Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Perfect Sunday- Family, Mac Grill & Nap Time

Hey ya'll, so I have managed to procrastinate again. It's almost 7 p.m. on Sunday and I've done now homework/studying. Oops! How does that always happen? I do have a valid excuse though. I've been quite busy today as you shall soon see. Look below for pics of today's events. And here's my tip of the day- if you haven't tried the Strawberry Zabaglione at Macaroni Grill, you are sooooo missing out! Think heaven in the form of a soft, smooth creme mixed with strawberries and delicious cookies.

Oh, and have I mentioned: Humid VA summer= 9,876,435,127 points.....Lisa's Hair= 0 points.

Steph looks cute in this pic. Me, yeah...not so much. Photogenic I'm so not, and please ignore my arm flab. :) The hair, there's no excuses. All I can say is that VA humidity and naturally curly = BAD HAIR days! Ok, now look close at my left hand...can you see the BLING?? Oh, and does the shirt make me look pregnant?

Check out Sean's white legs! Haha. That's ok, mine are just as bad. Rick's nursing a little sunburn. Ouch!

Sean's sweetie pie sis and her running-fanatic boyfriend. Ahh, aren't they just the cutest? And they took us to Mac Grill for lunch. Yeah! I love when people feed me. :)

Me trying to nap even though Sean insisted on taking a pic of what he called a perfect eyelash day. Who knew he could be so observant? He asked me if they were fake! Ha! Last time I checked they didn't make short, stumpy eyelash falsies. :)

Super shiny face meets sleepy-just-woke-up eyes. Suprisingly he actually caught me waking up in a good mood. This my friends is quite rare!

Ahh....father and son bonding! Life is rough for the Baden Pup and the Burger-Butt.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Post with Lots of Links!

So yesterday began bright and early as we had to be at Alywyngton Manor at 8am. It's about a 50 minute drive from out house and we were only about ten minutes late. That's pretty good for me considering how early in the morning it was. We loved Alwyngton! It was beautiful. It's tucked away in a neighborhood sort of area. You drive down this long circular driveway to the Manor, so it's set back fairly far from outside roads. The house itself is exquisite- beautifully decorated, painted and furnished. The Bride's/Horseshoe Garden was absolute gorgeous. You have a great view of it from the lovely room that the Bride and Bridemaids get ready in. Every window that you look out of has a gorgeous view of lush greenery, tall trees, and lovely flowers. The ceremony takes place in the front of the Rose Garden. The buffet and bar are set up inside the Manor House. Dancing and eating takes place out on the Veranda. It's just a lovely, beautiful, elegant site. I can't imagine us loving a place more! So I think we've picked our wedding site. One detail down, only 1,236 left to go. ;o)

So we know where we want to have it, now we're just trying to decide what day. We picked the month, it will be September of next year. But we're not sure if we want to do a Saturday evening (5pm-11pm) or Sunday (any six hour block we want). If we choose Sunday, we'd probably pick a 1-7 or 2-8 time block as starting earlier in the day would give us more daylight time which I've been told means better pictures. Any advice or thoughts ya'll?

In non-wedding news (yes, I promise there will still be lot of that), Sean had dental surgery done yesterday. They removed skin from the roof of his mouth (Ouch!) and graphed it to part of his gumline (Eeew!). Needless to say, he's not feeling the greatest and I spent yesterday afternoon scouring the grocery store for "soft" foods. It gave me an excuse to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts, blueberry muffins, and Chewy Chips-a-Hoy cookies. Hey, it's all in an effort to help speed up Sean's recovery. Ha!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Theft, Gas Station Asshats & Gram's Gone Crazy

Sit down and buckle up cause we got a wide array of topics to cover ya'll.

Ok, so we've established how sometimes Sean gets the brunt of the moody, Zoloft-deficient rants of yours truly. So now let's take a moment to talk about some of the trials I endure because of my honey. On our last grocery shopping trip, I bought a snack pack of various cereals. Well, there were only a few in there that I actually eat. Sean was devouring them with the speed of light as he usually does with food. So I hid the Apple Jacks in our pantry buried behind several rolls of paper towels. Guess what? The little sh*t found and ate them. He claims that he didn't realize I was "saving" them. Really? Why else would they be hidden and buried and not near all the other cereal? Strike # 2- He complains non-stop about how Tigger Kitty drops the foulest stink bombs. Which, ok, granted he does. However, does it ever occur to my honey that he too is capable of scooping out a litter box? Nope, not yet at least! Strike 3- The shoes! Oh my gosh ya'll he leaves a little trail of dirty Seanie clothes and shoes throughout the house. They're in the hall entryway, the living room, the stairs, and spare bedroom. And the laundry this boy can pile up! How does he go through so much so quickly? And yes, he apparently has forgotten how to work a washer/dryer since living with me. So I may be crazy and a bit difficult at times, but my Seanie Burger-Butt is not always an absolute joy. So there!

