Friday, April 29, 2005

My west coast nieces, Cheyanne and Sarah, chillin and looking uber cute as they strike a pose for their Mommy. My handsome nephew Simon "Tough Guy" Kitty is missing from the photo. He's adorable too. I think they get it from me. Hehe!

Lisa & Sean dressed up for Calibre Xmas Party '04. Yeah, we clean up pretty nice. :) Posted by Hello

Merry Christmas everyone...I'm such the happy, spoiled pup! Posted by Hello

Is this not the face of the cutest puppy in the world or what? I love my little punkie! Posted by Hello

Baden decked out in his favorite bandana that his grammy gave him. He loves a road trip!  Posted by Hello

Lisa & Sean on a dinner cruise for our 1 year anniversary back in 2004.  Posted by Hello

Papers, Papers and the Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!

Hey all,

So this is the first moment to breathe I've pretty much had all week. I took of Mon/Tues from work, but only so I'd have extra time to work on two 10 page+ papers that were due for my Hist and Public Law class. I survived...barely. I was up till about 3 a.m. on Tues night finishing up my legal paper on physician assisted suicide. Hopefully I made a convincing argument for why it should be a legally available option to those who are terminally ill. Ok, and before anyone (read Dave) starts harping on me about how that stance doesn't coincide with my Christian beliefs, zip it! I will once again reiterate that my Christian faith dictates how I live my life and the values I place upon myself. I, and this is just my personal belief, do not feel that I have the right to place the values on anyone else. So while I'd like to think that I'd be brave enough to wait until the good Lord calls me home, you never know. If you're dealing with constant pain and your quality of life is nonexistent, then I too would maybe get to the point that I'd look for a humane end to my suffering. Moving right along, got those two papers turned in and was a walking zombie all Wednesday. I then had to go home Wed night and work on my Final English paper. Yeah, didn't finish it because my mind was mush. So I ended up working on it Thurs basically up until I had to leave for class. [Btw, huge thanks go out to two of the biggest brainiacs I know- Nikki and Jeremy -- for editing/reviewing my papers. You both ROCK!! And I'm insanely jealous of the how ridiculously smart both of you are. It's quite nauseating actually. :o) And they're both hot unfair is that. ;o) ] Ok, enough ego stroking. Hehe. So this weekend I have a ton of reading to catch up on to get ready for finals and that English paper to finish up.

So I come into work yesterday and my phone is ringing non-stop with people whining because they have to review the files we worked our butts off to prepare. Nevermind the effort we put into it. No please just call me and cry because you have to review a few Excel sheets of data. Give me a break! Am I sounding like the bitter gov't contractor that I am? Perhaps it's because I have visions of govt worker Dave and his fully-stocked fridge and DVD player and stereo system and groupies. Ok, perhaps I exaggerate slightly.

So last weekend we actually attended a social function. We went to Jean and Jon's for drinks/food. It was a very nice evening. Oh, and I got to meet yet another lady from Sean's shady past. Haha! I think my honey is a recovering slut-puppy. Just kidding! Ok, so they only went on one date...but still who wants to meet someone your significant other ever even thought about in more than a "friend" way, especially if she's cute. It must be hard for my Seanie burger-butt being such a babe magnet. :) Anyways, we had a great time catching up with hotties Mike and Josh and hearing about Miss Mel's delicious dating adventures. Mel, you really need your own reality show. How frickin cool would that be. Can I have a guest spot?? Oh, and Baden-boo too. This could help launch his Hollywood career which I know he's so destined for. I mean with a face like that it's just not right to keep it hidden. Ha!!

Ok so Ang, Nikki and I are going to lunch soon. Macaroni Grill...soo yummy! They have a great shrimp pasta dish and the best strawberry creme dessert thingy. Can't wait. I bet men would be appalled if they really knew how girlfriends talked when they got together. I think just the depth of details and frankness of the conversations would shock them. Don't worry honey, I never say anything about you. Hehe! :)

All right, well I guess it's time I go do something productive. Miss Mia Baden Pup sends a shout out to his favorite Auntie and can't wait to see you in August. That's right we're due for another Florida vacation to visit Sean's adorable and oh-so-loveable parents. Baden of course is coming along on the vacation. I mean, we can't leave him behind. Who would I snuggle with at night? :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh, and please..someone other than Dirty Dave comment. haha! Just kidding. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Baden gets a new 'do and I'm still hacking!

