Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Baden gets a new 'do and I'm still hacking!

So I had a fairly productive weekend. Friday night consisted of homework and watching Joan of Arcadia. Love that show! Oh, and for the first time the Devil was on it. Sean was so proud because he pegged the guy as Satan before the eluded to it. Saturday I rested, did homework and we ate at On the Border. So yummy! I always get their combo plate with four items. Ok, before you start thinking I'm a complete pig- I only eat two. I save the other two for lunch the next day. They have the best salsa too. I think Sean's a bit burned out on it though since I've been making him go there with me weekly. Afterwards, we wandered over to Target. I bought a hair clipper set for Mr.Baden-boo. I decided the idea of paying 80 bucks each time we take him to Petsmart for a haircut was just pure silliness. So we get home and spent the next two hours giving him the spa treatment. The fur was flying! And trust me there was lots of it! By the time we were finished the deck was covered with puppy hair. Baden overall was pretty good about it though of course he wasn't thrilled. I held him and Sean did the clipping. Ok, well most of it. Don't ask me how it happened- but I got the oh-so pleasant job of clipping Baden's bottom. Oh, yeah and the fun doesn't end there. I also go to trim his, um..well you know....the little wee wee. Sean decided that there was no way he was doing it. The thought of slipping and actually hurting something so precious was just too much for my fragile honey. Men! Anyways, I'll save the squishy details. Baden actually turned out really well. I told Sean he missed his calling and should have been a dog groomer. He did such a good job on his coat and it's completely even, except for a little spot at the begining of his tail. So Baden is styling and profiling now and ready to go to the Puppy Park to strut his stuff in front of all the girls. Ahh, kids...they grow so quickly. My baby will be 2 in July. How time flies! I just want to keep my little punkie this age forever. And Tigger Kitty is almost an old man. He'll be six this year- but he's still fat and happy with his saggy tummy.


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