Ok, so gas station dumb asses. As I finish filling up my gas tank this car pulls up behind me to take my spot when I leave. No problem except, I have another car in front of me, a car to the left whose driver is apparently taking his time inside the store, the gas tankers to the right. Stupid behind me parked so close that I can't back out. I'm wedged in with nowhere to go. Finally, behind-me guy starts to back up, but he does so a teeny tiny amount at a time, barely giving me enough room to move. When I finally do free my car from this tangled mess and as I start to pull straight forward, the dipshit who was behind me decides to zoom in front of my car (almost hitting me) so he can pull up to the gas tank. Yeah, buddy because had you followed proper order and let me drive out, that whole two seconds would have really slowed ya down. What is wrong with people? Of course, I was compelled to give him the evil Lisa glare and point my finger disapprovingly. That'll teach him! Shh, just let me delude myself.

In other news...ahh, the family drama ensues. I started filling Sean in at one point and barely got halfway through the story before he made me stop. He can't handle all the insanity and rudeness that can be my family (well, some of them..not my sweetie pie sis or wonderful Aunt C). Apparently, my grandmother thinks I'm just evil and hateful because I am not inviting my other Aunt to the wedding since her and I have never got along, she's a manipulative/self-centered person, and has in no way been ever been caring or supportive towards me. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her. I just have no use for her and vice versa. Also, I don't feel the need to be phony or keep up false pretenses by faking niceness towards her. I don't do that in my normal daily life. So why would I do it on my wedding day? Why would I invite her and subject myself to tension and discomfort? No, no, no! That makes no sense to me. My sis is convinced my grams will go behind my back and invite evil Aunt. There's definitely a strong possibility that she'd do something like that. At this point, we'll just wait and see. However, if I have to kick a little ass on my wedding day and shove out a few party crashers, well then that's what I'll do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An extra little tidbit of dysfunctionality!

So went over the wedding guest list last night. In all, there's maybe ten people from my family invited. Is our family small? Nope, not at just so happens though that most of them are insane (really), violent, self-obsessed, or could care less what is going on with me. Of those ten, history tells me that I should only expect four people to come- my sis and my aunt Carla and her great hubby and wonderful daughter. Not that the others couldn't but mostly they won't show because they could care less or are evil. So no, no parents from my side. I guess I'm just having a tough time having this cold, hard reality stare me right in the face. A good friend though reminded me that along with a very understanding and patient fiance I'm also inheriting a "real" loving and incredibly warm family. Sean's family rocks. His mom- there's no words to describe how amazing this woman is. She called me yesterday just to tell me how blessed they are to have had me in their lives for the last couple of years and how great I am and that she just loves me to pieces. Ok, so yeah, I got mostly screwed in the family dept; however, God did bless me with incredible friends, a great fiance and his sane, emotionally stable and extremely loving family. Now, I just need to keep reminding myself of this and stop the pity party that has been Lisa for the past few days.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just In Case You Didn't Realize How Insane I Really Am...Here's Proof!

So what have I been reminded of today? Well, this: Raging Pre-menstrual Hormones + School Finals' Stress + Wedding Planning Chaos + Lack of Time + Job Hating + Skipping Zoloft doses = Mean, Evil, Angry, Sad, Sobbing, Frustrated Lisa!

Ya'll I don't know what is wrong with me. Other than to say- the wacky hormones combined with bad cramps to kick my ass and then some! So I have two finals quickly approaching- one tomorrow and the other on Monday. What does this tell you? Well, that I should be studying instead of here typing to you fine folks, but alas I am a Master Procrastinator. Thursday evening Sean and I have an appointment here. Followed by a Friday morning tour at this gorgeous place. Saturday, we're (ok, actually Sean is) helping out friends with some gardening/yard stuff. Sunday we're picking up Sean's sister and her bf from the airport. Monday is my last final. It's like every day there's something going on. Did I mention I also have yet another dental appointment on Thursday afternoon. So from work, I have to rush to that and then hope like hell that traffic isn't bad so I can make it to the Bristow Manor in time for our appointment.

