Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ahh...The Joys of a Long Weekend

So Friday night I dragged Sean kicking and screaming to On the Border mexican restaurant. :) Ok, not really, but he is pretty sick of that place. I've been making him go weekly. After which we came home and had to decide what to do with our first Friday without a Joan of Arcadia fix. I'm so bitter about that show being cancelled...it was just getting really good.

Saturday, was Baden's Adventure Day! We took him in to Old Towne Alexandria with us. We walked along the waterfront, saw a World War II Memorial ship, and visited a Dog Bakery where I purchased several treats for Mr.Baden. They even make puppy bday cakes. Baden is so getting one this July when he turns 2. My boy is growing so quickly. Yes, I'm a dork- we all knew this already. Upon leaving there, we headed over to the puppy park. There were so many dogs there and Baden had a blast.

Sunday was D.C. Day! My friend Melissa and I took the Metro into Dupont Circle to meet cutie Mike and his equally adorable beau Josh for brunch. The food and company was great. My honey being the homebody he is opted out. Plus, he's not a big fan of the DC crowds. I had Strawberry Mamosa! Mmmmm, so yummy! We walked around Dupont and people-watched for several hours and just enjoyed a rare VA day of nice weather minus humidity. Let me tell ya, I think the best-looking men are in Dupont. Only problem, all the hotties there are gay. Oh well, really good eye candy!

Monday morning Sean took Baden on another visit to the dog park after we gave him a major haircut. I wanted to go along too, but someone (Sean) didn't want to wait for me to shower and get ready. Ok, so maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was dragging my feet since I was captivated by DVD #3 of Season 1 for One Tree Hill. I Love That Show! :) So father and son did their outdoor bonding while I stayed home and worked for a few hours. Later in the afternoon, Sean and I went to Chili's for lunch. After coming home we took the pupsters for a walk before we settled in for the night.

Ooh, I also managed to fit in a few workouts on the elliptical this weekend. I'm quite proud of myself. It is much easier now that we have one just sitting here in our living room; however, I know realize that I HATE exercising. I don't care if it's convenient and the equipment is right in front of me. There is just nothing that I enjoy about it whatsoever. *sigh* Oh well, I guess it's just a necessary evil.

My Friday Fun....You Choose- Hilarious or Humiliating!

Place: Friday afternoon at the Prescriptives make-up counter at Macy's.

Me: Hi there, I need to buy some replacement concealer.

Drag Queen Behind the Counter (I kid you not!!): What shade are you?

Me: Well, I'm a Level 2 but the last time I was here I bought a new type. I really liked it except it comes with two shades of concealer and I only use one of them. Is it possible to get just that color I use?

Drag Queen: You can get just that one color in our liquid concealer. But honey, that's not going to work for you....cause girrrlfriend well you need full coverage.

Me: *jaw drops wide open*

Ok, I've just been insulted by a rather large man in full make-up and rather tight ill-fitting clothing. I, who am never at a loss for words, just stood there literally speechless. And yes, I did purchase the concealer from him. And I've already been scolded by many people who can't believe I didn't walk away. I just couldn't decide if I should be appalled or laugh it off. I really don't think he was trying to be malicious. Perhaps he was even trying to be helpful in his own way.

This just proves that you can put the man in make-up and women's clothing, but he can't overcome the biological tendency of the male species to insert their foot deep in their mouth.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Angry Chick Music Rocks!!!

I love Alanis Morrisette. So I’m here at the office where it is completely deserted. Ang, my favorite work sidekick, is off today as well since her adorable nephew and mom are down here visiting. There’s like 5 people here. All the smart folks are headed to the beach for the long weekend or took the day off to enjoy a rare beautiful weather VA day. So in order to cope with the bitterness of being here, I’m rocking out to the Jagged Little Pill cd while I do my QA-QC (aka brain cell killing) updates.

I’m about to sneak out for a few minutes though to run errands. Tigger Kitty needs more diet food and Baden Pup needs some more “chewies” or rawhides as most of the world knows them. Speaking of Mr.Baden-boo, I’m quite distraught. My boy is sick. I came home yesterday and the poor guy had this gross green slimy goo around his left eye. He’s still the most handsome pup in the world, but his little eye is all red and irritated. I just wanted to kiss it and make it go away as I watched him wipe at it with his cute little paw. I think I was annoying him because I kept wiping his eyes off with tissues. Ooh, I also tried this trick I read online that involved wetting a towel and then sprinkling it with a bit of salt and then using it to wipe around the eye area. It seemed to help prevent the green goo from coming back as quickly. Anyways, of course I called the Vet last night frantic. They couldn’t fit me in, which sort of annoyed me, but he does have an appointment today. So hopefully, he’ll be good as new in no time. I have a feeling that it’s either going to be due to allergies or because he picked up something from another pup at the doggy park. I hope it’s not the latter as I don’t want to have to stop taking him there, but this would be the second time he caught something from going there. The first being the paw growth problem which ended up costing us over $1000, not that our precious pup isn’t worth every cent. And at least now we have pet insurance.

In other news, I’m so darn pleased with myself. So this month I’ll have owned my pretty Infiniti for almost a year. This is the first car I’ve had that I’ve absolutely loved. Even Sean has to admit that I’ve done a really good job of keeping this car pretty clean on the inside. In my old car, the Eclipse, it constantly looked like I was on the verge of running away from home or like I lived out of my vehicle. There were always books, clothes, shoes, and other misc crap strewn about inside it and in the trunk. Well, last night for the first time, I washed my car.  I missed my calling, I’d make a damn good car wash girl except there’s no way my a$$ is getting into a teeny weeny bikini. I even did the inside of my car to include the leather seats. She looks so darn puurty now! I told Sean I needed to take her for a spin to pick up some hottie boys!! He simply grunted in response as he was busy watching The Last Samurai, which I boycotted since wanna-be Psychologist Tom Cruise was in it. Hehe.

(Oh, one side note. No, my car did not go a whole year w/o a washing. It’s just every other time it was Sean that was doing the cleaning.) Yeah, he comes in handy at times. Love ya honey!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Mental Meltdown continues…I may be turning evil!

First, I have to say that I’m so blessed to have Sean because it takes a rare man to be able to put up with me, especially over the last few days. So now that I’m on a brief hiatus from school, I’ve actually had time to process just how horrible things are at work. My frustration, annoyance and indignation have reached a new peak over the last few days. Thus my irrational behavior of late to include being a blubbering idiot one minute and a hostile wench the next.

Poor Sean…the evening started out well. My sweetie got home from work and was nice enough to make dinner while I showered (even though he did flush the toilet while I was in the shower and burned the crap out of me). Now I know how the poor lobsters who are boiled alive feel. I was nice in turn and surprised him with a thoughtful sappy card congratulating him on his promotion at work. Yes, because I rock like that! :-)

I was pretty quiet most of the evening, which is a sure sign something is wrong with me. Hehe. However, when I know I’m being moody I feel the best thing to do is just to keep to myself rather than risk taking it out on someone else. So there I was being silent, not trying to be rude, just doing some mental processing of everything that has been weighing on me lately. Of course, per my usual routine, I was finally ready to chat as we were lying in bed preparing to go to sleep. It was about 11pm and Sean was pretty wiped out. However, I wanted to chat. Of course he just wanted to sleep and I was none to happy when he kept shushing me. It didn’t help either that I still have an annoying cough left over from when I was sick. It always worsens at night when I lay down. As evil as I’ve been the past two days, I was nice enough to go and sleep in the guest room last night, so I wouldn’t keep him up with my old lady hacking. So I left the room grumbling about how sleep should come secondary to my needing to talk and telling him he was being a ^&$#^#%^#^$#^%^$#. He grumbled something back equally obnoxious, but of course not a witty as mine. ;o)

Now, I’m never a ray of sunshine in the morning, but I was especially feisty this morning when he tried to wake me. This time it had nothing to do with the early hour of the day. Rather, I was busy making a mental checklist of all the reason why I shouldn’t and didn’t care to go to work. I even contemplated throwing myself down the stairs in the hopes of inflicting just enough injury to have me bedridden for a few days. Now mind you I didn’t want to inflict permanent injury on myself, just enough to not be able to do my work functions. The feeling of dread continued as I drove in to the office. It took every ounce of strength to resist the urge to turn around and head back home to the safety of my bed. Oh, how I’d love to just lay in it all day and pull the covers over my head.

