Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Are Dogs and Humans really that different?

Well, since the website hasn't brought about any pet dates for our darling Baden Pup, we've now become regulars at the doggy parks. Yes, Baden is quite the crowd pleaser there. It's soo cute to see him out there running around. Dogs are very similiar to humans. There's the popular group, the outsiders and some pups even have the "short dog syndrome". It's true, so many of the little pooches like to pick fights with the larger canines to strut their stuff and for some reason their owners think it's cute. I find it a bit obnoxious, but hey to each his own. There's also the awkward dogs, shy ones, loners and bullies. It brings you back to your days on the playground as a kid. We've discovered that Baden is the one who sort of floats from clique to clique and is pretty much accepted by all. Occassionally he'll lead the pack in a game of chase, but he usually prefers to be in the midst of the action but not right in the middle of it. If there's a scuffle/fight to establish dominance performance though, he's one of the first ones to surround and watch. I'm convinced he's like the bookie of doggie fights. He seems pretty good at picking the winners. Hopefully, we're not raising the Don King of the canine world. At least he doesn't have the hair. Hehehe.

So he has his first doggy social this weekend. He'll get to officially learn the name of his frisky friends and the treats will abundantly be flowing. He'll be strutting his stuff and showing off his brand new collar- it's a Targe't Original. :o)


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