Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Haven't Forgotten You My Sweets...

In fact I have some exciting weekend adventures to tell you about. However, I don't have time to do them justice right now, so I'll save it for Thursday when I do. (Hint: bling bling, Scott Kay, Lisa in Looooooooooooooove and Sparkle Sparkle Pretty Pretty). Get the picture?

This week has been a blur of work committments including a move to a different floor. I'm so important now I'm in a shared office...(it was probably the only place where there was room for me...haha)! School is kicking my a$$! I started my second class. It's an Admin of Justice one that focuses on Sex Crimes, primarily rape. It's really interesting and thought-provoking and charged with emotion. That's the good news. The bad is that I'm swamped with reading!! TONS and TONS! I have to read a 300 page book and write a nice long paper on it all by next Wednesday and this class just started yesterday. Oh my God!!! How will I do this? No frickin clue!! Lots of coffee, No-Doz pills, and depriving myself of any fun time over the holiday weekend will probably all be required.

So with that said, I will be back to my daily ranting and nonsensical whims as soon as life permits. Tomorrow will be a hideous day. I have to get to work bright and early to finish moving my belongings and then will be at school from 3pm-10pm. I have an exam in my Cult Anthropology class and as of this point still have reading to finish and haven't started at all! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok enough of that...off to try and get real smart real quick on pygmy people, sexual hierarchies, gender inequalities, etc. Bet you wish you were in my shoes, huh?

In the interim, make me jealous with stories of what you all are doing and how people who have time for a life spend it. Let me live vicariously through all of you! Miss ya guys!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thank You Miss Ang!

One of the hardest things about being far away from California is missing my family (well certain members...haha) and best friends.

There's one person out here who has been like family to me for the past 4 years and that's Miss Ang. Amazingly enough, we survived living and working closely together for over 3 years without killing each other. Now that's not to say there weren't tense moments or times when we wanted to knock some sense into the other, but through it all our friendship persevered. So I thought I'd make a list of all the reasons she's so near and dear to my heart. This could go on for quite a while, so I'll try to narrow it down.

1) I moved in with her at a very difficult point in my life and she was my rock and helped me through it. She listened, comforted and prayed for me when I needed it most.
2) She introduced me to the first church I ever felt at home at and the Methodist religion. (She also made my baptism that much more special by having a party for me afterwards with my close friends.)
3) She introduced me to therapy and meds (again) and I'm such a nicer, more stable and healthy person for it. (Sean thanks you...hehe.)
4) She understands how crazy my family (excluding my wonderful sis and loving aunt and adorable cousin) can make me and always has great advice or just sympathizes.
5) When I'm being unreasonable she'll call me on it, but in a sweet/funny way. It doesn't make me feel judged.
6) She's so much fun to go shopping with and always gives me an honest opinion. She also helps me to not buy everything in sight, just the stuff that looks best on me.
7) I love hanging out with her! We can talk about anything and everything and just never run out of conversation.
8) She called me Thursday night to make sure that I made it home safe from my dental appointment and to see how I was feeling. How damn sweet is that! She knew my blood sugar was bothering me and was worried.
9) She never complained about having to take care of me during middle-of-the-night low-blood-sugar episodes. She'd sit with me as I was curled up on the bathroom floor and bring me orange juice or food. She'd wait with me until I felt better and calmed me. I felt safe knowing she was there. (And when I passed out in a mall on the escalator, she made sure I didn't crack my head open- what a gal!) haha!
10) The girl can cook! She makes the BEST veggie pizza. She made some this weekend and called to let me know she had saved me some. She was even going to drop it off at my house. How frickin cool is that! She rocks! We ended up picking it up yesterday and by lunch today it was gone. I ate every last piece of it. I don't think Sean even got one bite. :o) It was delicious! Send more please Ang!

I could go on, but I do have to get some studying done this weekend. So I'll just leave it at....I love ya Ang! I'm truly blessed that God brought a friend like you into my life. Thanks for everything you do- you're an awesome person and a great aunt to Baden and Tigger! We love you!!

I Just Want to Smother Her with Kisses!!

Look at this adorable, beautiful, best-looking Husky gal in the whole entire world. Isn't she cute ya'll? This is my lovely niece Cheyanne!! Look at them ears! Haha! She's still growing in to them. Mia, I think she has gramps' ears. Hehehe!

The Insanity of Early Morning Math

There are 28 people in a room and the ratio of men to women is 3:4. How many men and how many women are in the room?

It's 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning and my Seanie is asking me about ratio math problems. First, what the hell is he thinking? It's too early for conversation let alone solving mathematical equations. Pfft! My honey has decided once again to study for the GMAT so I'm sure they'll be many future interesting Q&A sessions to come. Oh joy! ;o)

So I got the answer wrong the first time and then when he told me what the correct answer was I said, "Oh yeah, that makes sense" and then verbally told him how you'd get to that answer. I kid you not- he sat there with a look of amazement as if I'd just told him I developed the cure for Alzheimers. Doesn't take much to impress my honey! *lol* I felt so smart! I also learned that apparently a woman who can do math in her head makes my honey feel quite frisky. Further proof that Republicans are strange little people. Haha!

I don't know if I should find this offensive or not, but he was quickly distracted from his "frisky" thoughts by a game of pencil-tug-of-war with Baden Pup. (Pics will follow.) I'm not sure yet whose more easily amused...the dog or the boy? Eh, it's probably the boy! Hahaha!

Tug-of-War Battle # 2

Seanie- I must save face! I can't lose two Tug-of-War battles in a row. I will be victorious in the battle for the pencil. I am Man- Hear me ROOOOOOOOOOAR!! (strange grunting noises follow)

Baden- Well you may have won this round, but don't forget who kicked your ass in the Sock-Tug-of-War Competition. (And being the good sport he is, the Pupsters even agreed to shake hands with his Daddy to show that there were no hard feelings). Yes, I've raised my son well and take full credit for all adorable, good behavior! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Suckfest 2005

No witty comments today folks....can not muster due to Percoset-induced foggy cloud over my brain. :) So instead I'll give you a run down of my day:

6 a.m.- Wake Up...Bah!! Too early...grrr!
7 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.- Creep at a 5 mph pace the entire 18 miles to work. Suckity suck!
9:40 a.m. - Dermatology Appt (first one ever). F**kers kept me waiting for an hour and a half and then the doc visited with me for a whopping 10 minutes. HMOs are evil and suck the big one!
11:20 a.m.- Arrive back at work....barely have time to pee. Scarf down overcooked-hard-to-chew Healthy Choice tv dinner. (Mouth watering, huh?)
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.- Meeting with programmers building ad-hoc report/query generator application thingy for us.
1:15 p.m. to 2 p.m.- Sit in conference room and twiddle thumbs waiting for person who called meeting to show up. Finally after 45 minutes we all realized we mattered not and slithered back to dungeon desk area.
2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.- MIA person appears and meeting begins but conference room now gone, so we cram around teeny tiny desk for discussion.
4:15 p.m.- Sadly and hearing doom music playing in my head I timidly walk up to my endodontist's office. I then had forty minutes to wait and think about the impending torture I was about to endure.
5:45 p.m.- PAIN!! Gums ache from metal long objects that poke being jammed in them, tooth throbs, and now have to pay big bucks for this insanity. Want Meds...Don't want to feel anything but must drive long way home in traffic.
7:00 p.m.- Arrive home and immediately take Heaven Pill aka Percoset. This stuff is proof that God exists and loves us very much. Ha! Greedily gobble up Boston Market sweet potatoes with cornbread mixed-in. Mmmm...Yummy! Want more!!!
8:00 p.m.- Get all 15 (ok, there was only 3) of my prescriptions filled.
9:00 p.m.- Bitch, moan, whine, complain and stuff my face with drugs while watching Discovery channel story about transexuals. (Actually quite interesting. And very hard to look away from.)
10:00 p.m.- Try to set aside pain med coma long enough to write somewhat coherent post because that's how much I love ya all and the world would just not be the same if I were to miss a day of blogging. There'd be rioting in the streets and the masses would rise up and chaos would ensue.
....Where was I before lost train of thought in fantasy land???

