Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Flicker of Light...Oh so quickly squashed!

Ok, first...why is this girl on the Veet Leg Waxing commercial waxing her legs when they are obviously free of any hair? At least get someone on there that appears to have even a little peach fuzz.

So about a week ago my honey sent his resume in for a job in Colorado. It was with the same company he works for out here. He was expecting little from it. I, of course, was praying nightly that God would smile upon us and I'd be enjoying a nice new life near the Rockies. Well, we came home yesterday afternoon to a message on our answering machine from a gentleman asking Sean to call him for a phone interview for this job. I was so frickin excited, so was my sis who I happened to be on the phone with at the time. I immediately started looking up neighborhoods, school districts, housing costs, and other pertinent info one should know when moving to a strange city. My heart was about to leap out of my chest. Sean could see the excitement, which in turn was making him more nervous and making him feel more pressured. I told him to just do his best and if this didn't work out then we could try again. I was just excited that the fact that he was out of state didn't completely take him out of the running for the position.

So Sean goes upstairs to have some privacy while he calls the guy back. I of course, run upstairs and lurk outside the door trying to eavesdrop. Hehe. :) Well, good news honey made a really good impression on the guy. Bad news...they had filled the position. So my heart came back down into my chest and landed with a super loud thud! I don't even think I realized how much I'm looking forward to moving away from this insanely congested and rat race area until I heard that message. All of a sudden even though it was dark and gloomy outside, I couldn't tell. I was radiating enough sunshine to light all of NoVA. I even allowed myself the luxury of coming up with creative ways of delivering my resignation. Oh god, how I dream of the day. :) I could taste it...I could feel the pure delight that would course through my entire body at that very moment. And it was great for the whole hour it lasted. Oh well, we can keep trying. I was happy that Sean was bummed out too. I was afraid, I'd have to drag him from this area kicking and screaming and by employing a bit of physical force. :) It looks like he is officially ready to build a life outside of his hometown. Yeah!! This is great progress considering this is the same man whom when we first started dating said he'd been born and raised in VA and would live and die and be buried here. Yeah, scary. He's lucky he had such a cute tushie or I probably would have been outta there!

So I think this was a big catalyst for my breakdown last night (read prior post filled with random bouts of bitchiness from your's truly). Sean got offered a really great advanced job position yesterday too. This one is here in NoVA. (I'm really excited for him, but a bit nervous that this means moving plans will be quite delayed.) He was nervous about being up to the challenge, hence his crankiness last night too. I think I'm so used to being the neurotic anxiety-filled one that I have hard time passing the torch on to him. Selfish, and I'm working on it. And I need to be more sensitive to his self-doubts even though I feel they're completely unfounded. I have complete faith in him and know that he's definitely smart and ambitious enough to rise to the challenge. Self note to be more encouraging and less self-involved. Hey, none of us are perfect.

Ok, lastly and completely off topic.....I am so bitter that Tamara Braun left her role as Carly on General Hospital. Even worse, they replaced her with a wannabe Carly-look-alike. So annoying! Oh, and her and Sonny have zero chemistry. They have these well-written scenes between the two and in my head I know how scorching they'd be with the old Carly which just annoys me more that the new one is such a poor imitation. I know, all the problems facing our society and this is the one that has me the most riled up. Hehe. Oh, and that I know have to wait several months for One Tree Hill to resume again! Pretty good season finale though. :)


Blogger West Coast Mia said...

I know I was so excited that you could be moving to Colorado. I ran down the stairs and told Katie to pray really hard for us. I thought it would be a close enough place for a 4 day weekend trip and I would get to see you more often. I cried when I found out the job was filled. Katie here at work is so close to her sister. They are always at each others houses and they have lunch together on a regular basis. I get so jealous because I have the most wonderful sister in the whole wide world and I see her once in a while. I could compromise with a few states between us. I understand that you wouldn't want to live in Sacramento. I don't think I want to be here forever either. When grams and gramps pass I will be ready to move somewhere else. Steve and I have been talking about moving to Arizona. We both really love it there. We figure by then we should have a good amount of equity in our home to make the move a lot easier on us. I know god won't torture me forever with being this far from you. I know he loves us and will bring us closer together when the time is right. I love you with all my heart. Keep working on Sean. Love, Mia

5/25/2005 3:20 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Ahh, you're such a sweetie. :) So glad to have you as my sis.

Yeah, I was a blubbering idiot most of last night too. I'd be fine one minute and then bursting into tears or yelling at Sean the next. Poor guy! Sometimes I am a handful. :o)

I know one of these days we will live closer to one another. We have to because this opposite sides of the country sucks! I miss ya so much and would love for us to just be able to hang out at each other's houses or be lazy couch potatoes all day. Have I told ya lately that I miss ya and you need to come visit us!!!

I'd so love for you guys to move to AZ. I loved it there and would love to live there again. Such a fun city, I definitely think you'd be very happy there. And we'd have some to stay with for free. Yeah, no hotel fees! :)

5/25/2005 4:01 PM  

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