Friday, July 22, 2005

Let's Recap the Past Week Shall We?

This week has been a blur of waking at ungodly times in the morning, usually about 4:45 a.m. Then leaving the house an hour later around 6 a.m. to ensure I'd arrive in Tysons no later than 7:30am. On most days it worked well. Except for Wednesday when I was about an hour late due to oversleeping. Yes, I managed to sleep through two alarm clocks and my usual always reliable Sean-clock failed me that day as well. But if there was any day to be late, that was it. So luckily, it wasn't a big deal. Have I mentioned the daily commutes driven in a state of exhaustion and extreme fatigue? What about the fact that I had to dress up and wear a suit jacket? Oh, and that this past week was probably the most humid and muggy weather the DC area has seen all summer. Yes, so picture me- Ann Taylor suits, sassy high heels, mass of puffy curls pulled up because there's no way a straight-do would last in this nasty swampy weather, laptop bag, briefcase, and purse. Get the idea? Now imagine having to trek across a huge parking lot wearing entirely too much clothing and carrying more than the Hulk ever did on a breathe-constricting VA summer day. Nice, huh? And the stairs. Yes, most days we were in a conference room up many flights of stairs. Then there's the evening classes. Yes, some days began at 4:30am and did not end until close to midnight since my last class ends at 10 p.m. Let's not forget there was also an 8 page paper mixed in among all this madness about the BaMbuti pgymy tribe of Africa.

So my it becoming more clear why blogging wasn't a luxury I could afford to engage in? Much to my disappointment because let me tell ya- the ranting about work and this conference that I could do! But I'll refrain. As it seems talking about work in this type of forum gets many a people in trouble. So instead, I'd be happy to bore you with an email, note, or phone call about all the ways in which I had to dodge contractor insults, present without advance notice and wasn't notified of room or scheduling changes (even though I was one of the facilitators/instructors) this week.

How did I survive the work week from hell? One word- SeanieBurgerButt. Sean got up every morning at the same time I did just for moral support. Now that my friends, is LOVE. (Think I should feel guilty that I don't do the same for him? Nah!) You know why? Because Sean comes from a long line of early morning risers. They're lovely people, but absolutely insane with their "the early bird gets the worm" mentality. I, on the other hand, come from a family of night owls whose day does not officially start until noon. Besides, and I know this will be hard to believe, well...I'm not a nice person in the morning. I don't want to chat, touch or have to do anything remotely interactive that early. Just leave me alone unless you're asking me how much sugar I want in my coffee. Well, my honey knows this and responds perfectly to my devil-woman morning ways. Oh, and did I mention how he made me orange juice and toast every morning? I know, he's such a sweetie pie. Ok, except for when he ticked me off last night, but that's another story that will have to wait for tomorrow as I'm about to nod off on my keyboard.

I feel so out of the loop with everyone. What's up? What have you all been up to? What did I miss? Any good Hollywood gossip that I must be made aware? Has Matthew McConaughey declared his undying love and obsession for me yet? hehe! Night all! Looking foward to hearing about your weeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm with you on the day doesn't officially start until noon...i'm a night owl too,so are John and Kaylin. Sammy hasn't learned yet, but his morning happiness is somewhat tolerable, ha ha... John's mom is a morning person.. a PERKY morning person that i have to refrain from slapping whenever I'm around her that early...sorry things are poopy right now *hugs*

7/22/2005 10:12 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Down with the perky morning people! Haha! Better start training Sammy while he's young. :)

7/23/2005 7:36 AM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Amen on not being a morning person. Steve and I mostly work opposite hours or he has to get up an hour before or after me. So seeing him in the morning is very rare. On the mornings that we do get up at the same times it takes me two hours after I get to work to not be irritated anymore. The sad part is it isn't his fault I just hate mornings. Every little thing bothers me. He could bump me in the hall or just say good morning and I'm pissed. He is happier in the morning so I think that is what really bothers me the most. Then when he brushes his teeth he makes the most god awful noises I have ever heard. It makes me cringe from head to toe. And he is soooo loud about it. Then being a smoker he has that smokers hack in the morning that makes me want to shove a sock down his throat. And last but not least his 3 visits to the toilet makes me wonder how much I person can really go. So now that I showed you my mean evil morning side can you really top that or do I win the prize. And to all you readers my husband is a great guy and I know I take morning crabbiness to a whole new level. So thank god for my husband because if someone was that crabby to me I would not handle it near as well.

7/25/2005 12:55 PM  

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