, but we're doing weak on the comments you all. If you stop by, feel free to just say hi or dazzle us with a witty response (just don't upstage me...kidding). Seriously, I won't bite. This is more fun if you all provide some feedback and thoughts.

Also, for those of you who don't often scroll to the bottom of the site, you may have missed the sign up icon for It's pretty simple, just enter in your email address and you'll receive an email notice whenever a this site is updated with a new post.

So I should find out tomorrow if we got the Sept 15 date or if we'll just have to be happy with our Aug 25 date. Either way, we're still on for Meadowlark. Now, anyone know a good caterer? :) We're going to our first Bridal showcase this weekend. Ok, am I strange or non-girly because I'm not all that excited about it? It's almost sort of like just another item on my to-do list that keeps taunting me and reminding of how much work still lies ahead. Sean so far is being a good sport about going. I told him if I have to suffer he does too. Ha! :) A bit of irony, the bridal show is being held at my University. Yeah, so I have to go to school this weekend. Nice, eh? I think God is upstairs laughing at me and saying neener, neener, neener.

Also, I meant to post about this yesterday. Dirty Dog Dave, who has been noticely absent as of late, I think it's because he's on a serious mission to find a nice piece of a--. Oh, I mean a nice wife. Hehe. Now on a serious note, Dave was flying out yesterday for work to one of the Katrina disaster areas. Davey-pooh, you're in my prayers and I know you'll do good work out there. Just remember you're there to work, not to flirt shamelessly. Hmm, do you think we should start placing bets on how many single, young, attractive women he'll offer a place to stay to? Hehe.


Blogger PaintingChef said...

Just let me know what you'll need in the way of invitations and such! I'm here for ya'!

9/09/2005 7:50 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Thanks lady, I appreciate it. :) Don't worry, there's plenty of time, so for now just focus on taking care of yourself. *hugs* We can so procrastinate on this stuff. Hehe. ;-) Or maybe we need a ladies' weekend to plan and figure all this out (nights out on the town engaging in drunken dancing! :)

9/09/2005 8:02 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

you know, it's actually been kind of fun hearing about your wedding plans. almost makes me feel like i'm a part of it :). hope you're having a good weekend. i'd come up with a snarky comment, but let's face it..i'm tired :P

9/11/2005 8:17 PM  

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