Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Suprise- It's the first class and I'm Giving You a Quiz!

Too tired to blog much right now. The Fall semester kicked off this Monday and is officially already kicking my a$$. I had my first class meeting tonight for my Geography class and there was a quiz. Yes, this teacher must be on crack because who in their right mind makes a class take a quiz in the very first class? If he's not on the crack pipe...Then the only other explanation is that he's just pure evil and I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. Ha! I was looking up a teacher on Rate My Professor...and decided against taking this Professor after reading a comment by someone who referred to said Professor as "Satan's Sidekick". Hehe. Now THAT is funny! Ok, off to read about feminism and why women should rule the earth. :) Ahh, imagine what a wonderful world the place would be if we did. C'mon you boys had your turn and did a crappy job, now let the more compassionate and intelligent sex give it a try! ;)

See what a few days of school will do to my brain. I start feeling sassy and mouthy! Hehe.

Updated to Add: Everyone please keep all those affected by Katrina in your thoughts and prayers and DONATE, DONATE, DONATE.

To Trammie- Just wanted you to know that I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well and I'm always here for you ANYTIME for ANYTHING. Love ya girlie!

P.S. How cute is my sis...she sends me destination wedding info for Colorado and Arizona. Hehe. I had to tell her that when we were talking destination wedding, we were thinking a bit further away than that. Think tropical climate....beautiful island surrounded by clear water. But ya gotta love the girl for trying. Thanks Miss Mia. You rock and I appreciate everything. :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

We Have No Site...But There Is A Cake!!

So we checked out a wedding site on Saturday. It was pretty location, but too cowboyish for our taste for a wedding. :) So that was nixed! The Great Site Search of 2005 continues. And talk of a destination wedding is still on the table. Although, since we now have a gorgeous, yummy cake that we spent three hours designing, I'm getting me a damn cake even if we elope! Ha! We love the cake lady and her work is fabulous and she was the cheapest out of everyone. Yippee! I'm not giving any cake details out yet...I'm still debating if I'll leave it to be a surprise or just let you have all the yummy details.

In other news...remember that post where I made up like five poems about how much I loathed my job. Well, let's just say after today I could probably write about fifteen more. Yes, it was THAT bad! I'm hesitant to go in to details here. Let's just say that since I lacked the balls to speak up when an inappropriate comment was made during a meeting because I was so damn shocked and knew any words that came out would have been venomous. So I spent the last half hour typing up an email, ok so maybe it was more like a book to my boss. No word back yet. So we'll see if I'm still employed tomorrow. If not, at least I can stay home with my furry kids. Hehe.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

We Know Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Evil-Can-Switch-Moods-In-A-Split-Second-Bitch-Mode has ceased for the time being. I have resisted the desperate and mean spirited attempts of PMS and horrid gut wrenching cramps to bring Wicked Lisa back. Sean survived fairly unscathed I'm happy to report and efforts were made last night to redeem myself and I am now back in his good graces. That's all your inquiring little minds need to know. :)

Btw, I have to take a side moment to thank Miss Elise for her saavy information gathering goddess ways and always wise wedding advice. She has been so wonderful ever since we got engaged and so damn helpful that I wish I had lots of money so I could treat her to a Coach purse shopping spree. Alas, before you get too giddy picked a broke ass friend hon, so no shopping yet! Hehe! :)

Ok, and now to celebrate my return from the dark side...I leave you all with pics from our lovely and exhausting trip to Florida. We miss everyone already! Enjoy.

Updated To Add: The movie Sweet Home Alabama is on. I always forget how much I love it until I see it. And the eye candy is quite nice too. :) Also, why did none of you ever tell me how damn good pepperjack cheese is? I love this stuff! If Sean's wonderful mom hadn't introduced me to it I would have never known. And I life lived w/o pepperjack is just wrong...on so many levels! Ha!

Sappy Goodbyes at the Fancy McDonald's

One last group pic before we had to say a sad and weepy good bye. Aren't they all soo cute? These are the folks that make the normal, sane and loveable part of my family. They rock! And they are the only reason I don't mind being born into the dysfunction that is our family. They make it worth it. And my sis...can we just take a second to appreciate the beauty that is my sis. I just love her to pieces and miss her so.

Backyard Beautification!

Ok, I know it's hard to look away from the distracting loveliness that is us two ladies and one young girl. However, the pool, the pond, the fountain- so gorgeous!! And they're just a snippet of the loveliness that is Sean's parent's backyard. No, they can not adopt you so you can live there. You must get in line first. I get first dibs! Haha.

