Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ahh to be Oprah......Nate Rocks!! *drooling*

Ok, I have to say Nate (the Designer who is frequently on Oprah) is so frickin hot! I'd love to have him come to our home to decorate (ok, so maybe I don't only want him for his decorating skills). I know, bad thoughts! But hey, he's gay so I don't have a shot in hell and that makes it ok to fantasize. He's just so beautiful and really seems like a genuinely good, decent person. Oh, and it's so sad about his partner being lost in the Tsuanmi. I just want to give him a big hug (and maybe cop a feel at the same time). I know, bad Lisa! Bad!

Ahh, and the other day when Tom Cruise was on Oprah....did anyone of you see that. Ok, so this whole Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes thing kinda creeps me out. Age difference aside, it just seems a bit orchestrated. Not to mention what kind of man leaves Nicole Kidman? She's so classy and sweet and talented. What more could he have wanted? And to divorce her conveniently right before their "legal" ten year anniversary- it's all so shady! Tom's was scamming the system and trying to keep all his cash. Such a scam and not that I know her personally, but I really don't think Nicole is the money grubbing type.

Anyways, as much as I wanted to his appearance on Oprah to fuel my disgust for their whole blossoming May/December relationship....I have to say it was a kind of cute how giddy he was over her. If he is pretending and it's just for publicity then that was some pretty good acting and frankly, I don't think he's that skilled.

Oh, and did I mention that Brad and Angelina suck too! That's right Jennifer, just keep taking the high road. Angelina doesn't keep men around, well other than her brother, and ewww so not going there. Brad will see the error of his ways and by then Jen will have an even hotter man by her side.

See, this is further proof that I need to get a life. *lol* :o)


Blogger West Coast Mia said...

You are so adorable. I don't really care for Tom Cruise either. I just don't think he is all that attractive. I do know my taste in men is a little different. As for Nicole Kidman I don't think she is that great of a catch either. I just don't think she is that beautiful. You can't call her ugly but if she was a normal person walking down the street I wouldn't look at her and go she is beautiful. I never got the hint that her heart was that big either. Maybe I haven't given her enough of a chance I don't know.
As far as Angelina Jolie if it wasn't for her fat lips she wouldn't have anything. Men have a high oral fixation. If she got ran over tomorrow and her lips were flattened within a few months it would be Angelina who. I do think that Jen is beautiful and I think she is the whole package. She will do better than Brad. I think out of the 2 she is the hotter one out of the two.

5/25/2005 4:21 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

So yeah Miss Mia, I saw the news report about Tom Cruise dissing Brooke shields. What a putz! Get off your soap box Tom! Until you pop out a kid or two- zip it!!

And why is Miss Katie allowing him to flap his gums like that. Foolish youngster! Sheesh!

5/25/2005 7:26 PM  

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