Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What Do You Mean You Can't Eat Paper?

So I don't think I ever went into details about why we nixed the place we were originally going to have the reception at. The price was right and the grounds were gorgeous. However, the pissy proprietor was a doozy. We first got a little apprehensive when I talked to a DJ company who was wonderful, but as soon as they heard the location we were having it at informed me they no longer did events there "due to this site's lack of flexibility towards the desire of their customers". I thought, hmm...interesting, but probably a fluke. Then I talked to a Cake Vendor, who was a total sweetheart, and she was willing to work with the site, but was very apprehensive about and filled me in on her experiences with them. She misjudged traffic and showed up the site 45 minutes early with the cake. The site had no other events going on, yet they REFUSED to let her in. They told her to go and drive around with the wedding cake in here car (Yes!!) and come back in 45 minutes. Apparently they had done the same to the florist as well. I then decided to call the DJ and see if he would give me the full "dirt". Well, he did! The final straw though was when I called the proprietor and was informed that for the second time that one can not eat paper. Really? Hmm, have I lived 26 years of life w/o realizing this? What brought about this snottiness, you ask. I'll tell you. Well, Miss Pissy doesn't give out her Preferred Vendor list. Ok, fine I get it, you want to save those people for your "contracted" brides. However, seeing as how we would have had to pay an additional $1,000 if we had decided not to use her caterer, I at least wanted to see a menu from them. That's reasonable, right? Apparently not. Her reply was, "I"ve been doing this for 30 years and I'm always amazed that people are dumb enough to ask this. What's the point? You can't eat a piece a paper! I can write whatever I want on there and it won't tell you a thing, so what good is it. Stop worry about that."

I kid you not! Think we made the right choice? ;-)


Blogger Bailey's Mom said...

I will be sure not to recommend that place to anyone i know that is getting married!

You def dont need to deal with that kind of drama or a B*&#% like that!

8/10/2005 11:40 AM  
Blogger PaintingChef said...

You must be joking! And people actually HAVE weddings there? Oh that is the kind of person that I would LOOOOOOVE to get a hold of and discuss a few things.

8/10/2005 3:26 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

E- Yeah, it's unfortunate because the grounds were gorgeous. But I just didn't want to have to deal with her challenging me or being condescending every step of the way.

PC- Oh, totally serious. I guess there may be enough people willing to battle her constantly because it didn't appear that business was hurting. Two co-workers of mine had their weddings there and they both just said that you have to put her in place, but they thought the sacrifice was worth the price/location. I just knew though that her and Sean would so clash and he'd end up going off many a times. :)

8/10/2005 5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg *lmao* stupid people truly amaze me...glad to see you didn't become another of the stupids *makes silly face complete with eye rolling and tongue wagging*


8/10/2005 7:49 PM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

What a b*tch. I would of told her where to shove her snotty place. She has never heard that the best form of advertisement is by word of mouth. Then I would have told her how hard you would have had to work to find people that would deal with her.

8/12/2005 5:19 PM  

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