Saturday, June 11, 2005

If Only Every Day Could be a Weekend....

So last night Sean and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. They just opened one up by us. It was so darn good! And the best part- we didn't have to wait. Usually there's a three hour wait to get in. Loved the food, atmosphere and appetizers. We'll definitely go back!

Today was hectic. We had to get Sean ready for an overnight road trip. His adorable new baby cousin, Grace, is getting christened tomorrow. Of course as of 1pm this afternoon he had yet to buy a gift for her.
His request, "Hey, can you go to Babies R Us or Target for me and get the present". Being the wonderful and supportive girlfriend that I am, I agreed. His suggestion, "Oh, you know just buy a bib or something". WHAT??? The baby is already five months, I'm sure they've stocked up on bibs by now. Sheesh! And you can't just get a single bib? C'mon now!
This is why men should never be allowed to do the gift shopping for friends, family or coworkers. And why you must give them specific details on size, color, shape, location, cost, etc of any presents you hope to receive. This increases the likelihood that you'll end up with something that at least vaguely resembles the object you desire. Because we all know it's still likely they'll screw it up, even with the best of guidance. Hehe!
Anyways, I had quite the successful shopping trip at Target. God, I love that store. I went nuts buying adorable baby girl clothes and treats/toys/dishes for Baden. (I so want a baby girl to dress in cute, frilly, bright colored outfits.) I took pics of it all to share. Sean took the camera with him though, so I won't be able to post them until tomorrow. I know he's only gone overnight, but we all miss him already. The house is just too quiet w/o him. And the atmosphere is different. You can just feel in the air that something is missing. The animals even seem a bit bummed out. They're being needier than usual and frequently yawning and frowning. Yes, my pets can frown because they're super smart like that. :)

Ang and I went shopping at the outlets today. This shopping venture was unfortunately not as successful. Ang didn't find anything. I went with the intention of buying some cute summer outfits, but only left with a tie-around-the-neck tank top. It's a baby blue color and quite cute. Although, it's one of those tops with the bra built in. Here's the thing I can't figure out- how the heck do you hide the nippleage? I looked in the dressing room mirror as I was trying it on and was shocked! There was some serious headlight action. This is not something I'm used to seeing in my daily wardrobe attire. I guess I could wear it with a strapless bra, but then my poor chest is going to squished. A gal just can't win. ;o) Ooh, I also found some fabulous shoes at Etienne Aigner. I love shoes!! I bought a pair of sassy red sling backs with a little silver buckle that crosses over the front. I'll post a pic of those as well tomorrow.
My other splurge- Gourmet Coffee! My favorite flavor at Harry & David is being discontinued. Why, oh why??? I'm still praying it's not true. Their Chocolate Banana coffee is better than sex! ;o) Ok, so maybe not...but it is pretty darn good! If anyone would like to support my coffee fix, please feel free to head out to the nearest H&D store and stock up on bags of this stuff to send to me. You all are the best! ;o)

Ok, it's late and I'm exhausted so I'll have to fill you in on the rest of my exciting Saturday escapades tomorrow. Nighty Night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


oh where to begin *LOL*'re right on the gift thing and men...i drag mine with me and while we discuss what he should get, it ends up with me pointing at something and saying "that! pick THAT, I don't care, THAT is what you're getting them" ... this has a 100% success rate. I too also have to hand pick my gifts out as well. Sometimes though I'd like to see some initiative shown. you'd think after almost 8 years the man would know what i like. As for the you bought, ha ha... i hope you get your "high beams" under control. I will warn you though, if and when you DO decide to start a family, wear a padded bra when you're pregnant. You wouldn't believe the amount of ppl i've blinded with my high beams over the year. they're dangerous...they'll poke your eye out...oh and cause your husband to laugh at you unmercifully while you walk around the store with your hands over your boobs :)


P.S. aren't you just THRILLED that you gave me the URL to your blog?! muahahaha

6/12/2005 11:33 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

*lol* I can totally picture the store scene you described. Bad John! :) Doesn't padded bra + bigger boobs from pregnancy = inability to hold yourself upright? Hehe.

Yeah, Sean always has a hard time shopping for me, which boggles my mind since there's so many things I want. Haha!

6/12/2005 5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bigger boobs and padded bra PLUS the nice shelf, called your expanding belly, for said bigger boobs and padded bra to sit on...well let's just say it makes for GREAT FUN! Hence, why i can't wait til i'm done with this hell ride called pregnancy..remember girls listen to your mothers...don't let boys touch you'll get pregnant, not once, not twice, but three times...and no it won't make you three times the'll make you three times stretched out...ok so maybe the three times was my fault..what can i say..i like who's touching me *LOL*


6/12/2005 5:37 PM  

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