Friday, August 13, 2004

Announcing the 1st Annual LaLa Awards

So I was thinking and what the world needs is yet another award ceremony, because goodness knows there aren't enough of those already. :o) Actually, as I was laying in bed last night I was thinking what a great group of friends I have and this idea came to me. So w/o further ado and in no particular order......

Best Gal Pal, Listener, Advice Giver, Supporter, Comedian w/o even trying & All Around Bestest Best Friend in the World: Trammie Tram (Love ya girlie- thanks for putting up with me!)

World's Greatest Sister & Heart of Gold & Super Kitty Mommy/Wife/Granddaughter: The incomparable West Coast Mia

Gutsiest Gal w/Unlimited Intelligence and my Future Doctor for life: Usha aka Ush-sters!

Most Likely to Go Down in the History Books & Humble Genius & Gentle Soul & Future Brilliant Guitar Star & Good-lookin too: Jeremy aka J-man

Best Jessica Simpson'esque Moment: Sean asking if I've ever been to Tucson, AZ (Note: He pronounced it Tux-son). Hahahahaha!

Biggest Flirt & Best at Wooing the Ladies with Southern Charm: Dave W.

Savvy Shoe Shopping Goddess & Great Storyteller: Nikki aka Gracie Olive

Best Caretaker to her Family: Mia aka Moria aka My Beautiful Older, Wiser Sis

Most Unique, Free Spirited, Brave & Best Wine Festival Buddy: Ms. Mel

Best Just Stepped Out of Ann Taylor Ad Impression: Nikki aka Gracie Olive

Best Nickname: Seanie Burger Butt (An explanation may follow…haha)

Entrepreneur Genius & Future Name on Forbes Richest People In America List: Ted (And yes ladies, he is single and looking.)

One of the most Handsome & Best Snuggles / Sloppy Kiss Giver: Baden Pup aka Punkin

Best Smile & Soft Head Butt Kisses & Champion Purr-er: Tigger Kitty aka TK aka T-Dog

Cutest Dimples & Hottie in a Suit: Sean

Wisest, Kindest Super Mom/Career Woman/Gourmet Chef: Lori aka Sean's Mom

Most Romantic Hubby & Great Dad & Feisty Political Debater: David aka Sean's Dad

Best Net Buddy, Wiseass & My Favorite Utah Transplant: Beth aka Bethers aka Crazy Jon Jon's wife.

Best Schmoozer and Flatterer and All-Around Ladies Man: Dave W.

Best Shopping Bud If You're Prepared to Spend Big Bucks & Great Wife & Wonderful Friend & Owner of the 2nd Cutest Pup in the World ;o) : Elise

Best Adopted Dad & Inspiration of Strength and Faith: Richard Westrup (You're in my prayers and loving thoughts are sent your way.)

Ok, that's it for now. There may be more awards to come. You'll just have to wait and see and stay tuned to the ever-exciting world of Lisa's Blog!


Blogger Trammie Tram said...

WOW! I wasn't expecting this at all. This LALA is an honor, a dream that I never, this is surreal...I'd like to thank the person whose vision made this all possible (literally) best partner on crack, Lis. xoxo Love you

8/13/2004 11:16 PM  
Blogger Bailey's Mom said...

Aside from the crowning achievment of winning 2nd place in a Rainbow Brite coloring contest at age 7.. this is the most prestigious award I have ever been blessed with. Who knew.. I... Elise Moss would be known as a big spender on the shopping circuit???
Well, I must first thank my mom for teaching me to always enjoy my money that I work so hard for. But above all the thanks must go to my friends, without whom I would not have nearly as many shopping opportunities.

8/14/2004 11:08 AM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

See how the creative genius just flows out of me when it's not being sucked out by textbooks and mean professors. Such a shame, I still have to go back. But for now....I'm free- so look out all. I'll have entirely too much time to Blog. :o)

8/14/2004 8:27 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

Oh...and Ms. Bailey's Mom, do I really come 2nd to a Rainbow Brite contest? Ok, ok, I guess I can see how if you're 7 winning that would be pretty cool.

Trammie Tram- I forgot future Teacher of the Year Award winner aka Corruptor of ESL children around the world. Hahaha! Hey, it's a tough job being your partner, but who else would really have put up with either one of us for the past 12+ years. Did I just say 12 years? Wow, we've survived Mira Loma, braces, bad very bad hairstyles, poor choices in fashion and men all with the help of one another. And we'll still be the hottest chicks at a M.L.H.S. reunion if we ever decided to grace them with our presence.

8/14/2004 8:32 PM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

And 1st place in the Wee Miss Christmas pageant is.....????? But seriously thanks for all my beautiful awards. I don't have a clue who to thank first. I would like to send love to the one person who can keep me sane (and that can be a tough chore)La La Lisa. And to all the beautiful little people who voted for me. :-)

8/17/2004 12:52 PM  
Blogger LaLa Lisa said...

You just had to rat me out, didn't ya! ;o) Hey, I'll let you know that it takes a lot of courage to strut yourself on a stage wearing a purple Ms. Piggy swimsuit. *lol* I tell ya, one of these days I will steal the video from Gramps. Thank God, he couldn't find it to show it to Sean when we were there last time.

8/17/2004 1:03 PM  
Blogger West Coast Mia said...

Ohhhhhh....I forgot about the video. Well I feel a mission coming on. Steve and I are trying to find someone to put our wedding video on DVD. It would be my pleasure to do the same for you and send Sean a copy.;-)
I can't believe saying my wedding video is on VHS makes me feel like I got married in the stone ages. It was only a few years ago. Luv Ya

8/17/2004 4:56 PM  
Blogger Ok...I'm lost said...

Best schoozer? Ok...I can see how you might see that I'm a ladies man...(trust me, im modest), but a schmooze? Sheesh...always grief!

Well my dear Lisa...I'll try not to bother you too much with my charm since you are spoken for these days. See, I'm a good guy these days. Respectable like! hahahaha

8/22/2004 5:12 PM  

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