So I had a fairly productive weekend. Friday night consisted of homework and watching Joan of Arcadia. Love that show! Oh, and for the first time the Devil was on it. Sean was so proud because he pegged the guy as Satan before the eluded to it. Saturday I rested, did homework and we ate at On the Border. So yummy! I always get their combo plate with four items. Ok, before you start thinking I'm a complete pig- I only eat two. I save the other two for lunch the next day. They have the best salsa too. I think Sean's a bit burned out on it though since I've been making him go there with me weekly. Afterwards, we wandered over to Target. I bought a hair clipper set for Mr.Baden-boo. I decided the idea of paying 80 bucks each time we take him to Petsmart for a haircut was just pure silliness. So we get home and spent the next two hours giving him the spa treatment. The fur was flying! And trust me there was lots of it! By the time we were finished the deck was covered with puppy hair. Baden overall was pretty good about it though of course he wasn't thrilled. I held him and Sean did the clipping. Ok, well most of it. Don't ask me how it happened- but I got the oh-so pleasant job of clipping Baden's bottom. Oh, yeah and the fun doesn't end there. I also go to trim his, um..well you know....the little wee wee. Sean decided that there was no way he was doing it. The thought of slipping and actually hurting something so precious was just too much for my fragile honey. Men! Anyways, I'll save the squishy details. Baden actually turned out really well. I told Sean he missed his calling and should have been a dog groomer. He did such a good job on his coat and it's completely even, except for a little spot at the begining of his tail. So Baden is styling and profiling now and ready to go to the Puppy Park to strut his stuff in front of all the girls. Ahh, kids...they grow so quickly. My baby will be 2 in July. How time flies! I just want to keep my little punkie this age forever. And Tigger Kitty is almost an old man. He'll be six this year- but he's still fat and happy with his saggy tummy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sickly Girly....Again this semester I've been sick with one thing after another. As soon as I kick one illness, another one pops up. I hope this isn't a sign of old age. :-) Sean's in trouble though because he kicked off the lastest round. A few months ago he gave me a sinus infection, of course he healed up just fine, but me...Oh no. I end up with bronchitis about a month ago and a sore throat that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Every time I swallowed it felt like my entire body was on fire. Well, now I'm just the nasal drip, phlegm-filled, mildly severe soar throat girl. I swear I'm keeping the entire Kleenex industry in business. I'm quite the sexy one with all my many piles of snot rags. I know...Too much info. But hey, it's my blog, so I'll share what I want. :) Anyways, went to the doc today and got some new medicine. Pretty soon, I'll have enough drugs to start my own pharmacy. It's insane. I actually did get Sean to give me a little sympathy last night, usually he makes me fend for myself. Hehe. Ok, so I did get a bit more babying when I wasn't sick every other week. But, a girl deserves to be pampered and taken care of when she's not feeling well. Even if she's a little weakling and picks up every virus that comes near her. Anyways, as requested he made me a sandwich yesterday (mustard on one side only and no mayo) and an apple cut into 1/8ths. Today is the first day I've actually been able to taste food and that it didn't taste like post-nasal drip. I know, disgusting. Anyways, had some Fruit Loops this morning. Oh my goodness, so darn good!!! You would have thought I was eating a banana split the way I was savoring them. Anyways, back home now and it's time to get back to work. If anyone would like to send me get-well checks/cash/gift cards please feel free to send them to my home. Hehe.

Ok, off to do work and snuggle with Baden-boo!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Where's the Bengay?

Ok, so I used our new elliptical for the first time last night. I did the hill setting and was on it for about 25 minutes. Oh my gosh, it soo kicked my butt!! I was so tired and had to really push myself to get through the last ten minutes. I did my weights for about a half hour after that. How sad is this...I had to go back down to little 5 pound weights. I was at one point long ago, up to 12-15 pounds, but alas not using them for three months will drop ya back down. Being the superwoman that I am, I was still able to do 10 pound bicep curls. However, I'm paying for it today. My muscles ache and I feel like I was hit by a Mack Truck. Sean felt the need to gloat that he feels just great today after his spin on the elliptical. Punk! :) I know it's all mental, but I swear already that my jeans are fitting just a bit better. Give me a week and maybe I'll even have a perky, lifted, bounce a quarter off of it booty. *lol* Ok, so maybe not but a girl can dream! Speaking of tushies, why is that men seem to just naturally have well-muscled bottoms. So not fair...just yet another example of how they have it easier. Sheesh! :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Bday to Me...T minus 3 hours and counting.