Ok, now this is part where I begin to feel extremely guilty and like a horrible person. Sean called me and asked if everything was ok as I seemed depressed lately. I was so touched by the sweetness and caring concern of his call after what a rude bit*h I’d been this morning. And at the same time felt like a complete a$$hole. How can you be mean to that sort of person? I’m a horrid person, but in my defense I’m still adjusting to the whole concept of a healthy, normal relationship with a honest to goodness “good guy”. So evil Lisa slunk back into a corner and blubbering/venting Lisa takes her place. I told him about all the drama going on at work, something I should have done days ago instead of just being moody and sarcastic. He of course, was understanding and sympathetic. (Yet another reminder that I deserved a good kick in the butt.) If it provides any reassurance that really I am a good-hearted person, I did cry the entire way to work after talking to him. I felt so bad. As soon as I got in to the office I sent him a sappy “I’m sorry” Hallmark e-card and apologized for my evil wench behavior over the past 3 days.

So it got me to thinking, why is it that when we have a bad day we take it out on our significant others? I’d never dream of taking it out on my friends or pets. That’s so wrong! Yet, that didn’t stop me from dumping it all on poor Sean. I know I’m not the only that does it. I mean Sean has his a$$ moments too and has done it to me. But why do couples do that to each other at all? It’s a shame that the closer we feel to someone the less consideration we display at times. At the same time, we also expect our other half to display a greater level of tolerance to our unacceptable behavior.

So here I sit with egg on my face. Well deserved though, so I’ll suck it up and take the humiliation and learn from it. I really, really need to work harder to appreciate all the blessings in my life rather than focusing on the negatives. I also need to give more consideration to Sean than anyone else. It’s him and I against the world, we’re a team. If he’s kind enough to pick me up or carry me when I’m down- the least I owe him is to not trip him as he tries to help me up. :-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Kids Need a Stay at Home Mommy...

I so don't want to work anymore. After ten years of schlepping my way up the corporate ladder, I'm ready for a reprieve. Not because I'm lazy or anything, but because I really think that Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty are deserving of a full-time stay at home mommy. Wouldn't you all agree? :)

Oh, and I loathe having to get myself out of bed to fight through miles and miles of traffic filled with several arses who have no clue how to drive just to clock in for a job that I loathe and is killing each individual brain cell one by one.

If I must work, can't I at least find something that is rewarding for both me and the world as a whole? If I have to be a working stiff I'd at least like to think that I'm in some way contributing to the greater good.

Our clients don't even take our project seriously, so how am I supposed to? They repeatedly allow us to take crap from our folks in the field that is completely unwarranted rather than assert their management power. So how is it that I'm supposed to feel compelled to continually help and assist these folks that constantly disrespect and abuse us? Haven't quite figured that one out. Looked on Monster.com- they got nothing as far as jobs go. I'd so rather be at home with my adorable, cute, funny, entertaining and lovey dovey pets than being a contractor schmuck. :)

Ahh to be Oprah......Nate Rocks!! *drooling*

Ok, I have to say Nate (the Designer who is frequently on Oprah) is so frickin hot! I'd love to have him come to our home to decorate (ok, so maybe I don't only want him for his decorating skills). I know, bad thoughts! But hey, he's gay so I don't have a shot in hell and that makes it ok to fantasize. He's just so beautiful and really seems like a genuinely good, decent person. Oh, and it's so sad about his partner being lost in the Tsuanmi. I just want to give him a big hug (and maybe cop a feel at the same time). I know, bad Lisa! Bad!

Ahh, and the other day when Tom Cruise was on Oprah....did anyone of you see that. Ok, so this whole Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes thing kinda creeps me out. Age difference aside, it just seems a bit orchestrated. Not to mention what kind of man leaves Nicole Kidman? She's so classy and sweet and talented. What more could he have wanted? And to divorce her conveniently right before their "legal" ten year anniversary- it's all so shady! Tom's was scamming the system and trying to keep all his cash. Such a scam and not that I know her personally, but I really don't think Nicole is the money grubbing type.

Anyways, as much as I wanted to his appearance on Oprah to fuel my disgust for their whole blossoming May/December relationship....I have to say it was a kind of cute how giddy he was over her. If he is pretending and it's just for publicity then that was some pretty good acting and frankly, I don't think he's that skilled.

Oh, and did I mention that Brad and Angelina suck too! That's right Jennifer, just keep taking the high road. Angelina doesn't keep men around, well other than her brother, and ewww so not going there. Brad will see the error of his ways and by then Jen will have an even hotter man by her side.

See, this is further proof that I need to get a life. *lol* :o)

Flicker of Light...Oh so quickly squashed!

Ok, first...why is this girl on the Veet Leg Waxing commercial waxing her legs when they are obviously free of any hair? At least get someone on there that appears to have even a little peach fuzz.

So about a week ago my honey sent his resume in for a job in Colorado. It was with the same company he works for out here. He was expecting little from it. I, of course, was praying nightly that God would smile upon us and I'd be enjoying a nice new life near the Rockies. Well, we came home yesterday afternoon to a message on our answering machine from a gentleman asking Sean to call him for a phone interview for this job. I was so frickin excited, so was my sis who I happened to be on the phone with at the time. I immediately started looking up neighborhoods, school districts, housing costs, and other pertinent info one should know when moving to a strange city. My heart was about to leap out of my chest. Sean could see the excitement, which in turn was making him more nervous and making him feel more pressured. I told him to just do his best and if this didn't work out then we could try again. I was just excited that the fact that he was out of state didn't completely take him out of the running for the position.

So Sean goes upstairs to have some privacy while he calls the guy back. I of course, run upstairs and lurk outside the door trying to eavesdrop. Hehe. :) Well, good news is...my honey made a really good impression on the guy. Bad news...they had filled the position. So my heart came back down into my chest and landed with a super loud thud! I don't even think I realized how much I'm looking forward to moving away from this insanely congested and rat race area until I heard that message. All of a sudden even though it was dark and gloomy outside, I couldn't tell. I was radiating enough sunshine to light all of NoVA. I even allowed myself the luxury of coming up with creative ways of delivering my resignation. Oh god, how I dream of the day. :) I could taste it...I could feel the pure delight that would course through my entire body at that very moment. And it was great for the whole hour it lasted. Oh well, we can keep trying. I was happy that Sean was bummed out too. I was afraid, I'd have to drag him from this area kicking and screaming and by employing a bit of physical force. :) It looks like he is officially ready to build a life outside of his hometown. Yeah!! This is great progress considering this is the same man whom when we first started dating said he'd been born and raised in VA and would live and die and be buried here. Yeah, scary. He's lucky he had such a cute tushie or I probably would have been outta there!

So I think this was a big catalyst for my breakdown last night (read prior post filled with random bouts of bitchiness from your's truly). Sean got offered a really great advanced job position yesterday too. This one is here in NoVA. (I'm really excited for him, but a bit nervous that this means moving plans will be quite delayed.) He was nervous about being up to the challenge, hence his crankiness last night too. I think I'm so used to being the neurotic anxiety-filled one that I have hard time passing the torch on to him. Selfish, and I'm working on it. And I need to be more sensitive to his self-doubts even though I feel they're completely unfounded. I have complete faith in him and know that he's definitely smart and ambitious enough to rise to the challenge. Self note to be more encouraging and less self-involved. Hey, none of us are perfect.