I'm not sure what put me over the edge today. It could have been a number of things. First, the cramps. Oh my Lord! They're horrible, stabbing and painful and make me just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Or someone could just be nice and put me out of my misery. Any takers? ;o) Drugs aren't helping! I'm going to move on the Percoset and give that a shot.

Then there was the issue of the many phone calls I placed to Sean this afternoon trying to get in touch with him to see if he would be able to make the Thurs evening appt to Bristow. The lady was waiting for an answer and I didn't want to lose the good appt time, but he was nowhere to be found. By the time he called me, I was cranky from the repressive DC heat wave and massive traffic jam I had been subjected to for the past hour. So of course I just let loose on him about if he wants to be involved in the wedding planning like he claims to, well then damn it he needs to make himself available when I have questions or need to see if he's available for something. Although this conversation was over the phone, I'm sure he had the deer in the headlights look he usually gets when he knows I'm about to go on a rampage that is of no fault of his own, but yet he will be subjected to. He asked me what was "really" wrong. Proof that he knows me all to well. I, in my irrational state of mind, did not want to give him the satisfaction of being right. So I acted like the only thing wrong with me was that he was making an already overwhelming situation of trying to plan a wedding all the more difficult for me.

What I was neglecting to tell him then was that I was in need of a good dose of Zoloft and had just received some disturbing news about my grandpa. My grandma decides to tell me (in her usual way of just dropping a bomb on you ever so casually that you almost would think she wasn't the one who set the fuse) that my grandpa is having some health issues. He battled with prostate cancer in the past and we've been fearing a return of it. Well, his PSA levels have almost tripled after slowly ever-so-slightly increasing for the last year. For those not familiar with cancer and PSA levels, let's just say that's not a good thing. As PSA levels go up, so does the likelihood of the recurrence/presence of cancer. And of course after she tells me this she informs me that I shouldn't tell anyone else in the family. What?? How do I not talk to my sis or my aunt about this? I'm three thousand miles away and those ladies are my only two reliable sources of info as to what is "really" going on. I love my grandmother with all my heart, but you seriously have to take everything they say with a grain of salt. I also asked my grams if she and my grandpa were planning to attend our wedding. Of course she was noncommittal at best. This isn't a surprise for anyone who knows my family, but I really wish she'd just say no instead of keeping up pretenses. Because in the end we'll probably end up paying for two extra heads who had no intention of attending the whole time. Grrr! This of course, serves to be a stark contrast to Sean's family who will all happily and supportively be in attendance despite the distance they have to travel. Why? Well, because they're normal like that.

Ok, so yes I am a crazy person, but I blame it on the genes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyways, yes I apologized to Sean. But not until after he made me feel like a horrible mean evil wench by doing this. His first post on my blog and I swear he did it just to get an apology and to make me see the error of my ways. Hehe! Oh, but before you get all "poor" Sean on me. Let me tell ya the little comment he made while we were walking the dog shortly after his sweet comment. He said, "Lis, your hormones don't make the world go round". Pfffft! Little does he know. They may not make the whole world spin, but they do control the planet he will be orbiting around for the rest of his life. Hahahaha!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Goodbye to the Eggplant that was my Head!

So far the weekend has been pretty uneventful, just normal domestic stuff so I won't bore you with the details. Ooh, except we did see an extremely angry and mentally disturbed man arguing with the produce manager over the correct placement of the price sticker for watermelon at Safeway. The worst part- his kid was with him. Yep, crazy man's son is going need some serious therapy to even have a shot at becoming a non rage-o-holic of an adult. How do I know this? Personal experience, shall we say! Ha. :) Luckily, my rage issues are quite under control. Ok, ok..fine. Except when I'm driving and that's only recently. I blame it on the insane volume of traffic I've deal with for over five years in this area. Oh, and also- DC folks have no tolerance for being made to wait even a second longer than necessary. You stand on an elevator- then be prepared to get plowed down. You don't accelerate immediately once the light turns green a unison of horns with blare obnoxiously at you. You get distracted in the grocery line because you're devouring the latest gossip magazine, the people behind you will scream at you in chorus. Not that this ever happens to me. Hehe!