Let's see if Suckfest '05 brings out any Lurkers. I'm not calling anyone out this time because I'm just that nice and it hurts to think that hard right now.

Ok...off now to have vivid, wacky, psychadelic Percoset dreams!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Coming Attractions: Baden-Pup vs. Burger-Butt in the USFC (Ultimate Sock Fighting Championship)

Puppy Cuteness At Its Best!

Don't let the sweet, innocent, docile demeanor in the pic fool you. When it's time to rumble Baden aka Punkie-Poo can throw down with the best of them. As you shall soon see! Who will be victorious in the sock fight- Sean or Baden? Stay tuned...details soon to follow.

Can you handle the suspense? Huh, can you? ;o)

BAH!!! *grumble grumble* F**kin Weather

So we just left to take the pupsters for a walk. As soon as we get to the end of our court the big frownie gray cloud that's been hanging over us for an hour finally decides to unleash its wrath. We went from no rain to jumbo-sized rain drops. How big is jumbo? Think pam-anderson-fake-boobs sized rain drops. Baden and Sean are soaked, I had an umbrella and was chasing after them with it, but couldn't keep up since I was slipping around in my soaked sandals feverishly trying not to fall on my arse.

Poor Baden looked at is us like "WTF- since when do I only get walked for two minutes? I know you guys are tired, but come on. I'm young and have been cooped up all day. Must sniff and squat and poop disgusting stuff multiple times and laugh as you pick it up and run with stinky bag to nearest trash can. Oh, and I must take at least three trips down the slide before you're allowed to bring me back home. Rain schmain!"

We are horrible parents. Should have walked him earlier. Alas, we were busy trying to have romantic snuggle/nap time which said pupsters was having none of. He is quite the needy-boy-attention-whore type. He either rams his hard head between us to break us apart or starts to cry pitiful yelps. So no cuddles for me and Burger-Butt. Uh-uh, Baden wasn't having it. So Sean has now taken a stand and reclaimed his throne as Alpha Male and declared that Baden is no longer allowed in room when trying to cuddle. It's a battle of male egos/wills ya'll. Whose your money on?

P.S. So today I saw a big 'ol white moon. Hehe...no names as am protecting the innocent. I also know of a very talented person who can give themselves repeated wedgies while wearing granny panties, but have no underwear-up-the-crack issues when wearing thongs. One of life's great mysteries and 60 minutes has yet to explore this matter in depth. What is this world coming to? ;-)


I complain about clothes not fitting and my a$$ spreading so much that it's now creating holes in the seat of my pants, yet here I sit happily eating my Chocolate Bavarian Custard Cream doughnut. So yummy! (I did cut it in half though and give Ang part of it.) Yes, I share my cellulite-inducing food because I'm evil like that. Haha! And yesterday it was a bag of Mrs.Fields choc chip cookies. The day before that Mint Choc Chip ice cream. Then there's the eating out at the Pizzeria and Red Lobster (yummy fried coconut shrimp and warm-fresh-from-the-oven cheese biscuits). Oh, and last night we went to Red Robin. They have the best steak cut french fries. I did sort of good, I ordered the grilled chicken spinach tortilla wrap. Really, we do enjoy activities other than eating, but anyone who knows me quickly learns that I am addicted to food. I guess I should be happy I'm not bigger than I am. Overall, I'm ok with my size, I just don't like where the extra squishy weight is placed. Why can't it move from my tummy down over to my flat booty? Or up towards my chest. Sean would like that. Ha! And why do my triceps insist on not firming up damn it! :) And the elliptical is evil whether it is in your home or the gym. However, if it allows me to be the little piggy I am while somewhat maintaining my size I guess I'll keep it. Hehe! Ok, I think that's all the ranting I'll do for now.

Things that Perplex Me (Not that That's Hard to do)

-How Baden Pup can be bow-legged but look so darn cute when he walks. His little puppy booty just swings from side to side. Also, how he has developed these massive hind leg muscles overnight. Oh, and why did his breathe go from being normal pup stinky to completely stank! Yuck! Suggestions?
-Why Tigger Kitty will sit outside the shower and cry the entire time I am in there and how he can still be so neurotic after five years of spoiling.
-How certain ladies in my office building will use the restroom and exit without washing their hands. Um, can we say nasty? And they have no shame. They see you and they know that you’re aware of the fact that they are not washing their hands and don’t care. This brazen act of nastiness is outrageous and must be stopped!
-Why my favorite pair of jeans and the only ones that still fit comfortably keep getting holes in the butt area. (Hole #1- Sewn up in a very non-pretty haphazard manner, but at least my cheeks aren’t hanging out. Hole #2 and #3 developed in the last two weeks and are small, but are widening each time I wear the pants. Yes, I’m still wearing them. Hey, it’s slim pickings finding something in my wardrobe that fits. I know I need to just suck it in and squeeze into the pants that don’t give me an ass tan or buy some new ones.)
-How to stay motivated when obtaining my degree has gone from the five to ten year plan.
-Why teachers are paid so little.
-Why I stress over everything and nothing. Relaxation…what’s that?
-How men can be so oblivious to how much work goes into a chick looking hot on a magazine cover. You know the make-up team, hair people, air brushing, clothing stylists, etc. Sean always seems so genuinely shocked when he sees an actress who’s not all made up and she looks plain or average.
-Lastly....Dear God, when and why have I started getting mini love-handles? I’m not that old yet, it can not be time for my metabolism to slow. Say it ain’t so.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No...It's Not a Giant Eggplant

Another view of the hair...this time at least my head appears to be somewhat normal-size. Oh, and ignore the ultra dark eggplant color. I can't wait until enough time has passed that I I can lighten it up. Again I must whine....the box said True Red! There ain't nothing true red about this shade. *frownie face* Oh, and it's official I am the least photogenic person in the world. Hehe!

Coming at Ya in Giganto-Head View.... :)

Ok, as requested...I'm relunctantly posting a pic of the new 'do that I'm so not happy with. Can I just say that it's very hard to take a decent pic of yourself. This was the best I could do. Don't ya just love when one side of your hair fllips outward and the other inward. Grrr! No mean comments please, I'm already distraught enough. Haha!

Just call me Coffee Crotch Girl!

Ok, so I did it. After a week of non-stop bad hair days that just involved me throwing my hair up in a frizzy bun because I couldn’t do anything else with it in this humidity, I chopped it. I didn’t even tell Sean I was going to get my hair cut since I always say I’m going to cut it short and then chicken out at the last minute or my hair stylist talks me out of it. So I figured this way if I froze and couldn’t go through with it he wouldn’t be any wiser. Because let’s face it- unless I came home as a blonde or with a spiky mohawk or bald, chances are he’d never notice I changed my hair. Typical man! You could call what I did yesterday either really brave or really stupid- I haven’t decided yet. I called up the Ulta salon by my house and asked if they had anyone with a lot of experience working with curly hair. They had one lady who fit the bill and she just happened to be able to fit me in. Yes, I went to a random hair stylist- I wasn’t referred to her, I hadn’t seen her work and I had no clue if she was any good. (Insert look of horror here.) Well, she seemed to be very nice and chatty and had a funky, but cute hair cut/color so I thought I should be in fairly capable hands. We looked through a magazine and I pointed out the cut I wanted. She didn’t bat an eye and said, “Oh yeah, we can so do that on you”. So minus 4+ inches and many layers later my new ‘do emerged.

I paid the extra to have my mop blown out and flat ironed. Oh my gosh ya’ll, I was mortified! As she was blow drying it all I could see was a mass of poofiness. Think Don King’s hair amplified! Yes, it was that scary. I think she saw that I was quite disturbed as she felt the need to reassure me that I’d love the finished product. (Gulp!) Well, when all was said and done, it wasn’t horrible. I still haven’t decided if I like it or not. It’s short, at least for me very short. It barely skims my shoulders and that’s with it straightened. When it’s curly it’ll probably be up to chin. (Double Gulp!) Sean seems to like it, but he’s also smart enough to know better than to indicate otherwise. He usually prefers my hair shorter, probably because he assumes/hopes that means it’ll take me less time to get ready. I have no idea what it’ll do once I wash it and attempt to straighten it on my own or if I wear it curly. Will I look like Shirley Temple? God, I hope not. Nothing against her, but I’m a little too old now to pull off that look. Ang was supposed to be at the office today to give me her objective opinion, but she’s not. *sigh* No one at work has appeared to notice and I’m not sure how to take that. Is it because normally I wear my hair up so they can’t tell I cut it? Or is it because it looks so bad that no one can come up with anything good to say about it? Or are they all just walking zombies while they’re here like me? Could it be they are just a bunch of poor saps struggling to make it to the 5 o’clock hour too?