This is what I would like God to Give Me when I reach Heaven

Oh my God!! The dessert was to beyond ectasy good....His parents had the restaurant chef make a special treat just for us. Now do ya'll understand why I love his folks so much? They are the best!

Happy Engagement To Me!

SMILE....Me and Brea at the Engagement Dinner for Seanie and me. It was hosted by his oh-so-loveable parents whom I adopted as my own long ago. :)

Lions and Tigers and Bears..Oh My! Ok, Maybe Not.

Sean, Mia, Me and Long-Legged Brea posing in front of the Gazelle habitat at Animal Kingdom after getting soaked from two consecutive trips on the River Rafting ride. Do we look like drowned rats? :)

The PG-rated Chip 'n' Dales

It's Mia, Me and Brea with The Chipmunks...wait that's not right....Chip and Dale...I don't know who they are, but they were really darn cute and sweet.

Look Out Johnny Depp! You got some Competition.

Ahoy Mates! Or however it's spelled.

The Three Musketeer-ettes!

Moria, Me and the youngster I used to call Baby Brea whose now towering over me. Aren't we cute?? :)

Wow, It Really Is the Happiest Place on Earth!

Me cheesing for the camera just outside of Magic Kingdom. To my right is the lovely Moria, aka West Coast Mia, my wonderful sis whom I adore. I would have completely given in to my insanity long ago without her. And just past her are my aunt, uncle and little cousin whose suddenly taller than me (this disturbs me in more ways than you can imagine).

Nothing Is Better than This!

Our Little Family.....(Some of us were more sunburned then others. I'll let you figure out who.)

Lisa is in Lust....

How'd you like to live in this house? My dream home...*sigh* It's on my Christmas wish list! If anyone would like to contribute, I'm sure Sean would appreciate the help. Hehe!

Lighthouse Extravaganza

I see pretty, pretty! Why must I work when there are boat rides to enjoy and surf to listen to and sun to tan in? The injustice of it all!

How Hot Am I Steering this Boat? C'mon, You Know I Am!

Captain Sean striking a pose in his oversized-geekariffic-borrowed-sunglasses. I love me a boat ride!

And at the Front of the Boat We Have....

Like Father, Like Son...Sean's Dad's chilling at the head of the boat. I'm telling ya'll this is the life!


After 12 hours of driving we experienced pure giddiness at the sight of the "Welcome to Virginia" sign! And of course shortly after crossing the VA state line we hit traffic...not a little traffice, but damn what the hell are all these people doing on the road at 7:30pm on a Sunday night?

My Furry Bundle of Cute

Baden Pup with his Mom-Are-We-There-Yet Face....His cuteness still amazes. It's too much adorable to handle sometimes!

This is better than Red Lobster!

A view of our last meal....prepared by Sean's skillful grilling guru of a Father. Yummy...shrimp-ees!

It May be Animal Kingdom, but We're Not Getting Frisky....Yet

Sean and I chillin at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Can your eyes handle the bright white of our skinny legs? And look a bonus- I'm even giving you a peek at my ever-so-lovely armpit. Woot!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Sometimes I think there's not enough Zoloft in the world to make me whole...It's just these random moods that strike. Nothing usually causes them, but they just begin with a little trickle of sadness and then develop into fool on despair or sorrow or go from annoyance to full on cranky bitch-mode. They usually only last a day or two. But it's so frustrating because it feels like I'm not even in control of my moods. Well d'uh...I guess that would be because I'm really not. It doesn't help that I just called my doc to thank them (sarcasm) for prescribing ear drops which have worsened my ear ache into full on ringing, shrilling pain that left me up most of last night curled up in a ball crying. Have I mentioned how tired I am of being sick? I'm congested, tired, annoyed that I'm hungry all the time and my clothes aren't fitting comfortably, work suckedy sucks, and I'm ready for a change of pace. I need away from this always bumper-to-bumper traffic filled area where people are constantly in a state of rushing around. Sean luckily has developed a strong desire to move as well and is seeking job opportunities within his company. So far we've looked at Colorado and South Carolina. I really do hope that something pans out because we need a change a pace and to live in an area where we have a shot in hell of being able to afford a single family home. Have I mentioned that for some unknown strange reason the biological clock is ticking. Yeah...I'm anxiety ridden over the current stressors in our life and I'm having muchkin-fever. Sick, I know!

Anyways, I miss my sis...I miss Trammie....they're both way too far away. I miss my little cousin who is now taller than me and growing up entirely too quickly and far from my watchful eyes.