Ok, lastly and completely off topic.....I am so bitter that Tamara Braun left her role as Carly on General Hospital. Even worse, they replaced her with a wannabe Carly-look-alike. So annoying! Oh, and her and Sonny have zero chemistry. They have these well-written scenes between the two and in my head I know how scorching they'd be with the old Carly which just annoys me more that the new one is such a poor imitation. I know, all the problems facing our society and this is the one that has me the most riled up. Hehe. Oh, and that I know have to wait several months for One Tree Hill to resume again! Pretty good season finale though. :)

Cursing the Blog Gods!! Down with You All!

Ok, so I've found several blog skins/frocks that I like. Being that I am not tech savvy enough to create my own, I've been searching for freeware. I've found several really cool blog templates. The problem is- I'm not even techie enough to install them. I spent three hours on Friday night working on it and had nothing to show for it. I ended up having to republish my old blog format. I'm still bitter about wasting three hours of my Friday evening and having nothing to show for it.

Well, I tried again last night and found more great templates. The one I downloaded from Blog Frocks even came with instructions. I made it through the first few steps and then hit a road block and got stuck for two hours. I woke up Sean from a nap, he was none too happy, to insist that he help me. Then when he actually took the time to read the directions, rather than just instantly knowing what I needed and how to help me....I got frustrated and started crying and saying, "No I don't want your help, I'll do it my damn self." (I know, I'm an evil bitch.) Ok, so he's not entirely innocent, he did keep asking me the same questions over and over which was annoying the crap out of me. In his defense, he was still trying to wake up and had yet to wipe the sleepies from his eyes. Yeah, I think I have a case of PMS going on, cause my emotions were all over the damn place yesterday. Poor guy, I was just a bundle of raw nerves. I know, I'm evil. But hey, a woman is allowed to have a nervous breakdown every once in a while. Maybe I just have them a little more frequently. :) That'll happen when you daily go to a job you absolutely loathe.

Anyways, here I am...same old boring template. Annoyed, frustrated, bitter about my lack of tech geek skills and yet still determined to one day persevere.

I need to try again when I'm home alone though, so I can't take out my "I'm a technically challeged retard" wrath on anyone else.

Oh, and the icing on the cake....while playing with Baden he accidentally knocked his uber-hard head into my mouth....now I have half a fat lip. Attractive, huh? Sean swears you can't tell, but dammit I'm in pain so I know it has to show. Give me sympathy Seanie! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

100 Things About Me….(Ok, so I only made it to 54).

So I’ve seen these lists on quite a few blogs. I’m always compelled to read them, even if they’re written by complete strangers. So here’s my attempt at my own. No one has ever accused me of being at a loss for words, so this should be quite do-able.

1) My entire family is pretty much certifiably insane (no, really) except for my aunt Carla and my wonderful sis Moria (who I wouldn’t have survived childhood without).
2) I was so relieved and happy when my parents who brought out the worst in each other finally divorced when I was in sixth grade.
3) After their divorce I lived with my mom for a few years. At 15 I left home, this was not entirely my choice, and moved in with my sis. Thanks Mia!
4) I skipped the 5th grade and graduated from high school a month after my 16th bday.
5) A month after my 18th bday I moved in to my own one bedroom apartment. I had been buying furniture and other items for months and storing them at friends’ houses.
6) I had a very devoted and caring teacher in high school that is now like an adopted father to me. He's my inspiration for wanting to become a teacher myself.
7) When I was 19 (read entirely too young, stupid and immature), I married an extremely intelligent and good-hearted guy. We adored each other.
8) A few years later, I become a quite young divorcee. (Lesson: Don’t marry young. It’s too easy to screw it up even with the best of intentions or partners.) Divorcee isn’t the best title to carry around forever.  Can’t they come up with a nicer sounding word?
9) I have so much respect for people who marry young and are able to grow and stay together. Marriage is definitely one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences one can have in life.
10) After messing things up with a great guy, I was determined to make things work in my next relationship.
11) Unfortunately, the next relationship I became involved in was one that I should have cut my losses and ran rather than lose myself in.
12) So 3 ½ long tortuous on/off again years later, I finally realized that banging your head against a brick wall will always result in massive pain and suffering. (Yeah, I know I’m such a quick learner.)
13) Self-esteem in the toilet because that will happen when someone blames their lack of affection on your being too fat or after years of dating one day turns to you and says, “Hmm, I don’t think I love you anymore or maybe I never did” in the same tone/manner as if they had asked me to pass the butter.
14) I don’t think that it occurred to said “boyfriend” that the added weight was directly related to his mind games and frequently pointing out body parts of other women he liked and I should try and emulate.
15) I learned that ultimately people can only treat you as badly as you allow them to. If you do not demand respect, often people will not feel compelled to give it.
16) It was during this roller-coaster relationship that I made many of my cross-country drives, about four round trips. The one and only time I’ve been to a gay club was on one of these trips while visiting a friend in Nebraska. What a blast, although I was bitter about how damn hot the gay men were. *sigh*
17) During my first driving trip from CA to VA, I broke down in The Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico when I braked extremely hard to avoid hitting a dog running across Interstate 40.
18) I had to run across both sides of the Interstate and climb over the divider to reach a payphone since my cell phone couldn’t get reception.
19) All this while battling a freak massive snow storm that had hit New Mexico that day. Thank God for the wonderful tow truck driver who took my car to his friend’s shop where it was fixed in a few hours. The only other auto shop in the town was booked for the next week.
20) With that said, I think the auto shop owner scammed me. I later found out the supposed “part” he fixed on my car didn’t exist. Hey, at least I was only scammed for about $150. I would have paid a lot more being the auto repair retard I am. And I made it the rest of the way safely.
21) The best decision I ever made for myself was to see a therapist. (Thanks to a wise ex-roommate of mine.) I don’t care how “healthy” a person thinks they are every one can benefit from it.
22) I recently started seeing a new therapist. I love this lady! She’s fabulous and even better comes from an equally dysfunctional family. There’s just a camaraderie between people who come from a brood of crazies. 
23) Next best decision- Zoloft. This stuff rocks! Take that panic attacks.
24) I lost someone extremely close to me in a really bad car accident. Lee was only 16. He was an amazing kid and almost six years later he’s still often in my thoughts.
25) Every time there’s a beautiful day or I experience a great life moment I feel a twinge of sadness that Lee was robbed of so many of life’s joys.
26) For years after his passing, I would have an anxiety attack every time I saw or passed a car accident.
27) People always speak highly of the deceased, but Lee truly warrants it. He had an amazing spirit and I’m so grateful to have known him.
28) There’s only one other person in the world that I know who has an equally compassionate and wise spirit. The world is a better place with this person in it and I know they’ll do great things with their life.
29) I’ve been blessed with truly great friends in my life and thank God for them. They’ve provided support, comfort and advice when my family couldn’t or wouldn’t.
30) Ok, so far my list is rather depressing and long…so maybe I’ll only go to # 50. 
31) I have two “kids”- Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty. They are the cutest, most loveable pets in the world.
32) I think animals are so much better than people. They’re more loyal, loving and kind.
33) I honestly don’t know how Sean and I amused ourselves before Baden. He provides hours of entertainment via wrestling, toy chasing, doggy park adventures and the miscellaneous cute faces/poses he does.
34) My favorite city I’ve lived in so far is Phoenix. Great weather (most of the year), tons of outdoor fun and so many concerts and cultural events come through there. It is impossible to be bored in that city. Oh, and the best restaurants. I so miss west coast Mexican food.
35) Phoenix also had the best looking male population out of any city I’ve lived in. I’m convinced that my hometown in Northern CA is void of any good-looking single men.
36) I hate summers in NoVA. The humidity sucks! I spend June through August with a head of massive puffy curls.
37) My curly hair is the bane of my existence. My sis has thick, beautiful straight hair. I got the super thick kinky curly hair. Yes, there is no wash and go with this mop of frizzies.
38) It can easily take me 90-120 minutes to blow dry my hair straight. Yes, by the time I die this will equate to probably years of my life being spent with a round brush and blow dryer. Sad, but true!
39) I have the worst under-eye dark circles. Oh, and the strange thing about them. They didn’t appear until the self-esteem destroying relationship mentioned earlier. Apparently they are ere to stay darn it. I guess it could be worse. Thank heavens for Prescriptives concealer. Hehe.
40) I dumped the excess 20 pounds when things ended with said emotionally challenged boy. Woohoo! Go Me!
41) I hope I don’t sound bitter. I probably do, for a reason I won’t go on to here. However, really I’m not. It’s a cop-out to blame him. I allowed it and as such suffered the consequences and went through hell and back but came out so much stronger for it. Cheesy but true. And I did gain a good friend out of this, so all is ok.
42) I think a bad relationship can be harder than a drug addiction to break. Although, I’ve never had a drug addiction, so what do I know?
43) Long showers are like coffee for me in the mornings. The shortest shower I think I could possibly take would be 20 minutes. I just can’t do under that. Normal shower is 30 minutes and a luxury one is at least 45-60.
44) I like scalding hot water in the shower. I brush my teeth in the shower too. Sean used to think this was so weird and I think it kind of freaked him out, but now he does it too sometimes. Haha!
45) I’ve had three root canals. They’re horrible and excruciatingly painful. I think I’d rather be stabbed in the arm then endure another one. Yes, they were that bad.
46) I LOVE desserts- anything sweet, except for frosting. Fruit Cobblers are my favorite!
47) I have not eaten red meat in probably over 5 years. I really want to be vegetarian, but am too wimpy to follow through. I feel guilty every time I visit the PETA website. Ooh, and how disgusting is this… A doctor on Oprah said that we don’t break down meat in our stomach, so essentially it just sits there and rots. Nice, huh?
48) I think Canadian accents are so damn sexy!! I would love to live in Edmonton for a year. I’ve visited there twice. They have the largest Mall in the world. Yes, bigger than Mall of America. It was amazing. There’s a mini golf course, amusement park, water slides, wave pool, bungee jumping machine, ice skating rink, bars and dance clubs galore in there. Oh, and of course an endless number of clothing, shoe and other misc stores. I could live in this mall and be quite content.
49) Baden Pup likes to sleep in the middle of the bed between Sean and me. It was so cute at first, but now I miss being able to snuggle with Sean.
50) My nickname for Sean is Seanie Burger Butt. It’s because he has the great booty. I mean talk about Buns of Steel. You could bounce a quarter off that butt!
51) I can’t imagine life without my big sis. Even though her over protectiveness drove me nuts when we were young, now looking back I’m really grateful for it. I know she had good intentions and love her for looking out for me.
52) Sean’s parents are the greatest. I adore them. His mom and I talk daily. She’s the most caring, nurturing and warm person. She’s an incredible lady. His dad is so wise, smart, perceptive and still does grand romantic gestures for his mom. They are too cute! They raised a wonderful son. He’s very kind, polite, respectful and a true gentleman. He works so hard and gives his all to everything he does. You can’t help but be impressed when you sit back and watch him. He can still make my heart flip flop when he winks and smiles. Oh, and I still think he has a Nick Lache’ish thing going on.
53) Sean and I first met for coffee. Later that same day, we met up again for dessert. That night we talked until 3 a.m., I love those moments. I was floating on a cloud the next day at work, even though I only had three hours sleep. I was truly swept off my feet by him and fell hard the moment we met (even though he was wearing a tie with roosters on it). Don’t worry, I’ve taken over wardrobe control. Haha! Oh, he also impressed me with his white boy rapping skills. Move over Eminem! In all seriousness, he’s pretty damn good. Don’t worry, I won’t forget the little people when he’s famous and we’re rich. Haha!
54) Ok, I’m falling asleep as I type, so the list will have to be continued…….