Well, this morning as I’m trying to decide if my new short ‘do makes me look like I have a big ‘ol lollipop head, I picked up my choc banana coffee and not paying attention took a sip. Well, of course the little mouth cut-out area was no where near my lips so it spilled all over my black silk tank top, cream pants and cream jacket. Nice, eh? Yes, just call Coffee Crotch Girl. I hardly ever wear light colors because I know I’m entirely too uncoordinated for it and of course the one day I do, I make a mess of myself. To make matters worse, this will be a long day at the office since Sean has my car because his is in the shop. Oh well, at least by the time we take our vacation in August and I see my and Sean’s family my hair should have grown out a bit. I swear this curly mop is the bane of my existence and I really do feel like I have a huge frickin head now. Hi, I’m Lisa aka Colossal Cranium Chick.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Whose says naps have to end with Kindergarten?

So we had a fairly uneventful weekend. (Right now you're think...oh yeah, so glad I started reading this post then.) It was filled with food (Baskin Robbins ice cream, Pizzeria place, Red Lobster, etc.) and long two hour naps. I love nap time! Mr.Jazzy Fat Cat went home last night. Ang and Roger picked him up and told us all about their Colorado trip. I so want to move there! Ang and I had a few glasses of wine which of course made us even chattier than usual. :) So they were here for quite some time. Baden was so excited to have new people to smell, play with and give kisses to. He's such the needy boy. But he's my needy pup. We went to the Puppy Park on Saturday (see pics below). He had a blast as usual and I saw a husky that I wanted to steal. Hehe! Sean built a cute little entry walkway in the backyard. He's so handy that Burger-Butt of mine. I will have to post a pic so he doesn't feel slighted.

Sean was up bright and early this morning working in the backyard again while Baden and I laid in bed snuggling and snoozing. Thank goodness I have someone to lounge around and be lazy with! I swear Sean is like the energizer bunny sometimes. Hey buddy, if you want to work non-stop please by all means feel free. And while you're at it spend some of that energy doing indoor cleaning will ya? But don't look at me at 7:30 on a Sunday morning and ask what my plans for the day are. Uh-uh! At that hour my brain is not even functioning. All I can manage is a grunt and a dirty look. Morning people- they suck! :)

So I somehow managed to procrastinate all weekend and didn't do any homework until about eight o'clock this evening. I only got through one chapter and then Tram called. What did I do? Well, of course I talked to her! :) And scolded her for lurking and never commenting on here. Like right now as she's reading this- she's thinking "Damn I got called out". Busted! Haha! Speak woman! (Or I'm sorry- are you going by Little Person now). Hehehe! I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. Anyways, start sharing your bright yet incredibly cynical witty self with the other two people who read my blog. *lol*

Anyways, just to warn you...tomorrow I'll probably post a rant about my hair which is driving me insane and will soon have secured me a spot in the Guiness Book of Records for the most consecutive bad hair days. Seriously, at this point should I just shave my head or go super short? I'm so done with it! Oh, and I'll have to tell you about all things frumpy! Also I reached 1,000 on my little visitor counter thingy. Wooot! Sean thinks all 1,000 hits are from me. I know, he's so obnoxious sometimes. :) Again, I just keep him around cause he's got a nice booty and he does cook for me sometimes. He also kills bugs, picks up dog poop and mows the lawn- all of which I hate doing.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to read at least one more chapter in my Cultural Anthroplogy book so I don't feel like a complete slacker! Hope you all had a good weekend. What'd you do?

Up Ahead...More Puppy Cuteness than Anyone can Handle!!

Ok ya'll it's been fun- but I am one worn out pooch! Catch ya later....I got a nice queen-sized bed with fluffy pillows waiting for me at home! Until next time- wishing ya lots of good butt-sniffing!

Sean and I were hanging out with Wiley-C, the snuggle bug Husky boy. Isn't he so handsome?? I so want a husky! Mia, maybe he's related to Chey! Oh, and this dog had the cleanest teeth! (Yes, I notice strange things like this. :P)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....I'm Baden the Super Dog! Notice my Lightning Rod of a Tail and my Bat-Like ears!

Ok Dad....I've had enough water.....have you not noticed I'm sticking my tongue out at you? Sheesh, humans!

Baden-boo and Dingo rule the park from atop the rock! (The other dog by Sean's crotch- yeah, not sure what he's doing and not asking. Haha!)

A while back I wrote a post about a verbal argument that happened between Mr.B and another dog at the park. Here's the other dog. Yes, your eyes do not decieve you- this dog is more than twice his size. He's a Bear!

Ahh....the face I love! Say Cheese!

Father/Son bonding time. :) Sean: Shake my hand Mr.B! Baden: Come on Dad, just throw the darn ball...will ya?

Just another day at the Puppy Park.....It's a Dogs Life!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Baden chilling out on our deck working on his tan. It's hard work lounging around all day...

Ok, so as far as my head goes I look horrible in this picture. Notice the "Chandler" smile? Hopefully, you all saw that episode of Friends. My hair is horrible too! But cut me some slack, with the humidity here I haven't even bothered with it. And the bangs...who knows what's happening there. The dangers of cutting your own hair. Haha! Anyways, I had to post this because...Look, it actually appears as if I have muscle definition in my left arm at least. Go fake arm muscles! Woohooo!

Strangely enough Mr.B is quite comfortable laying like that. He always has his little paws crossed. Say it with me ya'all- too darn precious! :)

Not to be outdone by his little brother Tigger Kitty poses for the camera. He has the cutest pink nose! Ooh, and see my pretty little bench in the background. It traveled all the way from Florida. I love American Signature furniture! :)

Baden is probably the dog with the most posted pics on the internet, but I can't help it. He's just so darn cute! The eyes, floppy ears, little tongue sticking out. And look, he's even smiling in this one! Everyone should have a Mr.B!

Pimping Out My Pup....Anyone Interested?

Ok, I'm beginning to feel like the overzealous mom whose constantly trying to force her child on someone. Mr.B aka Baden Pup is such the social little guy that I really want to find some dogs in the neighborhood for him to play with. Since we walk him almost daily, we tend to see the same dogs/owners over and over. We often stop for the dogs to sniff and the humans to chat. Well, every time we befriend a new pair and Mr.B appears to take to the dog, I want to set up a play date for him. I've extended numerous offers to people and they always seem really interested. I mean it would be mutually beneficial- the dogs would have a great time and wear each other out so us human owners could get a night off from wrestling-with-the-pup duty. The people always seem really receptive and say, "Oh yeah, that's a great idea, we'd love to do that".
Well, I'm beginning to think they're just trying to humor the crazy lady who thinks her dog needs just as much socialization as any human child or the insane chick who takes her dog down the slide. Miss Morgan's owner has cancelled or rescheduled many times- so I've got the hint there. (Cut me some slack, I'm not completely dense.) We just ran into a couple tonight that we see every so often and who also take their boxer/dalmation mix dog to the puppy park. And in the course of the conversation I again find myself saying, "Hey, feel free to bring your dog over to play with Baden anytime. He'd love it!" They too seemed interested, but you know what...you can't fool me anymore. Nope, I'm not buying it! Until someone shows up at our door with their dog energized and ready to play, I've resigned myself to the fact that Baden will just have to deal with Sean and I for playmates. Oh, and of course Tigger Kitty who he loves to chase after and play bite at.

Scavenger Seanie

Background Info: So last night for dinner we had hot dogs. Sean ate three each with a big bun. He also had chips, macaroni and potato salad. Oh, and a doughnut for dessert. This was all around 6 o’clock. Well, I’m heading out for class a half hour later and go into the kitchen to grab my banana to have as a snack at some point during my 3 hour class. What do I find? The banana is gone! Not possible I think to myself. While at the grocery store earlier that day, I bought a bunch of bananas that were still green and one banana that was ripe with the intention of having it for that night. I wander back into the living room and find the empty yellow, ripe banana peel on the end table. Sean looks up sheepishly.