Hey all-

Ok, so I know it's been forever a day since I last blogged, but hey I'm a busy gal. :)

Since it's my bday and all and it's traumatizing enough now officially being in my late twenties I decided to take the day off from work. Now please do not let this fool you. All this means is that rather than working, I was doing school stuff. I was on strike the night before so I didn't work on a paper like I should have. So this morning I was a typing mad woman. At one point, I was laying on the floor in front of the backyard glass door. I was trying to soak up some rays as I typed. Well, Baden being the playful pup that he is decided he was in the mood to wrestle. In the midst of writing witty commentary on the Trujillo dictatorship I feel a sharp nip on my tushie! That's right, he bit my booty. Crazy darn mind you, this was no little tug. This was a good grab a chunk and enjoy. Oh, and did I mention I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans which should have been retired long ago since they have a hole in the arse. I can't bear the thought of it though, so instead I keep sewing them as they rip and tear further. Now, as most of you probably realize my sewing skills are minimal at best. So yes, it's a disaster zone of thread..but hey it does the job and I can go out in public in my jeans w/o fear of being arrested for indecent exposure. Anyways, I was down to the wire in getting this paper completed. So imagine the inconvenience when 2 o'clock rolls around and I haven't printed it yet and my class starts at 3 o'clock and I'm still at home. Being the great multi-tasker that I am I was forced to take some light reading material into the ladies room with me to proofread. I know so scary. This crazy schedule has turned me into a dude. I am now taking reading material into the restroom. Yuck!!

So made it to Hist class only a few minutes late after busting a move across campus. Oh, and I did I mention that I heard a twenty year old chickie whinging about being old. Give me a break! :) I dont' think I really felt my age until this semester. As I look around at all the youngsters who think it's so cool to party while the 'rents are away and have a kegger, I feel oddly boring. Our idea of a big night out is grabbing a movie from Blockbuster and ordering Chinese. If I'm really lucky it will include a shopping excursion to Target. I know sad, but oh so true. Anyways, I briefly went to my legal class just long enough to pick up my paper and hear the Prof rant about how we can't follow directions and that his comments are blunt, etc. So of course were all sitting there feeling as if our heads are on the chopping block. I think he likes to torture us for his own pleasure. :) So all that angst and guess what...... I got an A-. I'll take for me especially since I worked my a** off on that paper.

So I left to come home early and spend my bday evening with Seanie burger-butt and Baden-boo and TK. I walk in the house to see red roses cut and in a vase waiting for me on the kitchen table, the place settings out (to include wine glasses) and the smell of yummy food in the oven. Oh, and he had a candle lit and my card on the table as well. My honey rocks!!! Nothing like coming home to a hot man in the kitchen. Woohoo! Wish this were an every day occurrence. He made mango poppy salmon, asparagus, french bread and salad. Nice, eh? So we had a lovely dinner and some delicious white Merlot. Mmm....I so could have gotten plastered tonight...but probably not a good idea given my long morning commute tomorrow.

So what do you think was planned for after dinner....hmm? Get your minds out of the gutters. I'm so flippin excited. We got our Life Fitness X3i eliptical trainer today. Hallejuah!! My booty is gonna get back in shape. I can't remember the last time I was at the gym. I miss it, but there's just not time with work and school. I miss my sweetie and kitty and puppy as it is, so the last thing I want to do is leave home when I don't have to. Let me tell ya that thing was a beast to get from the bed of his truck into the house. But being the buff bods that we are, we managed. So he's been putting it together in our living for the past few hours while Baden and I supervise. I can't wait to get a routine going and for clothes to start fitting better. I have my skinny pants out and as soon as I can cram myself into them, I'm going out for a big brownie sundae. Ha! Anyways, it's pretty good timing since summer is just around the corner. I don't even want to think about getting into a bathing suit right now. Yuck!

All right, well Seanie is complaining cause I'm not helping him put together the eliptical. Sheesh, a woman's work is never done. So I better get going. Hope this finds everyone well. I miss ya all. I wish I had more time to chat and hang out with everyone, but it's just so crazy trying to juggle work and school.....and will be for the next 2 to 2 1/2 years that I'll be doing it. So hang in there with me! I'll try and not let so much time pass until my next blog.

Baden and Tigger send out warm furry kisses!