Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just call me Coffee Crotch Girl!

Ok, so I did it. After a week of non-stop bad hair days that just involved me throwing my hair up in a frizzy bun because I couldn’t do anything else with it in this humidity, I chopped it. I didn’t even tell Sean I was going to get my hair cut since I always say I’m going to cut it short and then chicken out at the last minute or my hair stylist talks me out of it. So I figured this way if I froze and couldn’t go through with it he wouldn’t be any wiser. Because let’s face it- unless I came home as a blonde or with a spiky mohawk or bald, chances are he’d never notice I changed my hair. Typical man! You could call what I did yesterday either really brave or really stupid- I haven’t decided yet. I called up the Ulta salon by my house and asked if they had anyone with a lot of experience working with curly hair. They had one lady who fit the bill and she just happened to be able to fit me in. Yes, I went to a random hair stylist- I wasn’t referred to her, I hadn’t seen her work and I had no clue if she was any good. (Insert look of horror here.) Well, she seemed to be very nice and chatty and had a funky, but cute hair cut/color so I thought I should be in fairly capable hands. We looked through a magazine and I pointed out the cut I wanted. She didn’t bat an eye and said, “Oh yeah, we can so do that on you”. So minus 4+ inches and many layers later my new ‘do emerged.

I paid the extra to have my mop blown out and flat ironed. Oh my gosh ya’ll, I was mortified! As she was blow drying it all I could see was a mass of poofiness. Think Don King’s hair amplified! Yes, it was that scary. I think she saw that I was quite disturbed as she felt the need to reassure me that I’d love the finished product. (Gulp!) Well, when all was said and done, it wasn’t horrible. I still haven’t decided if I like it or not. It’s short, at least for me very short. It barely skims my shoulders and that’s with it straightened. When it’s curly it’ll probably be up to chin. (Double Gulp!) Sean seems to like it, but he’s also smart enough to know better than to indicate otherwise. He usually prefers my hair shorter, probably because he assumes/hopes that means it’ll take me less time to get ready. I have no idea what it’ll do once I wash it and attempt to straighten it on my own or if I wear it curly. Will I look like Shirley Temple? God, I hope not. Nothing against her, but I’m a little too old now to pull off that look. Ang was supposed to be at the office today to give me her objective opinion, but she’s not. *sigh* No one at work has appeared to notice and I’m not sure how to take that. Is it because normally I wear my hair up so they can’t tell I cut it? Or is it because it looks so bad that no one can come up with anything good to say about it? Or are they all just walking zombies while they’re here like me? Could it be they are just a bunch of poor saps struggling to make it to the 5 o’clock hour too?

Well, this morning as I’m trying to decide if my new short ‘do makes me look like I have a big ‘ol lollipop head, I picked up my choc banana coffee and not paying attention took a sip. Well, of course the little mouth cut-out area was no where near my lips so it spilled all over my black silk tank top, cream pants and cream jacket. Nice, eh? Yes, just call Coffee Crotch Girl. I hardly ever wear light colors because I know I’m entirely too uncoordinated for it and of course the one day I do, I make a mess of myself. To make matters worse, this will be a long day at the office since Sean has my car because his is in the shop. Oh well, at least by the time we take our vacation in August and I see my and Sean’s family my hair should have grown out a bit. I swear this curly mop is the bane of my existence and I really do feel like I have a huge frickin head now. Hi, I’m Lisa aka Colossal Cranium Chick.


Anonymous Ginger said...

Chocolate Banana Coffee??? Did you say Chocolate Banana coffee? Where may I get one, pray tell?!?!

6/21/2005 12:36 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Hey Ginger,

I buy it at the Harry & David gourmet food shop near my house. You can check their website to see if you can buy it online, but I haven't been able to find it. (Let me know if you do.) Unfortunately it was only a seasonal coffee, so they are discontinuing it. Last time I went in it was on clearance so I bought the last two packages of it. :) I was so excited to find it and get it on sale but bummed that it was going away. So now I'm on the search for a new coffee to adore. Any ideas?

6/21/2005 1:02 PM  
Anonymous Ginger said...

Aww man. Everything I've ever loved is seasonal -McRib, Blue Bunny Exquisite Mint ice cream, Snowcones, Autumn . . .

6/21/2005 3:36 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

*lol* I know...the damn retail world is plotting against us.

6/21/2005 4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

forget the coffee crotch! i wanna see the do?! i'm sure it looks fine...your hair has to take time to get used to the lack of length, i'm sure it'll be fine in a week and i'm sure you look great as always hon :)


6/21/2005 6:58 PM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

I know you still look beautiful. Your face is so gorgeous that no matter what your hair looks like you don't lose any beauty. I am going in soon to have more curl put in. Funny how I pay to have curl and you pay to not. But if I was born with curly and you were born with straight we would probably still be trying to get the opposite affect. People at work probably didn't notice because of the buns.

6/22/2005 10:25 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

I'll trade ya. :) You can have my curly frizzy locks and I'll so take your sleek, thick, straight ones. You suck. You got the good hair and the photogenic genes! Mean big sis! ;o) That's ok, I still luv ya! And you have to think I'm purrty. You're my sis! That's why I decided to chop it now because I figured if I hated it, at least it would grow out a bit by the time I see you all in August. I promise I won't look like I belong in the produce section of a grocery store on our vacation. *lol*

6/22/2005 10:42 AM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

You crack me up. We only have about a month and a half to go. I think time is going by pretty quick.

6/22/2005 11:05 AM  

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