Me: Please tell me that you didn’t once again eat the snack I was planning to take with me to school?
Sean: Oh, shi**, I did. So that’s why it was set aside?
Me: Uh, yeah! How is it that you have some strange psychic ability to know what I’m going to eat and get to it before me? (Note this happens all the time!!!)
Sean: I’m sorry….I was hungry. The banana was calling out to me.
Me: Hungry?? Hungry?? *look of disbelief* Well, right now my foot is calling out to me to give ya a good kick in the a$$.

Anytime I buy something good, he always eats it first. Let’s break this down, shall we.
Box of Cereal: Sean= 2 bowls each sitting for a total of 6 bowls, Lisa= 1 bowl, if I’m lucky
Granola Bars (package of 8): Sean= 6, Lisa= 2
Chips’A’Hoy Cookie Package: Sean= 28 cookies, Lisa= 4
Orange Juice: Sean = 15 glasses, Lisa= 3
Yogurt Cups: Sean= 7, Lisa= 3
Bottled Water 24 bottle case: Sean= 19, Lisa= 5

Are you getting the picture? And half the time he complains about the cost when we’re grocery shopping and I buy pick out this stuff. Yet, he has no problem eating it all. Are all men garbage disposals? Do I have to start arm wrestling him for snacks? Do I have to hide them or start breaking them into a his or hers pile to stake my claim? Although, I already know this would only lead to more whining and stealing on his part!

Oh, and now he’s using my shaving cream as well since he ran out of his “manly-smelling” stuff. So yes, my honey is walking around at the office smelling like a tropical flower. Go buy your own darn it! He also uses my facial scrub. If he starts going after my expensive shampoo/conditioner or eye wrinkle cream, we’re so going to brawl! ;o)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Place Your Bets Here....

So my first class of the summer session is an Intro to Cultural Anthropology course. How's it going so far, glad you asked! :)
1st class- Cancelled due to campus-wide power outage
2nd class- Dismissed two hours early due to professor battling pneumonia and losing his voice.
3rd class- Dismissed early due to power outage.
4th class- What natural disaster or freak incident will happen tonight?

Possible Mishaps:
1) Professor's toupee catches on fire. (This is the first time I've seen an Indian man with a hairpiece. It's awful- quite bushy and tall and sits at a wierd angle. Think worse than Donald Trump's hair. Yes, that bad.)
2) Girl who is a complete suck-up/teacher's pet and wanted to continue class on Monday despite lack of electricity, i.e., no lights & air conditioning, annoys someone to the point of them verbally or physically attacking her. At which time, I'll be happy to referee. :) Hey, I like to help others! ;o) And this girl is on my last nerve.
3) I fall asleep while listening to the instructor drone on and on about pygmy people and wake-up in a pile of drool some of it partially dried and stuck to my chin. Nice image, eh? I thought you'd like that. ;o)

Ladies Near and Far We Should So do This!!!

Ok....since I'm too lazy and too brain dead to write anything witty or humorous this morning instead I bring you this.... :) Whose game?? Come on over- party at my house!!

Ideas for 'Girls' Night Out' — or In
By Robin Dalmas
Special to MSN
"Sisterhood is Powerful" proclaims a feminist book from the 1970s. If that's true, just think what would happen if every woman threw a party for all her girlfriends. Along with the obvious conversation, laughter and empathy, who knows what great new friendships might be forged — and what productive networking might be accomplished. When it comes to all-women soirees, the sky's the limit. You can throw a traditional party with food and libation or engineer a more focused event. One woman threw a "Remember When You Were 10?" party and invited 50 women over to wear pajamas, eat s'mores and do crafts. More sophisticated parties can give women the opportunity to network for their careers, gain knowledge of accounting, finance and investing, or just relax with some pampering spa treatments in the home.
Traditional party. Want to throw a great dinner party? Learn some tips for creating dinner-party ambience. If you'd like to throw a huge party for up to 75 of your closest gal pals, the book "Do It for Less! Parties" by Denise Vivaldo has nine complete menus, shows you how to do quantities of 12, 25, 50 and 75 for each recipe, and 21 charts for estimating quantities needed for everything from dining tables to alcohol.
If you'd prefer to keep things small and simple, consider a visit to an upscale grocer for ready-made appetizers. Whole Foods Market, for example, has a private-label line of frozen appetizers that includes chicken wings, crab Rangoon, a dim sum collection, salmon puffs and vegetable spring rolls.
Getting to know you. Do you have friends who hog the conversation? Find ways to spread the chat around. The book "4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone" contains queries that will keep the dialogue going into the wee hours. Consider these questions: "What, more than anything, makes you angry?" "Who were your childhood idols?" "What kind of leader are you most inclined to follow?"
Here's another conversation starter:
"Each woman should write down, anonymously, something no one else could possibly know about her," says Nancy B. Irwin, therapeutic hypnotist, columnist and speaker. "Put them in a pot, draw one at a time, and try to guess who did what. Have prizes for the winners."
How about dessert and some "dish"?
"Have each woman bring her most decadent dessert and favorite photo and be prepared to tell all the details about it," suggests Irwin.
Games night. Board games can be educational. Author and tax expert Eva Rosenberg recommends "Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cashflow 101," a board game that teaches accounting, finance and investing. "It's an interesting way to learn about money and about yourself," Rosenberg says. "It will create all kinds of great conversations."
Board games can also be just plain fun. Plan a round of "Sex and the City" Trivia Game. "Every girl is sure to know most of the answers, and it will bring back fond memories of Carrie and Big's love affair," says Diann Valentine, owner of an events and wedding firm in Pasadena, Calif.
Sushi-loving women in sushi heaven. A group of women I know gathers once a month at a different sushi-buffet restaurant in the Seattle area to indulge in rows and rows of raw seafood and conversation. If your taste doesn't run to eating spicy octopus, fish cake soup and baby clam salad, take a vote to determine what kind of food would be acceptable. Steak night? Mexican night? Thai night? Let your taste buds be your guide.
Spa night. Hire a spa-party service to create a spa night in your home. Spa-addicts.com lists mobile spas from New York to Los Angeles. These companies provide drinks, gourmet food, spa treatments and products. For example, Spa Chicks On-The-Go, a mobile-spa event company in New York, provide treatments such as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures — including spa robes, slippers and spa goodie bags.
Surprise night. Rosenberg once made a deal with two of her girlfriends. "We'd get together one night a month for a special ‘girls' night out.' Each month, one of us would be responsible for planning the evening." They agreed in advance to stay within a certain budget. "And we wouldn't tell anyone what it was, just pick them up and do it."
Her group of gal pals enjoyed dining at restaurants and attending magic clubs. The piece de resistance? An evening at Chippendales.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Embarrassing Moments & Lack of Grace Exemplified

So my feisty Latin fireball of a grandmother nurtured two things in me growing up:
1)An addiction to all CBS soap operas and General Hospital (*swoon* sexy Sonny….*swoon* yummy shirtless Nicolas)
2)Watching far too many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries with the host with the super creepy voice. Being the crazy lady that I am this leads to me hearing his voice in my head whenever I’m walking through a creepy deserted area or a parking lot or some place where someone could pop out from the bushes and kidnap you. Yes, I really have these paranoid thoughts. Thanks Grams!
So yesterday evening I’m walking from the student parking lot to class. I have to pass by a couple of dorm buildings that are currently a ghost town since as it is summer. There’s this little hallway I walk by that would be a perfect hiding spot for someone who wanted to mug a person or just scare the crap out of them. So each time as I walk by it I can hear creepy host voice in my head. However, yesterday during this ritual I suddenly heard a rustling noise and movement coming from a garbage can I was passing. It surprised me and I proceeded to let out a very high-pitched girly scream. Just my luck this happened at one of the rare times when there were people around. What was their reaction? Well, of course they laughed at the nut job who was pathetic enough to be frightened by the fuzzy wuzzy cute squirrel that popped out of the garbage can. Hey, the squirrel could have posed a real threat. Maybe he had rabies and was plotting to infect me! It could happen. Of course, I called Sean to tell him about my embarrassing mishap and he proceeded to laugh non-stop. What’s a girl gotta do to get some respect? Sheesh!

