Friday, April 08, 2005

Where's the Bengay?

Ok, so I used our new elliptical for the first time last night. I did the hill setting and was on it for about 25 minutes. Oh my gosh, it soo kicked my butt!! I was so tired and had to really push myself to get through the last ten minutes. I did my weights for about a half hour after that. How sad is this...I had to go back down to little 5 pound weights. I was at one point long ago, up to 12-15 pounds, but alas not using them for three months will drop ya back down. Being the superwoman that I am, I was still able to do 10 pound bicep curls. However, I'm paying for it today. My muscles ache and I feel like I was hit by a Mack Truck. Sean felt the need to gloat that he feels just great today after his spin on the elliptical. Punk! :) I know it's all mental, but I swear already that my jeans are fitting just a bit better. Give me a week and maybe I'll even have a perky, lifted, bounce a quarter off of it booty. *lol* Ok, so maybe not but a girl can dream! Speaking of tushies, why is that men seem to just naturally have well-muscled bottoms. So not fair...just yet another example of how they have it easier. Sheesh! :)


Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

It sooooo kicked your butt eah?....well don't feel's not your fault that you've got a full plate and less free time these day's. I mean, aside from school and work, you have other very important task's such as shopping for shoes, and day dreaming! ;o) I'm just teasing you sweetie....actually, it can be hard to discipline yourself to stick to a workout schedule when your so pressed for time. Maybe that's why I haven't worked out for the last three years! hahahaha....I know, I's not noticeable on me...I still have that rock hard body!(ssshhhh...this is the part where your supposed to just agree!). anyway. We busy few (gov. workers) have much to do today, so no more line's of wasted ranting for me. Though I know I have such an amazing talent for delivering such insightful and knowledgeable, albeit twisted emotions in text, my fingers grow weary. Besides, what's a guy supposed to do when he's bored to death? mean busy....yeah, that's it...really busy! haha

Have a great weekend!!!

Slightly disturbed, yet annoyingly unrefined --Dave :o)

(Sheesh...I'm going to have people thinking that I'm some kind of monster!...hahahaa)

4/08/2005 12:20 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Busy government workers?? There's a contradiction if I ever heard one. Haha! Rock hard body, huh? I'm gonna leave that one alone. ;o) Hehe.
You did get one thing right though...if I want twisted logic and emotion I'd definitely hit up the love doctor Dave. Oh, and don't worry. No one is going to think you're a monster. They already know it! I tell them all the time about my horribly mean slut puppy pal Dave. Hehe! Ahh, I love dishing out the abuse. So fun! When do I get to do it in person again?

4/08/2005 4:25 PM  
Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

Hey! I'm really liking the sounds of that. The "Love Dr. Dave"! See....that has a nice ring to it! lol I could be a younger male version of Dr. Ruth! that would be funny! anyway. Let's get to the important part of this message. The part that's about me!....Ok...I'm just kidding. But I do resent the comment about Government workers. I'll have you know that I'm very busy....I just happen to be soooo efficient that I can spare time to author line's of worthless garble on your thread. See...I'm not only efficient, but I'm fast! hahahaha....And busy! Ok, I'm busy sometimes. But that's beside the point.

So....back to the exercising. If you really want exercise, swing by my place on the weekend. I have more than enough yard work to go around. I can offer you just about any kind of work-out you may seek, from cutting grass to planting flowers, to mulching flower beds, to spreading gravel for two new walk ways etc. Anytime you need exercise, just come by and I'll put a shovel or weed eater in your hands. hahaha Which by the way is what my joyous weekend was filled with. Talk about being sore! Ouch! I can tell that I haven't done much all winter....not that I would ever admit to being out of shape! Guess that goes hand-in-foot with my still having a rock hard body after not working out for the last three years.

Ok...well enough babble. I have work to do. Ok...well it's not real work, but I do need to clean my office. I actually lost my phone, and that was not even funny!


Oh..and my quote for the day!
"If you try to flatulate and your ears pop, I would suggest that your panties are wound too tight".

4/11/2005 8:11 AM  

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