I'm annoyed that I'm having this pity party because I know I have so much to be grateful for. I have a wonderful fiance, even if he does work too much, whom I love dearly. He's even going to take up a lot of the pressure of the bills so I can cut back my work hours to part-time and focus more on school. I know, he rocks! Of course, I feel guilty about that too though and like I'm not pulling my own weight. Ugh, I wish I didn't have these yucky thoughts and I was just a happy-go-lucky-ball-of-sunshine all the time...but alas that's so not the case. How does Seanie put up with me?? I don't know...but I'm so glad that he does. And I'm very lucky too.

Too Lazy & Busy So You Pick the Destination...

So I wrote a post last night and of course it was as witty and fabulous as one would expect from me. Ha! F***in Blogger ate it! Too tired/busy to rewrite at the moment, but I promise I will update every one about our vacation.

In the mean time ya'll could do me a favor. So this wedding planning stuff is CRAZY and hectic and stressful and not a lot of fun at times. We've decided to open up our options to include looking at a destination wedding. (Note to Bridesmaids: Don't freak out, if we did this then we probably wouldn't have a wedding party. I'm not expecting everyone to empty their wallets/savings accounts just to attend. However, if any of you wanted to that would make me very happy...giddy happy!)

Anyways, I digress. So does anyone know anything about this? Is it really that much cheaper than a "traditional" wedding? What's the ettiquette as far as who you invite? Do you invite your entire guest list, but of course let them know somehow you're aware that they will probably not be able to come. Are certain times of year cheaper or less crowded or not filled with any possible natural disasters? And finally any location thoughts. I think our first pick would be someplace tropical with gorgeous beaches and fun nightlight, but also activities to enjoy that aren't "touristy". I always like to see/experience places or restaurants the natives enjoy.

Ready...start...Feedback Please!!! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Exhaustion + Sinus Infection + Ear Ache = Feeling Like This

A visual aid as to how I am currently feeling.....SPLAAAT!! (I know...this is so disgustingly gross, but how do you not share a pic this horrific? Hehe! This was even after attempted window wash #1.)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Off to Sunny Florida...

So much to do....getting the dog packed is like getting a baby ready for a trip. Toys, treats, food, water,- check! Collars, Leash, Backpack- check. You get the idea. We're sweaty, tired and running on pure adreline. Our goal was to leave around 3 a.m. since it's a 13 hour drive at least to Florida. Not sure if I'll blog while we're there, but I do know I'll come back with lots of stories, as this is the first time that Sean's family is meeting any members of my family. And certain family members of mine have already ticked me off and hurt my feelings. Oh well, that's life. I'm just so ready to hit the road and leave this humid, traffic-overloaded chaotic center of mean, sucky people. And best of all- NO WORK! Thank the Lord!

Talk to ya'll later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Countdown to Vacation...Florida Here We Come!

So we leave this Friday for a ten day vacation in Florida. We'll get to see Sean's parents, grandparents and my sister, aunt, uncle and cousin are flying in from California and will be there for part of our trip. I can't work, fun in the sun, delicious home-made cooking courtesy of Sean's lovely mom.

The past few days have been a flurry of chaos as we've been gearing up for the trip. Sunday was filled with cleaning and the always interesting activity of giving Baden Pup a haircut. Ok, so admittedly Sean does most of the work. However, I get the lovely tasks of trimming Baden's butt hair and ever so carefully cutting the hair around his "thing". Sean can't even bear to watch the second part. Men, they're so delicate. Ha! Now, last night I was a maniac. I dusted our entire bedroom to include (eeeeew) the nasty blinds and ceiling fan. And I survived despite to tell about it despite the many clouds of dustballs that threatened to suffocate me. I vacummed the entire upstairs and cleaned two bathrooms. I know, I ROCK! You don't have to tell me. And no, I don't want to come over and do your house. I'd much rather sleep for the next three days as that is more housework than I've done in the last three months. Blech! Housework evil, but it is nice to have a clean house. It won't last long, so I'm going to enjoy it while it does. Friday should be interesting, we'll be driving the thirteen or so hours to FL because we're taking the dog with us. Tigger Kitty will be staying behind but will be in the capable hands of a pet sitter who I'm meeting with tonight.

So there was one bright spot in my day yesterday. I received a much awaited package from Susannah. She is going to use her genius creativity to create gorgeous, unique invitations for us. Her samples were fabulous! When I opened the mailbox and saw the package I literally let out a shreik of glee and started jumping up and down. Sean thought it quite funny. I tore into the package as soon as we got inside and surrounded myself with the pretty fonts and cards. I had to call her to tell her what kick ass chick she is and had the pleasure of talking to her for a bit. You know it's easy to be funny and witty when you're writing and have time to carefully craft your words. But this lady really is as funny, charming and likeable as her blog would lead you to believe. That's the great thing about blogging, aside from the fact that it allows you to get on your soapbox and saves Sean from being the sole repository for my get to meet wonderful people that you otherwise would never know. The only complaint I have is...why doesn't this woman live here so she can provide me with daily doses of entertainment!