Monday’s Moment of Stupidity:
While looking for Mr.Jazz-Cat, whom I’m babysitting all week, I decided to check behind the television which happens to be near the hearth of the fireplace. In the process of doing this I hit the top of my head square on a nail that was sticking out from the fireplace. The nail was still there from when we hung our Christmas stockings. Luckily despite a decent-sized bump, minimal bleeding, a teeny tiny bald spot and leaving a fair amount of DNA on the head of the nail, I survived. Mostly it was just my ego that was bruised. Hello McFly- head encountering nail = pain! Again, Sean laughed when I told him about this. I’m beginning to see a pattern. *frownie face*

I figured today had to be better, right? Well, first I use the wrong hair product so by mid-morning I am an official puff-puff head. My curls are a mass of frizzy poofiness. Oh, and did I mention my hair is purple? Yes, just call me Miss Afro-Puffs-Purple-Plum-Head. I dyed it over the weekend. The color was supposed to be True Red. What part of the name True Red implies that it would leave me looking like I have a big eggplant sitting on my head? Grrr! In an effort to make myself feel better I decided to wear my new sassy red shoes today. It worked well at first, I got many a compliments. My feet were feeling awfully darn cute! That is until mid-day when my feet suddenly began to feel bruised and blistered. Which led to me becoming the Limping Eggplant-Head Office Girl, as you can imagine, this is not a title I ever hoped to achieve.

Cute Comment of the Day....

Me: How was your day honey?
Sean: It's so cool...I feel so important now in my new job. [How cute is he?? I know...so cute!]
Me: You hit the big time baby! Ooh, am I going to have start calling some snobby secretary chick to make appointments to talk to my up-and-coming-big-shot boyfriend?
Sean: Yes, you will because I'm so busy now and in the lab all day.
Me: Bite Me! :o)

I'm so proud of my Seanie for his new big work promotion which will hopefully lead to him being much happier at work and being faced with challenges, but the good kind. He's kind of twisted and all with his insane, rigidly perfect work ethic. Now, hopefully this means good news for Lisa in that one day I can be a stay-at-home-mom to my adorable pets. :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

My favorite purchase from my weekend shopping trip with Ang. Sean calls them my sassy shoes! :)

Why does Sean have that goofy grin and squinty eyes? Well, I'll tell you... Because he's thinking, "Oh God, please don't let me drop my adorably handsome 2-month old little cousin Johnathan in front of all my family. Please let someone notice that I'm absolutely frozen in terror so they'll take him from me".

Again courtesy of Target, Baden Pup will be now dining in style with these ultra cute food dishes. Not sure why there appears to be white specks on them.

I also got Grace a package of ultra-girly onesies. I love the second one from the top with the Bear on it. If only these came in my size. ;o) Kidding! Oh, and just to clarify the cannister of balls was a present for Baden-Pup.

How cute are these baby outfits? They are courtesy of wonderful Target! The purple one in the middle reads " Pretty Little Lady" and the pink one on the right says "Hula Baby". My favorite though is the onesie/short combo on the left. So frickin adorable! I got these as a gift for Sean's 5-month-old cousin Gracie whose christening was this past weekend. And baby fever begins! Tick Tock goes my biological clock. :)

Krazy Kitty Wars- Round 1 *Ding Ding*

Why, oh why do the weekends have to fly by so quickly? I overslept this morning, I think I'm suffering from a Cold Stone Creamery massive-amounts-of-ice-cream-induced-coma. I'm grateful today is a work-from-home day, but my motivation is nil. Could it be due to the fact that my brain aches from the monotony of copy & pasting to put together a Powerpoint presentation? Check- yes that's it!

In more exciting news, I'm cat-sitting this week. Ang dropped her cute chubby ball of fur Jazz Cat off last night. Baden Pup is so excited about having another furry friend in the house. Although he was kind of freaking Jazz out with his playful tendencies and high-pitched barking, if it could even be called barking. Tigger Kitty is a whole different story. He's Pissed!! Obviously, his little kitty brain doesn't remember the fact that he was roommates with Jazz for 3+ years. So there's been growling, hissing, angry glares and paw swiping for the last 15 hours. I tried to reunite the two again this morning to see how they did. Not so good. So I've definitely got my work cut out for me, mostly because my cat has a major chip-on-his-shoulder-attitude-problem. Baden is blissfully ignorant to the Krazy Kitty War that is on the verge of breaking out at any moment. He's too busy being curled up in a ball on the couch and snoring loudly. Tis the life. :)

I'll be posting pic soon from the christening Sean attended and my shopping excursion. Have a good Monday ya'll!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Countdown to Burger-Butt's Arrival...

So Baden and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Seanie. He should be on his way and if my calculations are correct will be home in less than 3 hours. Yeah! The house is too quiet when it's just me and the kids. Although we have found a few ways to entertain ourselves. We've taken two naps today. Hey, I made a deal with myself that if I worked out, then I could nap as much as I wanted. So no judging! I talked to my bestest friend in the world and one of my favorite people, Miss Tram, for two hours. Then, I ate some mexican food leftovers. Don't worry, I burned off those calories by vacumming the downstairs. ;o) Ok, so that probably only burned off like 2 calories..but hey I like living in denial. Hehe!

So I became one with nature again when a nasty, striped, fast-crawling, slimy little lizard snuck into the house. Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty watched with amusement as I chased after it. After several failed attempts, I was finally able to scoot the little beast out the backdoor on to the deck. I used a magazine, of course, because there was no way that I was going to touch the little monster. It was at this point, I really started missing Sean. He's usually the one responsible for escorting out rodents, insects, reptiles and other strange creatures that manage to invade our home. Baden, despite his mean-sounding bark, has proven to be unreliable when it comes to protecting mommy from pests. :)

All right, well Baden and I are going to go entertain ourselves by doing one of the following:
1)Walk to the playground and take multiple trips down the slide.
2)Get a yummy slushie coffee drink from Starbucks.
3)Get ice cream w/a mix-in from Cold Stone Creamery.
4)Get a strawberry-banana milkshake from Dairy Queen.

Notice how 3 out of 5 revolve around food? Haha- big suprise there! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

If Only Every Day Could be a Weekend....

So last night Sean and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. They just opened one up by us. It was so darn good! And the best part- we didn't have to wait. Usually there's a three hour wait to get in. Loved the food, atmosphere and appetizers. We'll definitely go back!

Today was hectic. We had to get Sean ready for an overnight road trip. His adorable new baby cousin, Grace, is getting christened tomorrow. Of course as of 1pm this afternoon he had yet to buy a gift for her.
His request, "Hey, can you go to Babies R Us or Target for me and get the present". Being the wonderful and supportive girlfriend that I am, I agreed. His suggestion, "Oh, you know just buy a bib or something". WHAT??? The baby is already five months, I'm sure they've stocked up on bibs by now. Sheesh! And you can't just get a single bib? C'mon now!
This is why men should never be allowed to do the gift shopping for friends, family or coworkers. And why you must give them specific details on size, color, shape, location, cost, etc of any presents you hope to receive. This increases the likelihood that you'll end up with something that at least vaguely resembles the object you desire. Because we all know it's still likely they'll screw it up, even with the best of guidance. Hehe!
Anyways, I had quite the successful shopping trip at Target. God, I love that store. I went nuts buying adorable baby girl clothes and treats/toys/dishes for Baden. (I so want a baby girl to dress in cute, frilly, bright colored outfits.) I took pics of it all to share. Sean took the camera with him though, so I won't be able to post them until tomorrow. I know he's only gone overnight, but we all miss him already. The house is just too quiet w/o him. And the atmosphere is different. You can just feel in the air that something is missing. The animals even seem a bit bummed out. They're being needier than usual and frequently yawning and frowning. Yes, my pets can frown because they're super smart like that. :)

