Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Bday to Me...T minus 3 hours and counting.

Hey all-

Ok, so I know it's been forever a day since I last blogged, but hey I'm a busy gal. :)

Since it's my bday and all and it's traumatizing enough now officially being in my late twenties I decided to take the day off from work. Now please do not let this fool you. All this means is that rather than working, I was doing school stuff. I was on strike the night before so I didn't work on a paper like I should have. So this morning I was a typing mad woman. At one point, I was laying on the floor in front of the backyard glass door. I was trying to soak up some rays as I typed. Well, Baden being the playful pup that he is decided he was in the mood to wrestle. In the midst of writing witty commentary on the Trujillo dictatorship I feel a sharp nip on my tushie! That's right, he bit my booty. Crazy darn mind you, this was no little tug. This was a good grab a chunk and enjoy. Oh, and did I mention I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans which should have been retired long ago since they have a hole in the arse. I can't bear the thought of it though, so instead I keep sewing them as they rip and tear further. Now, as most of you probably realize my sewing skills are minimal at best. So yes, it's a disaster zone of thread..but hey it does the job and I can go out in public in my jeans w/o fear of being arrested for indecent exposure. Anyways, I was down to the wire in getting this paper completed. So imagine the inconvenience when 2 o'clock rolls around and I haven't printed it yet and my class starts at 3 o'clock and I'm still at home. Being the great multi-tasker that I am I was forced to take some light reading material into the ladies room with me to proofread. I know so scary. This crazy schedule has turned me into a dude. I am now taking reading material into the restroom. Yuck!!

So made it to Hist class only a few minutes late after busting a move across campus. Oh, and I did I mention that I heard a twenty year old chickie whinging about being old. Give me a break! :) I dont' think I really felt my age until this semester. As I look around at all the youngsters who think it's so cool to party while the 'rents are away and have a kegger, I feel oddly boring. Our idea of a big night out is grabbing a movie from Blockbuster and ordering Chinese. If I'm really lucky it will include a shopping excursion to Target. I know sad, but oh so true. Anyways, I briefly went to my legal class just long enough to pick up my paper and hear the Prof rant about how we can't follow directions and that his comments are blunt, etc. So of course were all sitting there feeling as if our heads are on the chopping block. I think he likes to torture us for his own pleasure. :) So all that angst and guess what...... I got an A-. I'll take for me especially since I worked my a** off on that paper.

So I left to come home early and spend my bday evening with Seanie burger-butt and Baden-boo and TK. I walk in the house to see red roses cut and in a vase waiting for me on the kitchen table, the place settings out (to include wine glasses) and the smell of yummy food in the oven. Oh, and he had a candle lit and my card on the table as well. My honey rocks!!! Nothing like coming home to a hot man in the kitchen. Woohoo! Wish this were an every day occurrence. He made mango poppy salmon, asparagus, french bread and salad. Nice, eh? So we had a lovely dinner and some delicious white Merlot. Mmm....I so could have gotten plastered tonight...but probably not a good idea given my long morning commute tomorrow.

So what do you think was planned for after dinner....hmm? Get your minds out of the gutters. I'm so flippin excited. We got our Life Fitness X3i eliptical trainer today. Hallejuah!! My booty is gonna get back in shape. I can't remember the last time I was at the gym. I miss it, but there's just not time with work and school. I miss my sweetie and kitty and puppy as it is, so the last thing I want to do is leave home when I don't have to. Let me tell ya that thing was a beast to get from the bed of his truck into the house. But being the buff bods that we are, we managed. So he's been putting it together in our living for the past few hours while Baden and I supervise. I can't wait to get a routine going and for clothes to start fitting better. I have my skinny pants out and as soon as I can cram myself into them, I'm going out for a big brownie sundae. Ha! Anyways, it's pretty good timing since summer is just around the corner. I don't even want to think about getting into a bathing suit right now. Yuck!