Star Wars, Moving Fun & Home Depot

So Sean and I were actually social this weekend. It's been so long, I'm surprised we remembered how. He is a total homebody and I'm definitely the more outgoing one. However, between going to school and working full-time there wasn't much time left over for fun stuff. So our social calendar remained blank because Sean definitely wasn't going to place anything on it. :) Well, being that this was my first weekend not filled with feverishly writing papers or reading 400 page history texts, we were actually able to spend time with friends.

Friday we decided to just relax. We ordered Chinese take-out and vegged in front of the television. Saturday we went with Kjersten and her boyfriend Greg to Coastal Flats for dinner (awesome food) and then saw Star Wars. (If you're expecting a movie review here, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I've never been a huge Star Wars fan. In fact, I don't even know if I've ever seen any of the prior Star Wars films. So given its massive cult following, I don't feel qualified to review it.) However, with that said I still really enjoyed it and was quite entertained. That Yoda is so darn cute! And for some reason whenever he came on the screen Sean would whisper in my ear, "Ahh, Mr.Baden-boo". Now, don't get the wrong idea. Our adorable pup looks nothing like the short, green, wrinkled Yoda. The only thing they even have in common is they both have white whiskers on their chins. Apparently, this was all the similarity Sean needed. Either that or he was going through severe Baden withdrawal. This is quite possible. As we did feel quite guilty for leaving our "kid" at home. In fact, I felt so bad that I called home and left Baden-boo a message on the answering machine letting him know we were thinking of him. :) Yes, that's right. I leave my dog messages on the answering machine while we're away. I don't want him to think we've forgotten about him!

Today, we helped Elise and Charlie move some of their boxes from their condo to their newly purchased home. All my friends are becoming such adults! When did we all become so grown-up with so many adult responsibilities? Baden had a blast as he got to hang out with their 2 dogs. And now the poor guy is just pooped. He crashed in the car on the way home. :) Such a cutie! Sean and I came home and were going to nap as well, but I couldn't fall asleep. And if I'm not sleeping, that means I start babbling and talking non-stop. Thus, Sean can't fall asleep. He's a pretty good sport about this even though I know it drives him nuts. :) So we ended up going to Home Depot and doing some shopping in the nursery. It's amazing how addicted you become to home improvement shopping once you're an actual "homeowner". By the time we're finished, I think the front yard is going to look quite nice. Look out Martha Stewart! You're no match for me and the my perfectionist honey.

Oh, and how strange is this? So I've discovered that I have a new favorite pasttime. I love watering our plants and the grass. One clarification though- not with a stupid watering can that you have to keep refilling. That's just annoying. I only like it if I'm using a hose with a special nozzle that has all the different water settings to choose from. So fun! Ok, maybe it's just that I'm easily amused. Oh, also because this gives me the opportunity to chase Baden around the yard with the hose and spray him with water. Hehe! Hey, as spoiled as he is... the least he can do is serve as a source for my amusement at times. :)

Side note: Btw, Kjersten we really liked Greg. You two are so darn cute together! I approve. Haha! You passed the Sean test too, he'd wants to hang out more. (There's some couples where after hanging out with them, he's like "Yeah, ok...you so owe me and we're not doing that again." Hehe! You two definitely did not fall in that category.)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Great Graphic by the way of Bill Maher


Great moment: Sean just said to me, "Hey, I thought you said you were a Moderate when we met?" My reply, "Yes, perhaps I did. However, being with you would force anyone to choose a side!" Haha! Ahh, I still hold out hope that my incredibly handsome and intelligent honey will discover the error of his Right-wing ways!

Get Ready to Welcome Gang Violence to Your Neighborhood!