Ang and I went shopping at the outlets today. This shopping venture was unfortunately not as successful. Ang didn't find anything. I went with the intention of buying some cute summer outfits, but only left with a tie-around-the-neck tank top. It's a baby blue color and quite cute. Although, it's one of those tops with the bra built in. Here's the thing I can't figure out- how the heck do you hide the nippleage? I looked in the dressing room mirror as I was trying it on and was shocked! There was some serious headlight action. This is not something I'm used to seeing in my daily wardrobe attire. I guess I could wear it with a strapless bra, but then my poor chest is going to squished. A gal just can't win. ;o) Ooh, I also found some fabulous shoes at Etienne Aigner. I love shoes!! I bought a pair of sassy red sling backs with a little silver buckle that crosses over the front. I'll post a pic of those as well tomorrow.
My other splurge- Gourmet Coffee! My favorite flavor at Harry & David is being discontinued. Why, oh why??? I'm still praying it's not true. Their Chocolate Banana coffee is better than sex! ;o) Ok, so maybe not...but it is pretty darn good! If anyone would like to support my coffee fix, please feel free to head out to the nearest H&D store and stock up on bags of this stuff to send to me. You all are the best! ;o)

Ok, it's late and I'm exhausted so I'll have to fill you in on the rest of my exciting Saturday escapades tomorrow. Nighty Night!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Turning My Insanity Into Something Productive! :)

This job sucks
It’s turning my brain to muck
I’d rather have to endure getting my bikini line plucked.

I hate my job
The people I work with are shadier than the mob
My daily commute makes me want to sob
I’m getting a blow up doll so I can ride in the HOV Lanes, his name will be Bob.

Oh, if only I could support myself as a pet sitter
I would adopt a whole litter
With all the extra time I’d have to exercise I’d be fitter
Thus I’d have plenty of motivation to be less bitter.

I want to work part-time
So my sanity will require a lesser amount of tequila and lime
Perhaps I should look into becoming a mime
But don’t be cheap- throw something larger at me than a dime

My opinion matters not
This has led to a massive brain rot
The tears are flowing a lot
Soon I may succumb to my desire to smoke pot

This is making me insane
Someone put me out of my misery and run me over with a train
Input ignored as if it’s washed down a drain
Indignant thoughts fill my brain
The words I QUIT want to topple out but I restrain

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Oh, and for the unfortunate few who have not yet had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on this oh-so-lickable scrumptious hunk of man....This is Julian McMahon. Yes, he is on my "list". Shhh, don't tell my Burger-Butt.

In Need of Some Nip Tucking from the Yummy Julian McMahon

Ok, so my body just officially hates me. I'm telling you it is rebelling against me. The suck-the-tummy-in capris aren't going to cut it for this summer. It looks like I'm going to have to break down and buy some new ones. I just don't get it. As far as numbers on the scale go, I'm still hovering in my usual weight range. I'm actually at the lower range of it. So how is it that I suddenly can't button 95% of my pants? I have a two pairs of dress slacks- one cream and the other black- and two pairs of jeans that still fit comfortably. The rest I either can't fit or have to use a shoehorn to get in to. How the heck did that happen? Why does my body think it can allow all the weight to go to my mid-section. If it does insist on switching locations, why can't it at least make its way just a tad further north and land equally distributed to give me a nice perky full chest. :) Or it could even head a little south to my booty as long as it helped make it rounder. I definitely don't need my butt to get any wider.

Florida vacation is in two months and swimsuit wear will be required. Perish the thought! The countdown begins....

My problem is that the only way I'm going to firm/tone up is if I exercise. I can't diet. I suck at it and I enjoy my sweets too much. I mean come on, food is one of life's greatest pleasures. Limit that and what is there left? ;o) So looks like me and the trusty elliptical will be spending a lot of time bonding. If only I could burn calories by staring at it from my couch or by watching Sean work his Buns of Steel on it. *sigh* Trust me- it doesn't work.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Interview Questions By Way of the Fabulous & Funny Miss Zoot

1. What is the most "not to be discussed" between you and your opposing view boyfriend?
The first topic we have to avoid is probably the reasons why American troops went to and continue to stay in Iraq. He accepts Bush's rationale while I find it to be complete bull. We prioritize issues differently too. His #1 priority is foreign policy. (Hehe..It annoys him that I ask how it is then that he could vote for Bush!)Mine #1 concern is probably social issues.
Abortion (me: pro-choice / him: sort of in the middle...he wouldn't ban it, but is ok with restrictions being placed on it)
Gay Rights (me: support gay marriage / him: not necessarily against it but he also won't be marching to make it happen either)
Drilling in Alaska (me: against it / him: go get us some oil).

Oh, he also got mad at me during one of the Presidential debates when I made fun of Bush's bushy eyebrows and overgrown hair. He thought it signifed just how hard he was working. My thoughts- get yourself to a barber buddy! ;-)

2. If you could only listen to ONE musician/group your entire life, who would it be? What if you could only listen to one ALBUM? Or one SONG?
Musician/Group- Oooh, the pressure. Fleetwood Mac maybe since they have a song for every mood and a timeless sound. I don't know, there's too many! :) Oh, and Journey! I love Open Arms and what's that other song...grr! I'm so showing my nerdy side!
Album- Evanescence: Fallen
One Song- Savage Garden: Truly, Madly, Deeply

3. What is the BEST part about living in California? The worst part?
The thing I loved about where I lived in Northern California was that I was within a few hours driving distance of so many cool, fun, beautiful places. Lake Tahoe, Reno, San Fran and Monterey were all nearby. Monterey is by far my favorite city to visit. I'd love to live there if it weren't so crowded and if there was a job market. The ocean there is so beautiful and the homes are amazing. The air even smells good and the weather is wonderful.

The worst was that there was nothing to do in my city. The frickin capitol of the state and it was so boring. Also, there was a major shortage of good-looking men. Ahh, and the wages were crap and still are!

4. What is ONE food you couldn't live without? ONE beverage? ONE store?
I could not live without warm peach cobbler with french vanilla ice cream on top. My favorite beverage is a Starbuck's Skim Toffeenut Latte. Oh, and banana shakes are the best! Favorite store is Target! Target rocks! My favorite places for clothes are Arden B and Ann Taylor.

5. What is the hardest lesson in life you've had to learn? What about the most important?
I think that would have to be that many times in your life you'll find that love isn't enough to make a situation work or alter a person's attitude, behavior or the way they treat you. The most important lesson was that I could move three thousand miles away from my family and make it on my own. Ok, ok so my therapist deserves some credit for that. Hehe!

Phew, you're a tough interviewer Miss Zoot. But thanks- great questions! Everyone definitely go visit her site. You'll laugh your ass off. One warning, it is addicting though. :)

*FUMING* I so prefer animals to people!


Ok, so how to vent my frustration w/o giving up too much info and putting myself in a precarious situation.
Hmm...a good analogy. Let's say that you volunteer to help someone out with something. For example, you offer to clean a friend's kitchen. So you wash, scrub and dry the huge pile of dishes in their sink. The dishes are now all shiny and pretty. Well, you then later find out that they "oops mistakenly" licked some of the numerous dishes you cleaned. Why would they do this? Who knows- perhaps to secretly annoy the ever-living crap out of you. Well, seeing as how saliva is clear, it is impossible for you to tell which dishes they ruined and which are still clean. They then show no remorse and expect for you to repeat the entire cleaning process over again. And they make this request w/o any hesitation.
This is the thanks I constantly get for my efforts from a certain select others. WTF??? I'm so annoyed right now I could just scream or drink massive amounts of tequila.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A strange little squirrel ventures into our backyard to check out our spankin new grill! :) Isn't he cute! I toyed with the idea of adopting him and calling him Earl the Friendly Squirrel. :-)

See, this is why I love him so much! He knows the best way to comfort me is with food. That's my kind of man!! :) Bring on the desserts. (Yes, I know it's going straight to my a$$.)

Me forcing Baden to console me after yet another "fun-filled" day at the office.

I love my mommy even though she insists on sticking a camera in my face all the time. I mean, yeah I'm damn cute, but come on already. Enough! Leave me to my sweet dreams.

How Can I Support Myself so I can Quit Horrid Job?!?!