So my little Bloggets and lurkers, I may be missing a bit this week as well until after my final on Wednesday. Then, I have one more final to get through the following week before I'm FREE!! (For three short weeks...then fall semester begins. Nice, huh?) Precious Anthropology study time has been lost this weekend as I've slept most of it away. I think I'm still in recovery mode from last week.

In other news- I think we're going to try to move up the wedding date to Fall 2006. Perhaps September 30? Nothing solid yet, as until we book a place the date won't be finalized. And in order to book, I guess you actually have to go and look at places or at least research a bit, right? Yeah, I so haven't had any time for that. I know, I know...that's only a little over a year. Don't start telling me horror stories about how long it takes to plan and how stressful, etc. I'm already enough of an anxiety-ridden freak. However, if there's any ladies who have been married recently in the DC area who would like to provide helpful, non-panic inducing info please feel free to chime in. Yes that means you too Miss Nikki and Miss E! :o) Seriously, if you visited any sites that you were severely disappointed in, please let me know. Any place we can rule out w/o a wasted trip would be very helpful. I think we're looking to do it at a Manor House, historic home, winery or garden area. I want to avoid hotels, just a personal preference for me, as I'd like to do something unique to this area since we have so many out-of-state guests coming.

Ok, now addressing the actual title of this post. Yes, I have officially rid myself of the horrid purple hair that was too dark, especially for summer. I'm now back to my much preferred shade of reddish-brown thanks to Loreal Feria #R75, Flaming Copper. And the miracle is that this stuff even colored my extremely dark, home hair color resistant hair. Yippeee! I won't know the full effect until I actually style it as I'm bumming it today. But so far I'm liking what I see. It's definitely red and lighter than before. I'll post a pic when I actually have make-up on and my hair isn't a big poofy afro. I don't want to completely terrify blogland. I tried to post a link to the color, but the darn Loreal site isn't cooperating. But if you really want to see it, click here and then for the shade select Red. It'll bring up a list of all the colors in the Red family and mine is the one on the very top- Flaming Copper.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Let's Recap the Past Week Shall We?

This week has been a blur of waking at ungodly times in the morning, usually about 4:45 a.m. Then leaving the house an hour later around 6 a.m. to ensure I'd arrive in Tysons no later than 7:30am. On most days it worked well. Except for Wednesday when I was about an hour late due to oversleeping. Yes, I managed to sleep through two alarm clocks and my usual always reliable Sean-clock failed me that day as well. But if there was any day to be late, that was it. So luckily, it wasn't a big deal. Have I mentioned the daily commutes driven in a state of exhaustion and extreme fatigue? What about the fact that I had to dress up and wear a suit jacket? Oh, and that this past week was probably the most humid and muggy weather the DC area has seen all summer. Yes, so picture me- Ann Taylor suits, sassy high heels, mass of puffy curls pulled up because there's no way a straight-do would last in this nasty swampy weather, laptop bag, briefcase, and purse. Get the idea? Now imagine having to trek across a huge parking lot wearing entirely too much clothing and carrying more than the Hulk ever did on a breathe-constricting VA summer day. Nice, huh? And the stairs. Yes, most days we were in a conference room up many flights of stairs. Then there's the evening classes. Yes, some days began at 4:30am and did not end until close to midnight since my last class ends at 10 p.m. Let's not forget there was also an 8 page paper mixed in among all this madness about the BaMbuti pgymy tribe of Africa.

So my it becoming more clear why blogging wasn't a luxury I could afford to engage in? Much to my disappointment because let me tell ya- the ranting about work and this conference that I could do! But I'll refrain. As it seems talking about work in this type of forum gets many a people in trouble. So instead, I'd be happy to bore you with an email, note, or phone call about all the ways in which I had to dodge contractor insults, present without advance notice and wasn't notified of room or scheduling changes (even though I was one of the facilitators/instructors) this week.

