Thursday, May 05, 2005

Praise the Lord........Woohoo

Ok, so I attended my last English 302 Composition class today!!! Yippee!!! I turned in my portfolio and term paper and it's all over now. :-) And it hit me as I was walking back to my car and talking to the lovely Miss Mia that this was quite possibly the last English class of my college career. I'm soo frickin happy. Actually, it's not that I dislike English courses, I just hate all the writing assignments. I love writing, but if it's in my journal or poems or just something silly and creative. I hate writing when it's going to be judged or seen by others or graded. The fact that it's being graded turns on my anxiety and my need to be a perfectionist. I can literally spend an hour trying to put together one paragraph cause I'm so frickin picky. I want it right from the start. I don't do this rough draft stuff or at least I prefer not to. I'm always impressed by people who can whip out a paper in an hour or two when I agonize for several. :)

Ok, gotta go watch Civil Action for my Public Law class final. Nighty Night!!


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