1) Pimp Sean out. (I think we could get more for him than me, as he's less moody.)
2) Become Baden's agent and start booking him auditions for commercials, shows, magazines, etc. (As we all know he is more than cute enough to do so.)
3) Find a Sugar Daddy. (Preferably a gay one so Sean does not get jealous.)
4) Win the Lotto. (Never play, so that's quite unlikely.)
5) Apply for lots of Living Expenses loans to survive while I finish school. (Sean has nixed this idea oh so many times. Darn the tight wad. ;o) Hehe!)
6) Work at On the Border so I can have unlimited access to massive amounts of good mexican food. (Although not sure what I'd do there as I'd make a horrible waitress.)
7) Work at money-hungry University that I currently attend for next-to-nothing, but it would decrease time spent commuting.
8) Open a pet-sitting business. (Ahh, my fantasy job. Seriously. Yes, I'm serious...so stop laughing!)
9) Work at a Vet office so I can hang out with animals all day. (One condition though: I'm not cleaning up dog or kitty pee/poop/vomit.)
10) Move back to Phoenix and join the Rodeo. (Yes, they have a real live rodeo where many a tight-jean wearing cowboy hotties hang out.)

P.S. Big congrats to Kjersten, whom I am insanely jealous of, as she gave resignation today to her horrible company that greatly underappreciated her. Let's go get drunk to celebrate your good news and drown out my misery! :) Yeah to quitting evil consulting companies that treat employees crappy!

Monday, June 06, 2005

My Punkie-Poo lying on the living room rug while basking in the sunlight. Ahh, it's a dog's life!

What's going on out there?? Maybe Scaredy-Cat-Kitty wants to venture out in to the big scary backyard.

Baden on the prowl for a nice grass stem to chew on...he loves him some fresh green grass. :)

The pretty little honeysuckle tree I picked out and Seanie-Burger-Butt planted in the backyard.

Here's another view on the kitchen. The doors you see in the background are the pantry/coat closet. You can also see the left edge of our front door. On the left bottom floor are Baden Pup's food dishes. The color doesn't look as nice in this pic...not sure why.

The black blob on the left is our coffee maker, which took months to pick out as he was so darn picky. Wierd boy! There's our pretty new flat top stove. It was a gift from Sean's wonderful parents for Christmas. The orange bowl on top of the cupboards is a chip/salsa dish I got from a paint-it-yourself place. The green vase was a Christmas gift Sean received. The white/blue rimmed thing is a Spanish tortilla flippy dish thing that Sean's mom brought back from Spain for us. She rocks! Oh, and my stainless still tea kettle is the best!

The window looks out in to our front yard. The washer/dryer are behind the doors. The prety dining room table is from American Signature. They rock!! Oh, and don't make fun of the ultra-girly flower curtains. Do you know how frickin difficult it is to find decent kitchen curtains. They all suck!

Soo bored....Mommy & Daddy are painting and neglecting me...*sigh* Why, oh why, am I not at the puppy park right now?

Martha Stewart Magazine Come On Over & Check Out My Kitchen!!

Ok, as promised here are the pictures of our new and improved kitchen. I love the finished product! And thank goodness that we were finally able to move all the appliances, etc back in to the kitchen where they belong. It was driving me nuts having everything crammed into our already full living room. Oh, and the curtains are back up. Yeah! It was creeping me out at night to know people could just stare right in. Plus, our nosy neighbors kept watching us paint. Haha!

Our street is full of gossips- it's great! :) I'm telling ya, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I went over to visit one neighbor yesterday because she got a new puppy (her dog passed away a few weeks ago..I know soo sad). The puppy is a Golden Retriever/Beagle mix so darn cute! Oh my gosh, such a tiny thing but with the huge paws and big floppy ears. She's still not sure if she's going to keep him as she's thinking it may be too soon and she may need more time to grieve for her other dog. I told her if she decides it's not working out to be sure to come and see me before she gave the dog back. (Shh, don't tell Sean! What? I couldn't help myself. I just blurted it out as this cute fluff ball was happily slurping away at my chin. Who wouldn't cave? I never claimed to be a pillar of strength. I'd have a zoo if Sean would let me.)

Oh, and a little tidbit of gossip is that this neighbor lady has been dating a man since last November (a nice gentleman with a very handsome german shepherd pooch). Well, turns out this guy is married. Now, it's not what you think and in fact it may even be a bit creepier... This older gentleman's wife is in a nursing home and it's likely she'll never leave the place. Sean and I were discussing it and came to the conclusion that it's a bit creepy and there's just something wrong about the whole situation. I told Sean, if he puts me in a home and then starts dating I'll send Miss Mia after him. So there! Hehe. I wonder what the "rules" are when it comes to something like this. I don't think I could do it. I think the guilt would kill me. Although, it did sort of remind of the Terry Schiavo situation and in that case, I can understand her husband moving on with his life. That was just a bad scenario all around and I won't discuss it further as it was already over-examined in the press.

Oh, and in other neighbor news- There's this Creepy Lady and her Goth Daughter who are the most unsocialable on the street. They don't talk to anyone and never look you in the eyes. We see Creepy Lady walking her pup and the poor dog always looks so sad- his tail doesn't wag at all usually. Well, out of the blue a few days ago while Sean and I were checking our mail she came up and introduced herself to us. ???? Did Hell freeze over and we didn't get the memo?? She actually looked much less schizo/scary up close when she wasn't scowling. She even seemed, dare I say, somewhat normal. The next day when she saw Sean walking Baden she again said hello. What's up with? Our other neighbors, being the skeptics they are, attribute it to the fact that her daughter will be moving out soon so it's forcing Creepy Lady to venture out in the world. However, she has yet to talk to anyone of them. I know, people can't help but want to befriend us. Hehe!

How did I end up going on so many random tangents when all I was going to do was post some pics of the kitchen? I'm such a chatty gal!

Ok, Baden Pup is trying to nap next to me and the poor guy has a bad case of the hiccups, so I'm going to end this so I give him belly rubs. Have a good Monday all!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes in their Candy Shop Duet...HaHa!

This cartoon is soo funny! Enjoy...


And my reprieve comes to an end...*sigh*

So tonight is my last night of freedom. Tomorrow classes resume and I'm so bummed about that. Yes, I get to resume the hectic pace of juggling horrid job filled with shady people (or am I just being paranoid...who the hell knows anymore) mixed with research papers and massive amounts of reading. Unfortunately for me, I am one of those wierd people who does actually attempt, perhaps not always successfully, but I do try to actually keep up with the assigned readings. I also agonize over and spend hours on papers because I'm an obsessive-compulsive freak like that. :)

In other news, we finished painting the kitchen today. Thank God the trim only took one coat because my right arm is killing me from painting all weekend. Sean's arm being used to a strenuous work out is doing just fine by the way. ;o) I'll post pics soon, once we've cleaned it and hidden all the dirty dishes. Hehe! We finally went grocery shopping too. I love having food in the fridge. Ahh, it's so nice. And I didn't spend over $200 this time...go me!

We made pizza for dinner, but I was hungry before that so I decided to have a few bites of some coconut cream pie. How did a few nibbles turn into eating half the pie? Uh, between that and the pizza I am so uncomfortably stuffed. We walked Baden afterwards. Here's some free advice- full stomach, 99% humidity in the air and a dog dragging you for a walk...do not mix well. We even had to cut short on Baden's trips down the slide. Oh, he also missed his play date with Miss Morgan. It's been rescheduled for Tuesday, so hopefully Morgan's human will not mess up the program again. Hehe! Poor Baden was looking so bored while we were painting. I think the walk was a success though, my little punkie-poo is now laying at my feet snoring in the cute way only he can.

I'm also going through Mia withdrawals since my big sis was camping all weekend. Yes, she actually enjoys camping. I don't know what's wrong with her. I guess I got all the prissy genes. :) If there's no electricity for my blowdryer, no warm shower and no room service then it's not my idea of a good time. If God intended for me to be at one with nature he wouldn't have given me this nice, cozy, cute home to obsessively decorate and fix up. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Stuff Your Face & Chick Flick Night....

