Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Goodbye to the Eggplant that was my Head!

So far the weekend has been pretty uneventful, just normal domestic stuff so I won't bore you with the details. Ooh, except we did see an extremely angry and mentally disturbed man arguing with the produce manager over the correct placement of the price sticker for watermelon at Safeway. The worst part- his kid was with him. Yep, crazy man's son is going need some serious therapy to even have a shot at becoming a non rage-o-holic of an adult. How do I know this? Personal experience, shall we say! Ha. :) Luckily, my rage issues are quite under control. Ok, ok..fine. Except when I'm driving and that's only recently. I blame it on the insane volume of traffic I've deal with for over five years in this area. Oh, and also- DC folks have no tolerance for being made to wait even a second longer than necessary. You stand on an elevator- then be prepared to get plowed down. You don't accelerate immediately once the light turns green a unison of horns with blare obnoxiously at you. You get distracted in the grocery line because you're devouring the latest gossip magazine, the people behind you will scream at you in chorus. Not that this ever happens to me. Hehe!

So my little Bloggets and lurkers, I may be missing a bit this week as well until after my final on Wednesday. Then, I have one more final to get through the following week before I'm FREE!! (For three short weeks...then fall semester begins. Nice, huh?) Precious Anthropology study time has been lost this weekend as I've slept most of it away. I think I'm still in recovery mode from last week.

In other news- I think we're going to try to move up the wedding date to Fall 2006. Perhaps September 30? Nothing solid yet, as until we book a place the date won't be finalized. And in order to book, I guess you actually have to go and look at places or at least research a bit, right? Yeah, I so haven't had any time for that. I know, I know...that's only a little over a year. Don't start telling me horror stories about how long it takes to plan and how stressful, etc. I'm already enough of an anxiety-ridden freak. However, if there's any ladies who have been married recently in the DC area who would like to provide helpful, non-panic inducing info please feel free to chime in. Yes that means you too Miss Nikki and Miss E! :o) Seriously, if you visited any sites that you were severely disappointed in, please let me know. Any place we can rule out w/o a wasted trip would be very helpful. I think we're looking to do it at a Manor House, historic home, winery or garden area. I want to avoid hotels, just a personal preference for me, as I'd like to do something unique to this area since we have so many out-of-state guests coming.

Ok, now addressing the actual title of this post. Yes, I have officially rid myself of the horrid purple hair that was too dark, especially for summer. I'm now back to my much preferred shade of reddish-brown thanks to Loreal Feria #R75, Flaming Copper. And the miracle is that this stuff even colored my extremely dark, home hair color resistant hair. Yippeee! I won't know the full effect until I actually style it as I'm bumming it today. But so far I'm liking what I see. It's definitely red and lighter than before. I'll post a pic when I actually have make-up on and my hair isn't a big poofy afro. I don't want to completely terrify blogland. I tried to post a link to the color, but the darn Loreal site isn't cooperating. But if you really want to see it, click here and then for the shade select Red. It'll bring up a list of all the colors in the Red family and mine is the one on the very top- Flaming Copper.


Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Wow your back in blog land. That is a really bright red. But since your hair is naturally so dark I know it isn't as red as that. I use Feria also. It is the only brand that I don't end end up with fire orange hair. Remember the disaster hair I had when I came home to visit from Louisiana? It was some sort of orange. :-)

I wish I was there so I would have some ideas to input for the wedding place. I miss you!

7/25/2005 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooo purty color... John keeps telling me that i need to change my hair color..evidently my natural light brown isn't good enough for him *LOL*...he'll have to wait..not much i can do with it until after the baby is born anyway..he also wants me to get another tattoo..maybe he's been watching porn or something :P ... glad you could grace us with your presence :).

7/25/2005 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're doing great with all of the stuff you've got going on. Im very proud of your determination and resolve. Everything you're going through now will eventually pay off in the future. Keep it up!


7/26/2005 7:05 PM  

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