Bushes In The Hood: W Fights Gangs With Budget Cuts And Photo Ops

By Arianna Huffington
April 06, 2005

Over the next week or so, House and Senate negotiators will try to hammer out the differences in their competing budgets. Among the major bones of contention: disagreements over how deeply to cut Medicaid; whether to make President Bush's expiring first-term tax cuts permanent; and whether to go along with the president's proposal to slash funding for a wide range of programs related to homeland security.

No, President Bush is not gutting the Department of Homeland Security. The problem is Bush's definition of homeland security. Apparently, it doesn't include things like the safety of our streets. Especially the streets of our inner cities, which have become war zones.

After plummeting during the 1990s, gang violence is making a bloody comeback all across America, with gang-related homicides up 50 percent since 1999. According to Justice Department estimates, there are about 21,500 gangs nationwide with over 730,000 members. And these gangs are no longer confined to Los Angeles and New York. Cities like Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City and Tulsa have all seen dramatic surges in gang-related criminal activity.

And how has our tough-on-security president responded? By proposing to cut close to a billion dollars from programs designed to help anti-gang efforts. His 2006 budget would cut more than $412 million from education, after-school and family-support programs that help keep at-risk kids away from gangs. It would eliminate Juvenile Accountability Block Grants ($54 million worth) designed to help prosecutors deal with gang issues. It would also reduce funding for the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program by 95 percent, which could result in as many as 88,000 fewer police officers patrolling America's mean streets. And these proposed cuts come on top of a 44 percent reduction in delinquency-fighting and anti-gang funding since 2002.

"The federal budget is more than mere numbers, it is an accounting of our country's priorities," says Seattle Chief of Police Gil Kerlikowske, chairman of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, a bipartisan anti-crime organization of over 2,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and crime victims. "The president's budget just doesn't add up for children and instead makes the wrong choices on crime prevention."

But wait, could this possibly be the same president who during his State of the Union address so preeningly patted himself on the back for his commitment to dealing with gang violence?

Of course. It's the kind of political sleight of hand his presidency is built on. First, Bush earned PR points for earmarking $50 million a year for the next three years to a new, still-to-be-defined anti-gang initiative, then turned around and submitted a budget that cuts nearly 20 times that much from programs already proven effective in keeping young people out of gangs. Not exactly a fair tradeoff for America's at-risk kids.

Oh, and here's the kicker: The new initiative is to be overseen by First Lady Laura Bush. I don't know about you, but the idea of Laura the Librarian bringing the Crips, the Bloods and MS-13 to their knees doesn't exactly make me feel any safer.

The First Lady's new role as gang czar seems like another Mission to Mars in the making--a highly touted project long on potential photo ops and woefully short on specifics. Here's what we do know about Mrs. Bush's feel-good initiative: The program won't be administered through the law enforcement professionals at the Justice Department. Instead, the limited dollars will be funneled through the president's compassion fund and doled out to his favored faith-based groups. Who knows, maybe they'll serve up the gang prevention entree with a side order of moral values. I can hear the ad campaign now: "Just Say No . . . To Drive-Bys and Turf Wars. And Premarital Sex, While You're At It."

President Bush and his Republican buddies are quick to talk tough on issues of law and order and just as quick to cut the kinds of proven programs that help alleviate the social disorder that so often leads to criminal activity. There seems to be plenty of money for new cops to patrol the streets of Baghdad, but very little for those protecting America's inner cities. Indeed, the $150 million Bush has pledged to spend on his national anti-violence proposal over the next three years is about what we're spending in Iraq--every single day.

What is it going to take before the president gets serious about protecting America's inner cities? Maybe community leaders can hire Ahmed Chalabi to tell the CIA that the Crips and the Bloods are looking to get their hands on some WMDs. What's a little faulty intel among homies? Hey, Porter Goss, I smell a Medal of Freedom.

Yet Another White House Election Gimmick.....Suprise, Suprise!

Ridge reveals clashes on alerts
By Mimi Hall, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.
Ridge, who resigned Feb. 1, said Tuesday that he often disagreed with administration officials who wanted to elevate the threat level to orange, or "high" risk of terrorist attack, but was overruled.

His comments at a Washington forum describe spirited debates over terrorist intelligence and provide rare insight into the inner workings of the nation's homeland security apparatus.

Ridge said he wanted to "debunk the myth" that his agency was responsible for repeatedly raising the alert under a color-coded system he unveiled in 2002.

"More often than not we were the least inclined to raise it," Ridge told reporters. "Sometimes we disagreed with the intelligence assessment. Sometimes we thought even if the intelligence was good, you don't necessarily put the country on (alert). ... There were times when some people were really aggressive about raising it, and we said, 'For that?' "

Revising or scrapping the color-coded alert system is under review by new Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff. Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said "improvements and adjustments" may be announced within the next few months.

The threat level was last raised on a nationwide scale in December 2003, to orange from yellow — or "elevated" risk — where the alert level is now. In most cases, Ridge said Homeland Security officials didn't want to raise the level because they knew local governments and businesses would have to spend money putting temporary security upgrades in place.

"You have to use that tool of communication very sparingly," Ridge said at the forum, which was attended by seven other former department leaders.

The level is raised if a majority on the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council favors it and President Bush concurs. Among those on the council with Ridge were Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI chief Robert Mueller, CIA director George Tenet, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Ridge and Ashcroft publicly clashed over how to communicate threat information to the public. But Ridge has never before discussed internal dissention over the threat level.

The color-coded system was controversial from the start. Polls showed the public found it confusing.

Bush's Bald Man Fettish.....Seems a Bit Odd if You Ask Me

This is too funny! Follow the attached link and then scroll down to Monday, April 26, 2004. There's a post named "The Teenager in Chief" that contains several pictures of Bush, all of which show him holding many a bald heads. What's up with that I ask?

Here's the link again!

Being held Captive by my Capris!

So during our vacation last summer to Florida to visit Sean’s delightful family, I went on a major Ann Taylor, later referred to as “AT”, shopping spree. Note to all AT fans, the clothes they sell at their Florida stores are even cuter than the ones here and cheaper. I know, completely unfair. Anyways, I had quite the grand time and bought sandals, suit jackets, summer blouses and several pairs of rather cute capri pants. Hey, a girl has to treat herself every so often! Well, just imagine my dismay when I went to my closet to put on one of my many cute pairs of AT capris and none fit.

Beige pair #1- Oh, I could squeeze my butt into them and was fine when standing, but had I dared sit, I would have busted the button. Said button was digging into my skin just standing up.

Olive pair #2- They don’t button, but rather sort of clip. Well, I could get the metal clips to meet- they were snug, but they closed. Again, went to sit and what foul sight should I see….a tummy roll hanging over the waistband…I know that’s quite a lovely mental image. So of course I quickly took of these horridly offensive pants.

Sassy black pair #3- Favorite pair by far! These aren’t AT, but rather come from some teeny bopper type shop I visited a couple of summers ago during a trip to Phoenix. Now, these pants rocked! They were my “going out and looking damn hot if I do say so myself” pants! Hugged the curves just right and best part- gave me the illusion of a perky, nice round butt! Rather than just a wide and flat one. Yes, many a men succumbed to my temptress ways when I wore these pants. Ha! Just teasing, I’m a good girl and as such would never pick up strange boys! :) Ok, now I’m realistic and know my “problem” areas and one of the few areas where I don’t seem to collect weight is my thighs. I even had a hard time getting these pants over my thighs, but I managed by lying on the bed. All girls have done this at some point in their lives. I rocked myself a few times on the bed and was finally able to stand up in them. Ok, so maybe I exaggerate a bit…haha. Now Sean would probably be thrilled if I wore them, but they’re just too hoochie for me now. These were always my sassy, but comfy pants. Now they’re my “skin tight no breathing, eating or drinking fluids with them on” pants. *Sigh*

So I’m officially depressed and dumbfounded. Given my hectic work/school schedule, I did slack off big time on the gym. Something had to give and that was the only thing that possibly could, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much. But I don’t get it….I recently stepped on a scale and was in my usual weight range. And since Kjersten was brave enough to give her #, I’ll fess up to mine. I usually fluctuate between 121 and 126 pounds or at least have over the last 3-4 years. Now, I am at the top of that fluctuation right now so about 126. The last time I weighed myself was probably 2 weeks ago at a friend’s house. We don’t have a scale because I already know I’m too neurotic to own one. :)

About four or so years ago I did get up to a personal high of 140’ish. Bad eating habits, depression, and lack of self-esteem from a bad relationship will do that to you. Now, that’s not a big #, but for someone of my minimal height and build it did not look good at all. I can’t wear it well. Five pounds looks like fifteen on my body. Sucks, but true and I know it and have come to resentfully accept it. Got rid of the relationship baggage, started therapy and Zoloft (godsend) and eating better. The weight just seemed to slip off. (Don’t be fooled this is the first time that I didn’t have to struggle and work hard for every pound lost.)