How did I survive the work week from hell? One word- SeanieBurgerButt. Sean got up every morning at the same time I did just for moral support. Now that my friends, is LOVE. (Think I should feel guilty that I don't do the same for him? Nah!) You know why? Because Sean comes from a long line of early morning risers. They're lovely people, but absolutely insane with their "the early bird gets the worm" mentality. I, on the other hand, come from a family of night owls whose day does not officially start until noon. Besides, and I know this will be hard to believe, well...I'm not a nice person in the morning. I don't want to chat, touch or have to do anything remotely interactive that early. Just leave me alone unless you're asking me how much sugar I want in my coffee. Well, my honey knows this and responds perfectly to my devil-woman morning ways. Oh, and did I mention how he made me orange juice and toast every morning? I know, he's such a sweetie pie. Ok, except for when he ticked me off last night, but that's another story that will have to wait for tomorrow as I'm about to nod off on my keyboard.

I feel so out of the loop with everyone. What's up? What have you all been up to? What did I miss? Any good Hollywood gossip that I must be made aware? Has Matthew McConaughey declared his undying love and obsession for me yet? hehe! Night all! Looking foward to hearing about your weeks.

Dog Days....A day in the life of Baden Pup!

Messy living room meets insanely spoiled, ultra lazy and non-stop shedding fur balls of cuteness- Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty.

*Baden thinking* I can leave him be...or I can mess with his little tiny kitty brain and he won't know what hit him.

*scratching his ear* Ahhh, that's the spot right wait..a little to the left....yeaaaaaaaaah that's it!

Then there's the occasional butt cleaning session. Hey, the ladies like a well-groomed man.

*daydreaming* Oh, to be at the puppy park....playing in mud, sniffing butts, and stealing water from other dogs.

Snuggling up with Daddy's tush and playing with his over-priced indestructible ring toy courtesy of Target. There's no doubt when he wants to play- he comes up to you and drops the toy on your lap and waits patiently for you to begin a game of Tug-of-War. (Cute the first few times...annoying thereafter.)

Taking a break to grab a sip of bottled water. (We were out of Evian. Ha!)

Baden Pup chilling out on the couch. This is how a majority of his day is spent- napping. He also likes snoozing in the the recliner or our bed.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Just call me the Kick Ass Presentation Chick!

So I finished my paper in one night. Woohoo! Seriously, this is huge for me as I usually spend forever writing, editing, and rewriting papers. Yep, because I'm an anal perfectionist like that. Does it actually make it any better? Eh, who knows? But it does make it wordier! Haha!

So had the Sex Crimes class today and let me just say I KICKED ASS on the presentation. Me, who hates having to speak publicly or having all eyes on me...remained cool, calm and collected. I stated all my points without using a lot of "filler" language. I'm quite proud of myself. Oh, and I scored 20 points out of 20. Yeah, I know all that angst for a measly 20 points. Go figure! :)

So I'm learning a lot about rape and sexual assault crimes in this class. I've read some seriously disturbing statistics and items of interest. I've contemplated posting some of the information on here, but haven't decided yet. I might get on my soap box and once that happens, it would take five of you to pull me off. Haha! But you can help me with one thing- have any of you seen the movie The Accused with Jodie Foster? We had to watch the pinball rape scene in it the other day. The instructor warned us that it was graphic and disturbing, but Oh My Lord...that doesn't even begin to cover it. I seriously felt nauseous and thought I may vomit or just burst in to tears watching it. Anyways, now I'm curious about the rest of the movie. Is it worth renting? Also, does it have a happy ending? Yes, I want you to ruin it for me because there's no way I could sit through that rape scene again and deal with a sad ending. That would just send me over the edge. Since taking this class, I've contemplated a career as a Rape Victim Advocate. The only problem is I'm not sure if I could handle it mentally or emotionally. Who knows? Perhaps I'll just stick with the teaching plan. :)

Anyways, off to read an exciting book all about Pgymy people. The fun never ends in our household!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Balancing Act....

To do List:
1) Clean House for Sean's sis and her bf who will be visiting this weekend. (Ok, who am I kidding. Really, I'll be amazed if the clean sheets are actually on the bed before they arrive this time.)
2)Work, work, and more work. Big Meeting next week so I have to drive to busy, non-stop traffic jam packed area. In reality it's probably only 25-30 miles from here. However, given that this is the wonderful DC Metro area and that I have to arrive at said location no later than 7:15 I will absolutely have to leave my house by 5:45 a.m. Yes, and chances are I still may not make in there with much time to spare. This is just inhumane. Can a company really demand you do this? No one should have to drive that far, that early. I will have to wear fancy schmancy clothes so wake up time will probably be 4:30a.m.
3)Paper due tomorrow for Sex Crimes class. Status: Nothing, not even a sentence has been written yet. And no, I'm not slacking just haven't had any damn time.
4)In between visit with Sean's sib this weekend must find time to read boring, long Forrest People book and write 8 page paper about it. Oh joy!