All right, well Seanie is complaining cause I'm not helping him put together the eliptical. Sheesh, a woman's work is never done. So I better get going. Hope this finds everyone well. I miss ya all. I wish I had more time to chat and hang out with everyone, but it's just so crazy trying to juggle work and school.....and will be for the next 2 to 2 1/2 years that I'll be doing it. So hang in there with me! I'll try and not let so much time pass until my next blog.

Baden and Tigger send out warm furry kisses!


Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

Happy Birthday shorty.

Soooo....are you excited to oficially be one year older? Don't sweat it. Even though your older than me, I wont hold it against ya! hahahaha....I swear, I crack myself up.

So your off on vacation eah? Sounds like fun...where are you headed? I'm thinking about taking a week towards the end of the month for a much needed vacation. Imagine needing a vacation. back to the point. I have an invitation to play golf at the Augusta Nationals course in Augusta Ga. I can't see turning that down!

So how old are you now?.....35?...sheesh, time really does fly. Any gray hair yet? That's the one thing I haven't been able to hide from. Ok ok, so maybe my hair is thinning a bit in the back too. Thank God I'm tall enough to where no one can actually see it! hahaha

Well lis...I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

I'd stick around and say more...but you know work work!!... Ok, actually we're getting ready to head out for lunch and a drink. I decided to cut the day short. It's just one of those day's where you just don't feel like being at work...ya know?....! Well maybe not.

4/07/2005 9:54 AM  
Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

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4/07/2005 9:55 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

I'm just one year better baby!

That's ok, I'm still sassy and bought some new shoes last week to prove it. Killer heels, but oh my gosh soo darn cute! Nothing makes a gal feel better than new shoes. I have to thank the lovely Miss Nikki for helping me decide on what two out of seven pairs to buy. Haha! I also bought a pair of comfy shoes which Sean has taken to calling my Asian girl shoes. I'm not sure what that means but I don't think it's a compliment. *lol* He doesn't seem fond of them, but I feel like I'm wearing slippers when I have them on since they're so comfy. So I'm keeping them, they're great for running around on campus with. Ok, not sure how I got side tracked with the shoe thing.

Anyways, imagine that- you taking yet another vacation. That would be number 26 this year right. I wish I was on vacation. It was only one day off from work and now here I am back in the land of crazies. My sis and I both understand now why women marry for money. *lmao* I so wish I could be a gold digger...I'm tired of working I just want to retire. So where ya going? If it's South Carolina, I'm packing a bag and hitchin a ride with you. If it's just to play the old man sport, then I'll sit this one out. *lol* You're such an old fart..hehe playing golf. Too funny!

That gray hair comment is so not nice. I actually found my first a few weeks my bangs no less. So of course I yanked that sucker out. Sean was laughing at me. He's a youngster so he doesn't understand my pain. Haha! That's all right though, I take good care of myself, so in a few years he'll be a wrinkled little prune and I'll still be a goddess. Hehe. And don't you worry even with a nice shiny bald spot you'll still be a cutie Mr. Dave. It's that cuddly teddy bear quality ya got going on and the charm factor. You're so going to be the dirty old man with the blonde half his age on his arm. *lol* Bet your sis would agree being the smart lady she is. If only you listened to her more often who knows where you'd be now. ;o)

Ok, and what's up with this 11 o'clock lunch and alcoholic beverage break and where do I sign up for it?

I wish they'd let me bring my doggie to work. Then I wouldn't mind being here. :) Sean made fun of me because I left Baden a message on the answering machine a few days ago. I was baby talking and blowing kisses to him. I'm such a nerd. I meant to erase the message before Sean heard it, but in my old age I forgot and now I'll never live it down. :)

So when ya gonna hang out with me ya snobby hick? Hehehe..don't ya just love me??

4/07/2005 11:05 AM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Happy B-Day beautiful! Sean is such a sweet guy. That dinner sounded awesome. I barely remember the last time Steve made Salmon for me. I think it was when I could still say I don't instead of I do. So you know that was a long time ago.