Ok, moment of honesty- maybe it wasn’t eating better, so much as not really eating. This is the only time in my life that my depression led me to a complete lack of appetite rather than the desire to eat everything that caught my line of sight. So my eating habits weren’t so good for a while there and a bit dangerous, but I came out of it as I got my life back on track. By that point, my weight was down to 110 or just under. I thought I looked fine, my doctor thought I was a walking eating disorder. Since I hardly weigh myself, even I was a bit surprised by that number. I hadn’t been that low since junior high and then it wasn’t because I was skinny, it was just because I was super short. Looking back now at pics of me when I weighed 110, I can see that for my frame I was too thin. It didn’t look healthy and my face was sunken in. So I by no means want to get down that low again. I really don’t have a goal as far as a weight #, I just want my clothes to fit comfortably and flatter my figure again. I want to tone up and get rid of the mini love handles/upper arm wings I have developed- getting older sucks. Now, I’m not writing this so every can say, “Oh, you’re so skinny. What are you talking about?" That’s sweet, but this isn’t just in my head as you may be thinking. Trust me, I see myself naked so I know that there is a difference- we’ll just say I’m more curvaceous then I’d like. :) I think my body has rebelled against me and decided to place a majority of my weight in my mid-section and upper arms. Well, no more! I’m taking my body back darn it!

So I’m going to do as the Frenchie book says and record for three weeks everything I eat. Also, I’m going to attempt to cut out or at least severely minimize the amount of sweets I eat. It’s already painful. I’ve developed the habit of getting a choc chip cookie with my breakfast (I know, so bad) and didn’t this morning. I’m now in severe cookie withdrawal, but I’m hanging in there. Upon finishing this post, I will go and make myself a nice cup of green tea to hopefully take the edge off. Yeah, probably won’t help, but I need to try something before I lash out at the next innocent bystander to cross my path. I’m so scared to see my food record because I know I eat a lot and often. But I love food! Food rocks and is one of the greatest pleasures in life! I adore going out to eat and am a complete dessert fanatic. So this will be interesting. Funny how the thought of getting into a bathing suit wasn’t able to motivate me, probably because it’s so rare that I find the need to wear one. But not fitting into my capris that is just completely unacceptable. I will get back into them and not need a shoehorn to do so.

I’ll keep you all posted….wish me luck…oh, and I’ll apologize now for any moodiness my sugar withdrawal causes. Hehe!

Let Operation Weight Loss aka OWL commence!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Forever Friends....

I miss my friends from California. I've always been the type of person that prefers to spend time with and have a small group of people that I'm close with and can trust w/o hesitation. I think so far that philosophy has held up well for me. Now don't get me wrong I'm not an unsocial person and I love meeting new people, it's just when you have as much baggage as I do, it's hard to share all that with a large number of people. Too much to tell! :) So the people who do know all or a majority of these "skeletons" are near and dear to my heart. I'm so grateful to them. They're my rock and my sanity. They give me hope that the world really is a caring, happy place or can be.

So what brought this topic up?

1) My best friend in the world whom I absolute love and adore and has a bday coming up is in San Diego. It's been so long since we lived in the same city and I miss her crazy little Asian self. We met freshman year of high school and have seen each other through bad hair with the tall brick bangs, psychotic men and big girl phases (translation- times where we packed on some pounds). It doesn't matter how long we go between conversations, we just pick up right where we left off. She's frickin hilarious and just such a genuine, caring person. Now, no one could ever replace her, and I know I'm lucky to have found one friend like that but why does she have to live so far. Move Miss Trammi move!

2) J...you stealth blog reader you. Well, despite barriers that are visible and other's that are hard to see, you still just "get" me. It's nice and rare that you feel like someone truly understand what makes you tick. Seriously, you've saved me so much money in therapy bills. If it weren't for you, I would have probably needed my wonderful doc several times a week. Hehe! So thank you.

3) I've met some great people here in VA and I don't think that the quality of friends out here is less...I just think that with the hectic, fast-paced, traffic-filled lifestyle out here, it's hard to cultivate relationships. You don't have as much time or energy to invest in them. And I know if I moved from here I'd miss my NoVA friends as well.

4) Ok, now there is one "friend" I have here that I'm a bit unsure of. I wasn't until recently. I mean we have great talks and fun when we hang out. But I wonder if the side this person shows me is sincere. I don't want to go into what's making me think that on here. I think what it is, is that I feel like there's selective sharing going on. And maybe there's nothing wrong with that, but it's hard to have faith in a friendship that you feel kind of comes and goes or like if you make one unknowing mistake the person will show a different side of themselves or shutdown on you. This may not be making any sense to the outside world, but it's quite theraputic for me. :) Sorry to bore all of you! I don't know, I really think this person has a great personality, but maybe I'm just not the type of person that can have a "sometimes" friend. Maybe other people are ok with this or maybe it's a normal thing and I'm just wierd. That's definitely always a possibility. Who knows.....? Ok, off to shower!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Foo-Foo Frenchy Ladies....Look Out, We're on to You!

Ok, so I got home in time today to watch Oprah, the theme of the episode was anti-aging/beauty secrets. Well, she was talking to Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don't Get Fat. Apparently, she's dispelling all the mystery around how the French manage to stay so slim and trim despite their penchance for bread, cheese, wine and desserts. So I figured, hey if it works for them...why not! So I went out and bought the book today. I was so excited because I got the last copy at Border's. It was funny too because the lady that helped me happened to ask if I had seen the book advertised on Oprah. I said, "Yeah, how did you know". She replied, "Anytime books start suddenly flying off the shelf and we run out it's because Oprah talked about it". No wonder Oprah is a media mogul and worth gazillions. Clever lady that one!

So I'll let you all know any good secrets I learn from the book and how it is. Bring on the string bikini bod! Yeah right...never, not happening, no way in hell!!

So I haven't started reading the book yet. I plan to start tonight before bed and after my One Tree Hill fix. Oh my gosh, I'm so frickin addicted to this show. Hehe. I bought the first season dvd box set from Target a few weeks ago. So good! 22 episodes in the first season alone. Who knew?? I know I didn't see all of them. So now that I have a brief hiatus from school I'm going to have to get my Tree Hill fix! :) Fun stuff! I'm such a nerd.