So yeah did I mention that I have no clue as to how someone juggles attending school full-time, working full-time and planning a wedding??? HELP! Someone, anyone! Will pay for you to do my work for me and to clean messy house. Hehe! :)

Or anyone want to volunteer to the plan the wedding for us? Ahh, come on you know you want to. Oooh, but I did see a pic in one of my bridal magazines today of a cake that I must have. It's beautiful!! Very elegant, simple with just enough girlish appeal. I'm so not a foo-foo, frilly-frilly type of gal. (Ok, except for maybe when it comes to rings. Haha!)

Ok, enough to write uplifting paper about male prison rape. Don't ask....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Post the Damn Ring Pic Already...

Ok, ok...I got it already. Ya'll want to see a pic of the ring! And I'd love nothing more than to give it to you. One slight problem though- apparently, the flash on our camera can not be turned off. So whenever we try to take a pic of it, regardless of the backdrop, it still comes out fuzzy. We've tried pics with the ring off and on my hand, a pillow/tile/rug/couch/book/laptop case/wood furniture/pants/pillows as the background objects and still the same end result of blurry picture.

The always-comes-in-handy Miss Ang has offered to try and use her new fancy schmancy camera to take a photo of it. So there is hope. However, for now the pic on the Scott Kay website site will have to do. I had included the link in a previous post, but I think a lot of people missed it since it was part of the post title. Anyways, here we go! Just keep in mind the ring is super magnified on the site, it's not quite as big in person....but it is just as beautiful and classy.

View Number One
View Number Two
View Number Three
And of course, I don't have this yet, but here's a pic of the matching Band!
Enjoy, and this will have to suffice for now....(Nikki)! Haha! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wham Bam Thank You Mam Blogging!!

Ok, since I have...oooh 1000+ pages to read, 2 papers to write, a messy house and visitors arriving this weekend, this will have to be quick. Here's my weekend in a nutshell:
Friday- Work...Bleh!! Taco Bell...Bleh again! This stuff is toxic to your tummy!

Saturday- Day = Homework, Night = Fun Goodbye Party for two of my favorite guys. :-( I'm going to miss you, Mike and Josh!! Visit lots and don't forget us! Oh, and you better come back for the wedding. Now that Mike won't be at work us ladies will have to find new eye candy. But we had the whole package with Mr.Mike- he's a cutie, a great shopping bud and there is no sensor as to what words come out of his mouth. I love people like that! ;o) Josh, we're going to miss you too cause you're a little hottie as well and such a sweetheart (yes, even when dining at Cali Pizza Kitchen). Ha!

Sunday- Elise made the most awesome meal for us. Sean was just drooling over her mad cooking skills! Yes, Miss E was making me look quite bad. The entire way home all I heard from Sean was whining and complaining because I don't cook five star meals like that. So Miss E, since you got me into this mess- I think the only thing to do from here out is for you to feed us. That's right, every night we will come to your house for dinner. If you really loved us, you'd pack us lunches too for work. Haha! :) Thanks for the yummy, yummy food and for letting me spend way too much at Target! Oh, and Baden feels really, really, really bad about the "wet" incident. Ooops. He's quite the embarassed pup and hopes you still love him. He also sends warm, sloppy puppy licks to make up for it.

The Secret is Out!

See right here Sean's thinking damn you woman- leave me alone to drink my water in peace w/o a camera in my face. Sheesh, isn't it enough that I give you an awesome proposal, the world's most beautiful ring and I finish landscaping the front yard? (Oh, and did I mention he's super proud of that box of Ultra Flex Hefty bags he bought that's in the chair next to him. Something about them being thick, strong and stretchable, just like...yeah...well you know. Ha, he's a freak! See, he seems quite normal, but nope he's as dirty-minded as me so there! ;o)

So finally we have matching brick borders outside in our front yard. Sean finished it this weekend as I sat inside a nice cool air conditioned house. hehe! I know, I'm evil. :o)

Look what my honey did this weekend....Yes, I have him trained quite well thank you very much! ;o) Look how perfectly aligned these bricks are...and the curve it's perfect as well. My baby's good...but shh...don't tell him I said so! Ha!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Dandy of a Proposal!