I can't believe you found a grey hair wow you are getting old. And now that you plucked him his five friends will show up. Trust me because that joke is on me. I should own stock in Feria and I am only going to be 32. I sure wish you lived here then grams could pick through your hair and explain to you that she was 50 when she got her first grey hair. :-)

Well don't worry I have a plan I am going to keep playing the lottery because 3 billion to one is great odds on winning the jackpot. Then we can both retire and live the life of gold diggers but we won't have to sleep with ugly rich men. Something about sleeping with a person your not attracted to is a real can't do in my book. Then if they are rich and hot they are just way out of my league. :-)

I love and miss you sooooo much. We really have to figure out a way to be closer. Then our baby's can have play dates together. Cheyanne is having one this weekend. Steve's brother has a boxer about the same age as Cheyanne so they are going to play. Then she is going to meet Steve's parents dog Toby. He is a beautiful black lab. He is very sweet and loving. I love when she has play dates because she sleeps so well that night. She told me to send warm fuzzy kisses to her favorite Auntie Lis. Hugs and Kisses, Mia

4/07/2005 11:38 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...


Steve needs to step us his game or I'm gonna give him a kick in the a**. :o) But trust me Sean cooking a gourmet meal is quite the rare treat. He grills a mean hot dog though! I swear we live on Turkey hot dogs with our Carb Aware hot dog buns. It's actually much better than it sounds. Do you guys have David and Harry Gourmet food shop out there? That's where we bought this coffee from. So good! I'm addicted. We had some the other night because we were both craving and then we couldn't fall asleep because we were wired. Ha!

Oh, I forgot one another bday night detail. I harassed Sean until he'd play Connect Four with me. I was kicking his butt for the first few games, but then I started feeling bad. You know, fragile male ego and all, so I let him win a few. Hehe! I love that game.

I wish I was home snuggling with the pupsters and watching General Hospital instead of here. Ooh, Sonny was on Oprah the other day. He's so damn that he was on there talking about his bipolar disorder. *lol* Just my luck, huh? Can't lust after a normal man. Hehe. (Just kidding Sean. You're a cooler version of Sonny minus the whole mobster/drug runner/killer mentality.) And one of my other men, Matthew McConaughey is starring in a new movie with that home wrecker Penelope Cruz. Yuck! What was he thinking? I think I'm getting over my Andy Garcia thing. He's just getting too old. Oh, and the back hair issue is a turn off too. Darn it, why didn't he just keep his shirt on in When a Man Loves a Woman. I tell ya I'm just going off on strange tangents today. I'm losing it. This is what full-time school/work do to your brain. I should be on that "This is your brain on drugs" commercial with the fried eggs. Remember those...I think it was a 90's thing. Ok, done rambling, back to work.

Oh, one thing. I'd so love to have a Pup Play Date. Baden is in heaven at the puppy park. You just mention it and his cute furry floppy ears perk up. Which are a bit stinky since he nees a bath. Hey, strange question, but have you smelled Cheyanne's paws? Baden's paws go back and forth between smelling like cheesy popcorn or caramel popcorn. How strange is that! See, I'm telling ya I have lost it. :) As if that wasn't self-evident.

4/07/2005 11:57 AM  
Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

Sweetie...I think you lost it quite some time ago. I'm soooooo sorry to have to be the one to tell you this. It's ok though, after the initial shock, you'll be back to normal in a few days... If worries, we probably wouldn't notice the difference anyway! ;o)

As far as smelling your dog's paws. Um....well....maybe I'll just leave that one alone. You know I luv ya girl, but geez! Ok, ok, I know....I said I'd leave it along. Sheesh!

So anyway....I'm back from my lunch break. I wasn't going to come back to work today, but a mysterious meeting popped up from nowhere this afternoon. Bummer. Since I had to come back for the meeting, I at least took a 2 hour lunch break. Have to enjoy myself once in a while! lol know how hard I work and all! :o)

Oh....and believe the part in Mia's post about the gray hair. 5 friends always come visit when one leaves. Not that I would know or anything! hahaha... Ok...I know all to well. Of course, for the men, I hear that when you get old, you lose hair where you once had it, and grow it where you don't want it. Well...I can't say that I'm not losing my hair....but thank god I don't have any new growth to freak me out! lol

4/07/2005 1:07 PM  

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