So I haven't posted in a few days because there hasn't been much to tell. Could the Spring semester have left me brain dead and empty of any amusing witty sentiments? Say it isn't so! >:-(

So our weekend...very old fuddy duddy married couple'ish. :) Friday night was spent watching movies on television and trying to think of what exciting activity we could do the following night. What'd we come up with? Nada! Saturday morning, I was a good girl and got on the elliptical machine and did my free weights. The next exciting item on the agenda was a trip to the puppy park. There's a huge bear of a dog that's at the park quite often. Well, for whatever reason he and Baden took notice of each other this time. They proceeded to have a forty minute dialogue of incessant barking. I have to say, Baden was holding his own even though the other dog could have swallowed him whole quite easily. That's my stud of a puppy son! :) It was so darn funny, you could tell that Baden and Bear-Dog knew what they were saying and each was equally intent on having the last word. Just to add insult to injury, Baden kept snuggling up to Bear-Dog's owner adding more fuel to the fire. Ahh, and then there was the cute pit bull with the pink collar. She was quite the slobber monster! After leaving two rather large strings of doggy drool on Baden's back, she came up to me for some affection. Silly me leaned down to pet her and as I did, she jumped up and gave me a nice long lick right on the chest. Which would have been gross enough in itself being that she was a strange dog. But adding insult to injury, her tongue had a mixture of mud and dirty bark and other miscellaneous foreign objects on it. All of which landed right in the middle of my chest. Yeah, not one of my finer, cool, classy moments!

Sunday I finally put to rest my procrastinating ways and began to study for my Hist final on Monday. I managed to get a fair amount of reviewing done in between napping and later, shaving and bathing Mr.Baden-boo. He turned out so handsome! My puppy should so be a show dog! :)

Monday was the Final from Hell!! Oh my gosh, this darn test was so hard. So, numerous half-page descriptions/identifications, two huge essay questions and 40% of our final grade later....I'm still waiting to get my grade, but I survived the exam. I was soo excited to finally have this insanely chaotic semester over and have some relaxation time. I thought I had at least two weeks off. But NO! Summer session begins this Monday, May 23. Yuck! This is just so inhumane! :) Oh well, one day this will all be over and I'll be a happy, but poor History teacher on the verge of being driven crazy by my impossible students and not enough resources to do my job effectively!

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Must Read....Passionate & To The Point

So I came across this gentleman's blog around the time I first started mine last year. His blog concentrated on the then upcoming Presidential election. He spoke with intelligence, fortitude, and from his heart. I was disappointed after the election when he stopped blogging for a while. Well, he's back with a different blog now. Politics is still a large part of it, but not the only topic of discussion. Anyways, I always enjoy his writing and thought I'd share it with you all.

For those of my friends who are more conversative-minded [I love you all the same...:-)] and think that you'll find his blogs insightful as well. I hope you'll take the time to read it. I think if there's one thing that we can all stand to keep in mind is that you truly never know what it's like to walk in another's shoes. I know it sounds quite trite. But it applies to so many situations we may encounter in life. We can never completely feel the experiences, scars, pain and triumphs that encapsulate another person. So hopefully, we'll all remember to be more compassionate and respectful of each others differences. Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now. Enjoy the read!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

He may be Conservative..but he's still a testosterone-filled boy!

Ok, so my here are the results when my far Right honey took the quiz. I think he was suprised by his results, especially after hearing that my closet conservative sis had scored 100% across the board. I'm still to devasted to discuss this in detail. :)

And survey says.....

Your Political Profile

Overall: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Now although he may a die hard Sean Hannity & Bill O'reilly fan (yes, I know...I'm working on it..give me time..hehe), he's still a man which means the brain isn't always in charge.

I don't know if you all have seen it, but there's a commercial they keep playing on the cable channel TBS. It's for the new season of "The New Gilligan's Island". It's such a blatant display of using "sex" to sell a product. There's women in miniscule amounts of clothing and showering together. Now, Sean may be completely aware of how obviously sexist this is, but it doesn't stop him from looking up from his laptop every time it comes on. The blank man stare comes across his face. You know the look men get when their oogling a hot girl. And then next comes the sorta creepy leering smile. Ok, so it's not a full-on creepy smile, but there's the beginning of one. Which probably means that if it weren't for my presence and observation, he'd probably have a grin from ear to ear and drool dripping from one corner of his mouth. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Right Wing Conspiracy Invades My Sis' Brain

So I had to take a break from my manic studying for my Legal final to report this late breaking news....

Ok, I love my sis to pieces. She's an amazing woman, but where did I go wrong with her? *sigh* How does this happen? I leave good 'ol Democratic California and maintain my liberal roots. She's still a Cali girl, yet has been converted by the other side. *weeping* Where's my sis and what have you Right Wing Nut Jobs done with her. Come back to the light Miss Mia...it's not to late. Come back!!

Here are her scores! *weeping*

Your Political Profile

Overall: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Politics Schmolitics

Ok, so until I met Sean I really did think I was middle-of-the-road in my political views. Perhaps, I was deluding myself (it wouldn't be the first time..hehe). Seriously, I knew I was closer to Democrat ideals than Republican, but I had always registered as non-partisan. Well, getting involved with my uber-Republican "right wing nut job" has confirmed for me that I am a proud "liberal wiener". So I took this test and here are my results. I agree with most of it, except the part that relates to Fiscal issues. I always thought this was the one area where I actually leaned more to the right. I think the questions they asked were loaded though. Haha! :) Oh, well maybe I am a pure leftist since I'm not at all impressed with the Bush "tax breaks". Keep it and put it towards the huge deficit that this Administration has created. Ok, that's all I'm saying. (Dave, it's my blog so keep your misguided Republican views to yourself..neener neener neener.) :)

Take the quiz at the following webpage:

Your Political Profile

Overall: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Friday, May 06, 2005

In addition, he may take the lucky winner on a nice trip to Dave's Den of Dirty Delights!

Ok, so bonus points ladies--- you do get a spankin new truck and cool boat as party of the package!

I'm too sexy for my cigarette...too sexy for my cigarette...so sexy it hurts.

Dirty Dogg Dave aka Dental Office Slut gets some free publicity...!!!

Ok, so with all the banter that goes back between Dirty Dave (blog name: Ok…I’m lost) and I, it’s about time that he be introduced to the world. Plus, being the huge egomaniac/attention whore that he is, he loves nothing more than to see his face splashed everywhere. Haha! Ya know I luv ya Mr. Dave, especially since it’s just so darn fun to pick on you. Oh, and you’re a sure thing! I mean when we bicker, I always know I’m going to win the debate given my superior wit. Although, I have mastered the art of at least allowing you to think that you have a chance and that you’re in the game.

So yes ladies, Dave is quite single. Here’s the deal though- he’s a sweetheart, but a huge pain in the ass. Highly opinionated, always thinks he’s right, super stubborn and one of the pickiest men on earth. He wants a woman as hot as Selma Hayek or Giselle who has the heart of Mother Theresa and the brain of Einstein. The upside is he does have a great sense of humor, easy on the eyes, a great teddy bear presence (ya can’t help but want to hug him) and he does have a slight Southern gentleman air about him even though he’s a Yankee! Hehehe, he’s going to really not like that comment. Ok, so I’m auctioning him off to the highest bidder….What do ya say- should we start the bidding at 5 bucks? Haha.

Let the bidding begin. Hey, if I find ya a date do I get a finder's fee??? Haha! :-)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Praise the Lord........Woohoo

Ok, so I attended my last English 302 Composition class today!!! Yippee!!! I turned in my portfolio and term paper and it's all over now. :-) And it hit me as I was walking back to my car and talking to the lovely Miss Mia that this was quite possibly the last English class of my college career. I'm soo frickin happy. Actually, it's not that I dislike English courses, I just hate all the writing assignments. I love writing, but if it's in my journal or poems or just something silly and creative. I hate writing when it's going to be judged or seen by others or graded. The fact that it's being graded turns on my anxiety and my need to be a perfectionist. I can literally spend an hour trying to put together one paragraph cause I'm so frickin picky. I want it right from the start. I don't do this rough draft stuff or at least I prefer not to. I'm always impressed by people who can whip out a paper in an hour or two when I agonize for several. :)

Ok, gotta go watch Civil Action for my Public Law class final. Nighty Night!!