What Do You Mean You Can't Eat Paper?

So I don't think I ever went into details about why we nixed the place we were originally going to have the reception at. The price was right and the grounds were gorgeous. However, the pissy proprietor was a doozy. We first got a little apprehensive when I talked to a DJ company who was wonderful, but as soon as they heard the location we were having it at informed me they no longer did events there "due to this site's lack of flexibility towards the desire of their customers". I thought, hmm...interesting, but probably a fluke. Then I talked to a Cake Vendor, who was a total sweetheart, and she was willing to work with the site, but was very apprehensive about and filled me in on her experiences with them. She misjudged traffic and showed up the site 45 minutes early with the cake. The site had no other events going on, yet they REFUSED to let her in. They told her to go and drive around with the wedding cake in here car (Yes!!) and come back in 45 minutes. Apparently they had done the same to the florist as well. I then decided to call the DJ and see if he would give me the full "dirt". Well, he did! The final straw though was when I called the proprietor and was informed that for the second time that one can not eat paper. Really? Hmm, have I lived 26 years of life w/o realizing this? What brought about this snottiness, you ask. I'll tell you. Well, Miss Pissy doesn't give out her Preferred Vendor list. Ok, fine I get it, you want to save those people for your "contracted" brides. However, seeing as how we would have had to pay an additional $1,000 if we had decided not to use her caterer, I at least wanted to see a menu from them. That's reasonable, right? Apparently not. Her reply was, "I"ve been doing this for 30 years and I'm always amazed that people are dumb enough to ask this. What's the point? You can't eat a piece a paper! I can write whatever I want on there and it won't tell you a thing, so what good is it. Stop worry about that."

I kid you not! Think we made the right choice? ;-)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

How I Amuse Myself on Long Car Rides

So Sean and I went and looked at two more wedding sites yesterday. Alwyngton was nixed. Long story! Anyways, we looked at the picturesque and stunning Black Horse Inn. Loved, loved, loved it! However, our budget does not. So we're not sure where this will lead. We haven't ruled it out yet, but it would definitely require some reworking of the budget in order to make it happen. Do people really need to eat and drink at the reception? Ha! Even if we don't get hitched there, we'll definitely go back for a long weekend and use the B&B part. All the rooms were gorgeous- filled with antiques, beds you have to get a running start to jump into and lush dark wood furniture.

We also looked at the Faquier Springs Country Club. It was nice and much more wallet friendly. However, it didn't make our hearts go pitter patter like the other did. And they didn't have horses for us to pet. They did have golf carts though to race around on, not that either of us know how to drive them.

I took the camera with me and took several pictures at each site, which I'll probably post. However, I have already posted several pics of the bling-bling ring that I took as we were driving home. Hey, it was a lengthy car ride and I had to amuse myself by doing something. I actually got some pretty pics of the VA country side. If there's any interest in seeing them, I'll post them. Ok, back to house cleaning (who I am kidding...I'm taking a nap)!

Outside Terrace at the Black Horse Inn

Fuzzy Sean and Lisa at the top of the stairs overlooking the beautiful grounds of the Black Horse Inn and the VA countryside. Behind us is The Gilded Fox, this is where the reception would take place. Ahh, so much loveliness. (Again, check out my new cute pants that fit!! Yippee.)

Two for the price of one- A look at the ring and my cool, comfy new white capris. Yes, finally pants that fit!!! Wooohooo. :) And I'm quite proud of myself for keeping them clean for a whole day. That's right- I made it through breakfast, lunch and dinner without spilling anything on me. I'd venture to say it was pure luck!

Ok, now...remember that the focal point is the ring, not my nails that are severely in need of some nail polish!

Doesn't everyone spend long car rides taking multiple pictures of their hands??

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sh*t Ya'll, I'm Really Getting Married!

So Sean and I have finally picked a date. Drum roll puh-lease! We will be married on Sunday, September 17, 2006. So the wedding day countdown begins.

Also, a big thanks to Susannah aka the fabulous and sassy PaintingChef who is sharing her creative genius with us and will be creating our kick ass Save-the-Date cards and Invitations. We're still in the idea/development phase, but she's so talented that I know the finished product will look amazing! Feel free to go and visit her site and tell her what a cool, witty chick she is!