Friday, May 27, 2005

Angry Chick Music Rocks!!!

I love Alanis Morrisette. So I’m here at the office where it is completely deserted. Ang, my favorite work sidekick, is off today as well since her adorable nephew and mom are down here visiting. There’s like 5 people here. All the smart folks are headed to the beach for the long weekend or took the day off to enjoy a rare beautiful weather VA day. So in order to cope with the bitterness of being here, I’m rocking out to the Jagged Little Pill cd while I do my QA-QC (aka brain cell killing) updates.

I’m about to sneak out for a few minutes though to run errands. Tigger Kitty needs more diet food and Baden Pup needs some more “chewies” or rawhides as most of the world knows them. Speaking of Mr.Baden-boo, I’m quite distraught. My boy is sick. I came home yesterday and the poor guy had this gross green slimy goo around his left eye. He’s still the most handsome pup in the world, but his little eye is all red and irritated. I just wanted to kiss it and make it go away as I watched him wipe at it with his cute little paw. I think I was annoying him because I kept wiping his eyes off with tissues. Ooh, I also tried this trick I read online that involved wetting a towel and then sprinkling it with a bit of salt and then using it to wipe around the eye area. It seemed to help prevent the green goo from coming back as quickly. Anyways, of course I called the Vet last night frantic. They couldn’t fit me in, which sort of annoyed me, but he does have an appointment today. So hopefully, he’ll be good as new in no time. I have a feeling that it’s either going to be due to allergies or because he picked up something from another pup at the doggy park. I hope it’s not the latter as I don’t want to have to stop taking him there, but this would be the second time he caught something from going there. The first being the paw growth problem which ended up costing us over $1000, not that our precious pup isn’t worth every cent. And at least now we have pet insurance.

In other news, I’m so darn pleased with myself. So this month I’ll have owned my pretty Infiniti for almost a year. This is the first car I’ve had that I’ve absolutely loved. Even Sean has to admit that I’ve done a really good job of keeping this car pretty clean on the inside. In my old car, the Eclipse, it constantly looked like I was on the verge of running away from home or like I lived out of my vehicle. There were always books, clothes, shoes, and other misc crap strewn about inside it and in the trunk. Well, last night for the first time, I washed my car.  I missed my calling, I’d make a damn good car wash girl except there’s no way my a$$ is getting into a teeny weeny bikini. I even did the inside of my car to include the leather seats. She looks so darn puurty now! I told Sean I needed to take her for a spin to pick up some hottie boys!! He simply grunted in response as he was busy watching The Last Samurai, which I boycotted since wanna-be Psychologist Tom Cruise was in it. Hehe.

(Oh, one side note. No, my car did not go a whole year w/o a washing. It’s just every other time it was Sean that was doing the cleaning.) Yeah, he comes in handy at times. Love ya honey!


Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Poor Baden it breaks my heart when he isn't feeling good. He is such a sweet puppy. I hope he didn't catch anything from the dog park because I know he loves going there. If he did it is getting to be an expensive place to take him. It would be cheaper to get another play mate for him.

Good job on cleaning your car. I hate cleaning my car it is right up there with scrubbing showers. My honey loves doing it as much as I do. That is why for about $22.00 I can take it to a car wash and they clean the inside and out. I love the way the tires shine afterwards.

5/27/2005 12:47 PM  
Blogger Kjersten said...

Salt in the eye? Ouch, I'm impressed with your resolve to take care of the poor boy.

I don't even want to tell you how long it's been since I've cleaned my car. Ugh, what a mess. It is more like a closet than a mode of transportation.

5/31/2005 1:31 PM  

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