Ok so without further ado, here's the scoop on how Sean popped the question.

6:15 p.m.: Arrive at the dock and board the Nina's Dandy, get our pic taken with the huge "Dandy" life preserver before being greeted by our maitre'd who led us to our table.
6:30 - 7:15 p.m.: Stuffed our faces with lots of yummy goodies and we haven't even gotten to the entree yet and the to-die-for dessert. See menu here.
7:30 p.m.: Sean asked me to accompany him to the top deck for some fresh air and to check out the sights along the Potomac. He led me to the back left corner of the boat and for the first several minutes we were the only ones on the deck.

Proposal starts.....From his suit jacket pocket Sean pulls out a single red rose and says, "This represents our past and all we've been through together". With it he also pulled out the tie he was wearing on our first date. (The story behind it being that I always tease him about it since the bottom tip of the tie has chickens on it. Yes, you read that right- chickens! That's how I knew he wasn't a player. No self-respecting ladies man would ever dare wear that.)

He then withdrew Rose #2 and said, "This symbolizes the present and today" and with it had a picture of each of the kids, Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty, so they could be there for our special moment. (Yes, we're complete nerds, that's why we're so great together. Ha!)

He then began to read from a poem he had written and kneeled down as he pulled out Rose #3. (Insert lots of Tears from Lisa right here!). The third and final rose represented our future. The last line of the poem asked if I'd be his wife. :-) Yeah, I know he did good. I was so excited when he popped the question that my arms were flailing and I leaned down to hug him. He was trying to calm me down so I'd realize that he had stuffed the engagement ring in to Rose #3. (Now Lisa really goes nuts and the floodgates open wide.) Thank God the ring didn't go flinging out of the rose in to the river because you know both of us would have been diving head first into that murky water in our finest clothes just to rescue it! Cause oh-my-lord it's such a thing of beauty!! I looooooooooooove it!

I'm so glad that right afterwards as we were hugging and kissing this sweet couple offered to take a picture so we could forever have the moment captured. That was so incredibly wonderful of them and every time I look at the picture I'm so grateful that we have it. I love Sean's huge cheesy grin in it and my glazed over eyes. We're quite the duo!

There's lots of more details from the night to share, especially about the two crazy, loud, snooping couples sitting on either side of us. But that'll have to come later. I have a paper due tomorrow and am not even finished with the first page. *sigh* I'm such the bad blogger lately. Sorry ya'll, but life is just chaos at the moment. So bear with me and feel free to offer your services to help decrease my workload!;o)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

What'd You do Tonight? Me, I got proposed to!!! Yippee!

I'm off the market ya'll and so is my Burger Butt. Details on my honey's romantic and thoughtful proposal will follow. However, I'm exhausted! It's been a long wonderful day and now I'm going to go snuggle with my fiance. Hmm...fiance, has a very nice ring to it!

Did I mention how frickin excited and happy I am??? :) Yeah! Yeah me!! Yeah Sean!! Yeah Everyone!!!

Good Food Makes Me So Happy!

Me at dinner. This was pre-proposal, I can tell because I have my gold ring on my right hand. I took it off once Sean put on my engagement ring. A girl can't wear jewelry that clashes! :)

How Can You Not Love Him??

This is a pic of my handsome honey at the table. The food was soo good!! We had crackers & cheese, fresh fruit, rolls and salad. As our entrees, I ordered the shrimp stuffed with crab and Sean got poached salmon. Dessert was I-want-to-lick-every-last-bit-from-my-plate good. Sean had cheesecake with berry sauce drizzled on top and I had a to die for Chocolate Mousse with whip cream. So damn yummy! (Psst, the guy in the yellow shirt in the background also proposed to his girlfriend tonight.) My honey's proposal was better though! Hehe! :)

We're engaged!!!

A lovely couple who had been married for 55 years offered to take our pic right after Sean proposed. Wasn't that sweet of them. Check out my honey's cheesy grin. He's so damn cute! If you look close, I'm wearing the bling! Hehe! Oh, and it was really windy...thus my hair is doing something funky. Really, it did look cute! ;o)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Am I certifiable or just a really cool girlfriend?

