Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gonna Have to Face It You're Addicted....

Ok, so here are my latest addictions:

Banana Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries mixed in
Kisses on my forehead
Any type of warm fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top
Red Lobster's Tartar Sauce
Red Robin's Ranch Dressing (awesome banana milkshake here as well)
La Llava Coffee w/ Coffeemate Hazelnut Creamer and Equal
Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell only on the big screen, Nicholas on General Hospital Shirtless..hehe
Strawberry Shortcake from Giant Grocery Store....soo good. I ate half of it the first day I bought it last week
Going clothes shopping and trying on clothes only to discover I need a smaller size
Letting someone else blow-dry my mop of curly hair straight
Buying so-called Indestructible toys for Baden, which he then destroys rather quickly
My daily or every other day chats with Sean's mom
Date Night
French toast with strawberry topping from IHOP
Finding money in Sean's pockets when doing laundry-- Jackpot!!! Unfortunately, I always give it back...darn conscience.
My purrrty new car!
Weather that isn't humid, sticky, hot, freezing, wet, damp or dreary
Law & Order: SVU (Oh, my gosh this show is soo addicting)

Phew.....I was on a roll...ok, I think I'm done now. So what are some of your all addictions? C'mon all you peeping Tom's or Mia's that read, but's time to spill it!! Tram, that means you too. Usha, keep it R-rated at least, no XXX. Hehe! Love ya all!


Blogger Trammie Tram said...

Ok Lis, I just gave in to all that blogger registration, you need a user name and account, we don't accept anonymous posting b*$#^&@! See how much I love you?

Now, back to the topic on hand. Here are a few of my new addictions:

Pickles, pickle chips, pickled vegetables...
Those blended mocha blasts, frappucino things with chocolate swirls and whipped cream
Anything with cinnamon...churros, bunuelos, waffles
Fashion and trash magazines
The feeling of hands running through my much that I make Stewart braid my hair sometimes...and then he ends up giving me dread locks :-)
Scavenging for loose change as soon as Stewart empties his pockets...I only return new quarters to him.
Sex and the City reruns
Perfumes, makeup, and potato salad...all discovered at the tender age of 26...where the hell have I been??

I feel completely exposed now.

8/12/2004 1:15 PM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

I am with Tram on the pickles. I loooovvvveeee pickles.
As far as the rest of my list, where do I begin?

1. Pickles, pickles, and more pickles.
2. Cheese Enchiladas
3. Sushi with lots of soy sauce
4. Salt and Vinegar chips
5. Guacamole
6. Hash browns with tons of salt (Have you got that I am a sodium freak yet?) :-)
7. Caramel apples and Frozen Banana's
That is about it for food.

I love my SUV
I am addicted to my kitty kisses although I don't think the feeling is mutual.
I love my hotty sister Lisa
I love the ocean or being on the lake.
I love camping
I love traveling although I haven't gotten to far
I love horseback riding
I love CSI Miami
I think I could go on for days so I will just stop there.

So how the heck is everyone? Long time no see. I hope you are all doing well and I can see you guys again in the future. Hugs, Mia

8/12/2004 4:51 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Yeah...Tram and Mia are finally commenting. All we need is Usha Babushka adding her words of wisdom. So when are you sassy ladies going to start your own blogs? I'd love to hear your daily adventures and thoughts and ranting. Oh, and when are you going to bring yourselves out here for a visit? Hmmm!!

Mia, I haven't seen any plain frozen banana's around here. Another area where the east coast is lacking!

Tram, who knew you had a hair playing fetish...wierdo. Hehe...just teasing!

8/12/2004 7:42 PM  
Blogger Bailey's Mom said...

My addictions (in no particular order are):
Lounging on the couch with my lovely hubby charlie
Kisses and Huggs from my puppy Bailey
Dave Matthews Band
Maroon 5
"chick flick" movies
Blackberry Cobbler a la mode
Shopping (lately Pottery Barn)
Trying out new restaurants around the area
Snuggling (aka cuddling)
Brad Pitt
Finding cute dog collars for Bailey (hey, he deserves a little variety in his wardrobe too!)
E! News Live

You never realize how much stuff you are addicted to till you start writing it all down!

8/14/2004 1:59 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Yeah, I've sucked Elise aka "E" into the blog world too. I could have gone on and on with my addictions. Baden's toy collection increased yet again today when we bought him some Wiggly Giggley Neon toy for 15 bucks. I didn't realize it was that much. Needless to say since Sean was getting the Petsmart bill today he wasn't too happy. Oops!

8/14/2004 8:40 PM  

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