Well today was quite productive. Sean and I finished painting the kitchen. Yes, two coats thank you very much. We rock! :) Tomorrow, or actually I guess that would be later today, we'll be painting the trim in another Benjamin Moore color called Cloud White. It's a really nice sharp shade of white. None of that starchy hospital white color going on. I can't wait until we're finished. It already looks so good with the Vale Mist color on the walls. I have to admit, I was worried for a bit. After we first finished the two coats, it was still hard to see the color on the walls. Well, after drying we were left with beautiful soft green-colored walls. I LOVE the color! I'll post pics of the our finished masterpiece.

Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with Miss Nikki. She's always so much fun. Although, she does have a habit of always looking as if she just stepped out of the Ann Taylor catalog which can be quite annoying. Don't ya hate when someone always looks better dressed and put together than you. ;o) Luckily, she's so funny, I'll forgive her. Hehe!

So we stuffed our faces with chips, salsa, guacamole, enchiladas, beans, rice, tacos and flautas. Yep, for two short petite women we did pretty well. Ooh, and there was wine flowing too! We were so stuffed, we didn't even think to look at a dessert menu. I'm actually kinda of disappointed in us for that. To make up for it though, we did try and hit an ice cream shop after our movie, but it was already closed. I was informed of it's closed status by two people happily slurping on scoops of ice cream. The horrible ice-cream having show-offs that they were! Hmmph! :)

Ok, so we saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...which I'll tell ya all about later. Right now, it's time to put on comfy cozies and go curl up in bed with my handsome boys. Yep, that's right I get to lay in bed each night with three boys. Count'em- three!! Yeah, I still got it. Ha!

Paint Schmaint!

Ok, so whose bright idea was it to paint the kitchen on my last homework-free weekend? Oh, that's right it was mine! *slapping my forehead* What the heck is wrong with me? :) I'm sitting here stinky, tired and arms aching from trying to cram the paintbrush into tiny unreachable corners. Oh, and I'm hungry too! That will shortly be taken care of as Sean and Baden went to go pick up Boston Market. Yummy, sweet potatoes- my favorite!

So we got the first coat on. It's looking very nice. It's definitely going to need a second coat though. Oh, and we also decided that we're going to need to replace the kitchen light again as it's not bright enough. That's even more apparent now with a darker color on the walls. I'm a bit bummed that my freshly cleaned living room now looks like a disaster zone. We had to pull all the junk out of the kitchen and put it in the living room. I know it's only temporary, but it seems like it's so rare that I actually have our living room tidy, I really wanted it to stay that way for more than two days. Sheesh! And poor Baden- he looks so bored watching us paint. I think he was expecting another Baden's Big Day of Fun per all the adventures he had last weekend. Tomorrow should be better for him though, as we invited a neighbor's dog over for a play date! How cool is that! Baden has a date with a very cute 10 month old German Shepherd and she's so cute! Her name is Miss Morgan. :) Morgan and Baden- I can picture the nuptials now! I know, I have issues! Ha!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the 13 hour nap we took last night. Hehe! Sean had started taping the kitchen and I was feeling gross (after eating at IHOP...that was Sean's pick), so I convinced him we should take a quick nap. I was out in two seconds and didn't wake again until midnight. I then promptly fell back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 9 a.m. Yep, that has to be the world's longest nap- 13 hours folks! But oh, it was so nice! :) My old achey body wishes it were curled up in bed now...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Under Construction by Seanie Burger-Butt Incorporated

So with the help of my faithful sidekick and better other half, I've finally been able to change my blog from the standard Blogger Template. The Blog Gods were not entirely nice to us this evening. It took many a hours...and the work is still not complete, but much progress was made. And now it's sleepy time.

As I said, we're still working on font size/color/type, etc. Let me know what you think of the new look! I know the Archive, Prior Post and Links sections are hard to read as they are, but we'll fix that soon hopefully.

Two of my three favorite boys looking oh so cute! I've decided to let his sleep as he was quite cranky earlier at the paint store. I let that slide given my evil wench behavior last week. :)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....surprisingly though Baden is wide awake. Notice how Sean slid his foot under him to keep it warm. So cute!

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Is it mean that I want to wake my honey from peaceful slumber, so he can start prepping the kitchen for painting? He does look so cute and serene...but dammit I want to start painting! Hey, I never claimed patience was a virtue I possessed. So there!

Bleh!! *grumble, grumble*

So I've been lying in bed for the past hour and a half unable to fall back asleep. What is keeping me from serene slumber? Glad you asked.....

1) Lower Back- Aching
2) Tummy- Alternating between painful stabbing sensations and cramping
3) Bathroom visits between 11pm and 4 am = 3 (I swear I have the world's smallest bladder, my doctor even once told me I had a dainty bladder. I think he was kidding, but maybe not. It drives Sean nuts on road trips because we have to stop ever two hours. Hehe.)
4) Breasts - Tender and sore. (Yes, I know too much info...but what else do you expect from a sleep-deprived woman?)

If I had some Vale Mist paint, other than just the small sample jar, I'd probably be whacky enough to begin painting the kitchen. Yes, I am that nuts.

All right, well I'm off to pop a few Midol and hope for the best! Men have it so darn easy.

P.S. My precious Baden pup has spent all night hogging my pillow while his paws dig in to my back. I know, I know...this could be easily resolved by moving him. But he's so darn cute when he's sleeping and lightly snoring. I didn't have the heart to wake him. The sacrifices a mom makes. :) Not that Baden would really care, two seconds later he'd be snoozing again. I wish I could fall asleep as quickly as he does. I'm just going to be a bundle of joy tomorrow at the office. *growl* Watch out! :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Picture Posting Time

Ok, so I posted some pics of the house and kids for you all to enjoy! I decided today that I would spend my last weekend of freedom before classes resume painting our kitchen. I love colored walls! The picture I posted, doesn't do the color justice. It's a really cool shade of soft green. So pretty! It's really going to brighten up the kitchen area. I'll be sure to post pics of our finished masterpiece. We're going to have to work hard to get it done in time. Prep work/painting starts Friday evening and continues at a mad pace through Saturday evening. We need to be done by Sunday because we have plans to go to the VA Wine Festival with some friends. On Monday, it's back to reality for me as I have my first Cultural Anthropology class. Summer school...fun, fun, fun!

I have to say Baden is the cutest thing in his little backpack and it helps a lot with his pulling while being walked. The German Shepherd in him just loves it. I got the idea after watching an episode of The Dog Whisperer. Apparently since shepherds are working dogs, they are most content when they have a mission or job to do. Well, this gives Baden a focus and he just loves it. It does get in the way a bit though at the park as he's trotting down the slide. Yes, that's right we take him to the kiddie park down the street and he makes multiple trips down the slide. (He climbs up the stairs and across the bridge over to the slide all by himself. My dog is Genius!) He loves it! I so need to get a video camera so I can tape him.

In other news, had a phone interview yesterday with a pretty good Consulting company in this area. It went rather well or at least I think it did, we'll see. I should be receiving more details on the positions they're interested in me for by the end of the week. I'll keep you all posted. Chances are though, if my current company will let me cut back to part-time in the Fall, I'll just stay with them. I just can't beat that sort of flexibility. It'll help me finish with school sooner. That's priority number one, so I can start to move on with the next phase of my life and seek employment I'll really enjoy.

Oh, and completely off topic- My honey is a freak! Tonight, he put butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Eeew! And he also puts chocolate Nesquik in every bowl of cereal, regardless of what type of cereal it is. El muchacho es loco! Hehe. :)

Cool Cat Tigger strutting his stuff as he sticks his tongue out at the camera....he's not quite the camera hog Baden Pup is.

Ok, so for some reason I decided today that we must paint our kitchen. The lady at the paint store and Sean vetoed me on quite a few colors. Well, this is the one we finally decided on. It's a Benjamin Moore paint called Vale Mist in eggshell finish. I can't wait for this weekend. This color is going to accent the tile flooring so nicely and detract from our boring old oak cabinets. Be gone blah white walls!

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, here's the porcelain tile flooring we had installed in the entry hallway, kitchen and 1/2 bath downstairs. It's so pretty! I love this flooring. Pricey, but gorgeous!

When ya look this good you can demand water with a splash of lemon!

Chug, chug, chug.....

Yeah, I look good and I know it...all the chicks want me....

Baden Pup shows off his new Hound Hike Backpack