I just sent my honey over with a bottle of wine to our neighbor's house for a night of poker, beer, and Crown Royal. It'll be a small group, just three of them. I was invited as well, but I have to get some reading and studying done- there's just so much!! Anyways, so what's the catch? Well, the other two in the group are both females. That's right, I sent him to have a night of drunken poker with two other women. So am I crazy insane or crazy cool?

Update: Hehe! He came back home shortly after I wrote this. Apparently, the ladies moved their poker party and didn't tell us. Hmmph! We've been ditched! Pffft! Well, actually Sean was because I didn't go. :) Ok, I feel better!

Ring - a - Bling- Bling

Ok, I know...I know I'm such a bad blogger lately. Trust me I'd much rather be spending time with ya'll, but work and school keep interfering with my social calendar. Damn them! :) So without further ado and before Kjersten calls to yell at me for taking so's the scoop!

Last Saturday while at lunch at the LR Pizzeria, Sean started asking me about eternity bands. He was concerned that with my small hands a ring with diamonds all around it might be too overpowering. I, of course, quickly reassured him that this wouldn't be an issue. Ha! It would look just lovely on my little fingers. ;o) I told him the best way to test this was to actually go and look at rings. Suprise, suprise-he agreed and suggested we go look at rings! *insert look of disbelief on my face here* Of course as soon as we entered the store, I headed straight to the Tacori rings because they're my favorite and stunning! I know, I have such good taste. Ha! I tried on quite a few and we picked out about 3 sets that we really liked. I was shocked though that there wasn't anything that I completely fell in love. So the lady helping us suggested we check out the Scott Kay rings. Well, the first one I tried on I absolutely ADORED. I knew it was the one as soon as I slipped it on. I have to say it looked fabulous on me too. Hehe! It's just perfect. It's platinum with a round center stone and two smaller round diamonds on each side. There's etching on the outer/inner edges of the ring that's absolutely beatiful and diamond chips about halfway down the sides. The band is GORGEOUS too!

Disclaimer: Of course being the wonderful, kind-hearted soul I am...I did tell Sean that if it's just too much to spend that I'll be happy and completely love any ring he gives me. But WOW...this ring is too stunning for words. I've been watching the video of it every day. *lol* Yes, I'm psycho and know this! :)

So no- I'm not engaged. He didn't ask...yet. I've been hinting that August would be a good time as we'll be in Florida visiting his family and my sis, aunt, uncle, and little cousin will be flying in from California as well. So most of the people we love the most will all be in the same place and meeting for the first time. I'm so excited! Sean's a really private person though. Yes, the complete opposite of me, so I don't know if he'd do the public asking thing. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHEN OR IF IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm the least patient person in the world and it's killing me. :) He's been teasing me and saying I've been glowing every day since we went looking at rings. I get giddy whenever I think about it. We're having a romantic date night tomorror. We were supposed to go to our favorite fancy schmancy seafood restaurant, but he changed plans last minute. So now we're going on a dinner cruise (the same one we went on for our 1 year anniversary). This could be a good time to ask too, but I almost think it's too obvious so he won't, but then I think well maybe he will since I'm thrown off by the obviousness of it. And it would be sweet given it's how we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We'll be on the water, watching the sights of DC pass by, eating a delicious five course meal, dancing and dressed in our formal wear. All leading to an extremely romantic environment and very well suited to a proposal. But I don't think he could get the ring that soon. In the midst of my drooling over the ring I think I remember the lady saying something about it taking 4-6 weeks to arrive. :-(

I know, I'm completely over-thinking this and need to just relax and go with the flow, but the ring shopping just created this slippery slope that I can't stop sliding down at warp speed. I'm obsessed now especially since before our shopping excursion, it wasn't at the forefront of my mind. Now the anticipation is just killing me cause it was a huge thing for Sean to go looking at rings. Hopefully the lady showing us a 13k diamond didn't freak him out too much! NO, I'm not at all expecting a 13k diamond. That's definitely not in the cards which is totally fine. That's a frickin car almost. So it would just be obscene to spend that much. Anyways, I digress. Basically I'm just like a kid counting down the days to Christmas when they can rip off the wrapping paper and open presents. Except I'm counting down the seconds.....tick tock!

(Click on the title of this post to see the ring. There's 3 views and if you click on Match this ring it will bring up the matching wedding band. Yes, I have the website memorized. Bite me!)