Do Not View While You're Eating......Or if You Have Weak Tummy

Wow, just re-read my post from last night. That's a reminder to not blog after several glasses of wine. :-)

Ok, so I saw this a couple of weeks ago when my disturbed (but we love her anyways) friend Mel sent it to me. I really don't think it's a hoax, but feel free to look it up on Snopes and let me know. If it were a joke, that would actually make me feel better about the mental state of others. :) I don't foresee Sean, any time in the near future, offering up any limbs or non-vital body parts as a symbol of devotion and love for me. I'd just be happy if he didn't leave his dishes in the living room. Hehe! Anyways, that's perfectly ok, cause if he did offer to do that it would mean he was insane, and let's face it...I'm crazy enough for the both of us! :)

I think what bothered me most about this though was how unclean it was. I mean if you're going to voluntarily let someone bite off your finger at least do it in a more sanitary environment and get it properly looked at by a doctor afterwards. Then again, the doc would probably send ya to the mental institution, rightly so. But hey to each his own. Eew, not to mention tasting human flesh and blood. Blech!! I can promise all of you that there will be no gruesome displays of extreme love/committment similar to this in my future.

Oh, and what about when these people have kids? How do ya explain this to them? And if your kid ever wants to tatoo someone's name on them...well, it's kind of hard to forbid them from doing so when you were insane enough to chop off a finger as a symbol of affection. Doesn't set much as far as boundaries go. Ok, I should get to work or do stuff for my English final. Something productive.....

Have a good day all!


Here's the link....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Semester comes to an end....sing song time

Yeah, so I just attended my last Film, Fiction and History in Latin America and Public Law/Judicial Processes classes. Woohoo! The first went ok, had a pretty good review session for the Final and I got my term paper back...got an A-. I was hoping for an A, but that's ok, from what I hear he's a tough grader. So I guess I'll just sit back and be happy even though there's a minus with the A. :) My law class didn't get their papers back because the teacher takes forever to grade them. Grrr! Final review portion of this class wasn't very helpful. Oh well, at least we got out early. So I have my English final paper due tomorrow. Yuck, so I'll be working on that tonight.

First though, I thought I'd share some of Baden's and Tigger's favorite songs with ya all...

Tiny Tigger Toes Traipsing Down the Streeeeeeet
Looking Awfully Neeeeaaaaatttt
Little Kitty Paws that Make My Life Complete

Baden, Baden, where'd ya get that bacon?
Baden, Baden, I think ya just might be Jamaican.
Baden, Baden your paws smell just like Cheetos.
Baden, Baden let's take a ride up to Kinko's.

Mr.Baden Your Puppy Paws are so Neat
Mr. Baden You Make My Life Complete
Mr. Baden I love you oh so much
Mr. Baden ya got a big 'ol butt

I da love my little Seanie Burger Butt, Seanie Burger Butt, Seanier Burger Butt
I da love my little Seanie Burger Butt,
He's my one and ooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ok, I think that's it for now. I know, I've lost it! What can I say..that's what a full-time job and school load will do to a gal. Ok, so really I was nuts before then...but hey, that's ok! :)

Monday, May 02, 2005

The guest bedroom at Sean's parents' adorable condo. Shh, don't tell Grandma Lori that Baden was on the bed. That's a no-no. Oh, and the bed is just as comfy as it looks. :) They did a great job decorating- it's so beautiful. You can't help but be relaxed when you're there.

A cute little house in Florida. We drove by it on our way to New Smyrna. I thought it was so pretty, I had to take a pic. I so want a porch!!

Stormy Florida sky...don't worry fifteen minutes later it cleared up and the sun was out again.

Another view of New Smyrna. There's the water. It was so nice we didn't want to leave.

A view of New Smyrna Beach, FL during a trip to visit Sean's parents in August 2004. Too bad you can't see the pretty water!

Sean posing with the fence he just built. Oh, and the manly power saw was an Xmas gift from his parents and me. He's been putting it to good use. You should have seen me trying to get it from my car into the house. I had to kneel over and put my butt in the air and push it along the ground. No damage done though! :)

Sean posing with our new grill. Yep, that's right folks he's doing all the cooking this summer. Yippee!

Baden and Tigger hogging the couch. As usual the animals have the run of the house! Baden wasn't happy that I woke him from a good dream.

Me and Mommy hanging out...she's the best- spoils me and gives me lots of people food. It's cause I'm so darn cute!

I see ya Mr. Sneaky Kitty and don't you even think about taking my sock. I stole it from Daddy so you go and find your own.

Daddy...help me, Mommy is playing dress up with me again. And I really don't think it's my color or size.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....My favorite boys snoozing away!

That's right, I'm the King of this here closet and don't you forget it!

Damn, Mommy found my favorite sleepy spot. Shhh, don't tell Mr.Baden!

Baden hard at work on the laptop. It's been a dog of a day! :)

More Pics

Ok, so I know there's a way to write a blog and have pics appear underneath it all in one section. However, I haven't quite figured out how to do it. So I'm going to attempt to get this right. Btw, for those of you Peeping Tom friends of mine, I've changed it so that you should be able to post a comment to my blog w/o having to be a registered Blogger user. Let me know if it works. :)

So last night I downloaded the 103 pics we've had stored in our digital camera since who knows when. Here's a random sampling of them. The entire album is on my Snapfish website. If you're interested in viewing it, let me know and I'll send you the link. Enjoy!

Btw, so we get home and have dinner. Everything is fine. I took a few Motrin when I got home to help with the rib/back soreness I've had on my right side for the last week and half from all the coughing I've been doing. Well, about a half hour ago I coughed and felt/heard this big popping noise. It almost sounded like a ballon popping. I instantly feel a shot of pain throughout my body. Whatever it was, I don't think it was a good sign. I'm in pain as I sit here with a bag of frozen sugar peas on my rib cage hoping to dull the stabbing pain. I'll let ya know how that goes. *sigh* One day...hopefully soon, I will be healthy again.

Ok, on to pics.....

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Enchanted Garden and Baden Gets a New Backyard!

Ok, it's official we're quite uncool. :) I realized this as I was spending an exciting Saturday night strolling through the nursery section of Home Depot picking out plants and flowers for our front yard. And yet strangely enough I was enjoying myself. I remember taking trips to nurseries with my grandma and being bored out of my mind when I was young. Now I'm doing it of my own free will. So we spent the morning and early afternoon gardening. Our front yard is coming along pretty nicely which is good since it's not a cheap endeavor. And my old bones aren't used to all this digging, bending, and squatting over mounds of dirt. Fun stuff! I can't wait to see what it looks like once Sean has put the brick edging out there. We took another trip to Home Depot today to pick up wood so Sean could close off our backyard fence. I'm quite excited to report that we actually have a normal backyard now! Wooohoo, no more worrying about random people walking into our backyard in the middle of the night or whenever they please. For some reason there was a small portion on the left side of the house that wasn't completed, we still haven't figured out why that is. Who leaves a fence unfinished? Anyways, Baden had a grand ol' time out there running around and exploring the entire backyard. Before we'd hook him up to this 20 foot chain that linked on to his collar. Well, it kept him out of some of the corners of the yard. Now he can officially dig everywhere. Sean is less than thrilled as he has visions of Baden knocking down the edging and digging up the flowers (which he did today).

Oh, and the give mommy a heart attack moment of the day. We came home to find that Baden had decided to munch on an ant bait trap. I, of course, freaked out thinking he was going to be poisoned. So after calling several animal hospitals and the Virginia Poison Control center and being reassured by all that he would be ok, perhaps have a bit of a tummy ache, but he'd make it I was finally calmed. I' m still monitoring him carefully for any sign of sickness, but he seems to be just fine. As I type, he's snoozing on the couch next to me. Poor guy he must be tired from his hard day of basking in the sun all day.

Ok, well time for me to take my achey bones to bed. Have a good night all!

Sean's handy man skills rock!

I was Martha Stewart for the weekend and Sean was Bob Villa. :)