Thursday, August 19, 2004

Vacation awaits....

Just thought I'd let all my fans in Blogland know that Sean and I will be on vacation for the next week or so. Baden will be accompanying us. Tigger will be staying at home since he's not a fan of long drives through multiple states. We've been there, done that. :o) No worries though, he's got a nice Pet Sitter who will be visiting him often to tend to all his needs. Yes, that's right, he has his own sitter. Hey, I didn't want him to get lonely or feel unloved while we're away. Anyways, I'll try and find a moment to Blog, but in case I don't have time to.... I hope you all miss me very much. And start your own Blogs for me to enjoy. I know all my friend out there reading this are anything but Wallflowers so start yapping. Talk to you soon!..... Lis

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Announcing Baden's Moment of Fame!!! So exciting...

Mission accomplished. I hadn't been to the website for the last several days. However, tonight I decided to take a peek and see if Baden had any new pet buddies. Imagine my delight when I saw that my precious angel pup was voted Cutest Pet. Of course, this is an honor he is quite worthy of and long overdue. I'm such the proud Mommy right now. We saved the page so we can remember Baden's moment in the spotlight. I'm sure this will be the first of many. Some day he'll be raking in so much dough that he'll be supporting us. Go Baden! Go Baden! Go Baden! My little stud puppy! Hopefully, he'll still be in the spot light by the time you view this link. However, even if he isn't anyone whose reading this will know that he should be. Hehe. I know, I'm such the stage mom! *lol*

Friday, August 13, 2004

Announcing the 1st Annual LaLa Awards

So I was thinking and what the world needs is yet another award ceremony, because goodness knows there aren't enough of those already. :o) Actually, as I was laying in bed last night I was thinking what a great group of friends I have and this idea came to me. So w/o further ado and in no particular order......

Best Gal Pal, Listener, Advice Giver, Supporter, Comedian w/o even trying & All Around Bestest Best Friend in the World: Trammie Tram (Love ya girlie- thanks for putting up with me!)

World's Greatest Sister & Heart of Gold & Super Kitty Mommy/Wife/Granddaughter: The incomparable West Coast Mia

Gutsiest Gal w/Unlimited Intelligence and my Future Doctor for life: Usha aka Ush-sters!

Most Likely to Go Down in the History Books & Humble Genius & Gentle Soul & Future Brilliant Guitar Star & Good-lookin too: Jeremy aka J-man

Best Jessica Simpson'esque Moment: Sean asking if I've ever been to Tucson, AZ (Note: He pronounced it Tux-son). Hahahahaha!

Biggest Flirt & Best at Wooing the Ladies with Southern Charm: Dave W.

Savvy Shoe Shopping Goddess & Great Storyteller: Nikki aka Gracie Olive

Best Caretaker to her Family: Mia aka Moria aka My Beautiful Older, Wiser Sis

Most Unique, Free Spirited, Brave & Best Wine Festival Buddy: Ms. Mel

Best Just Stepped Out of Ann Taylor Ad Impression: Nikki aka Gracie Olive

Best Nickname: Seanie Burger Butt (An explanation may follow…haha)

Entrepreneur Genius & Future Name on Forbes Richest People In America List: Ted (And yes ladies, he is single and looking.)

One of the most Handsome & Best Snuggles / Sloppy Kiss Giver: Baden Pup aka Punkin

Best Smile & Soft Head Butt Kisses & Champion Purr-er: Tigger Kitty aka TK aka T-Dog

Cutest Dimples & Hottie in a Suit: Sean

Wisest, Kindest Super Mom/Career Woman/Gourmet Chef: Lori aka Sean's Mom

Most Romantic Hubby & Great Dad & Feisty Political Debater: David aka Sean's Dad

Best Net Buddy, Wiseass & My Favorite Utah Transplant: Beth aka Bethers aka Crazy Jon Jon's wife.

Best Schmoozer and Flatterer and All-Around Ladies Man: Dave W.

Best Shopping Bud If You're Prepared to Spend Big Bucks & Great Wife & Wonderful Friend & Owner of the 2nd Cutest Pup in the World ;o) : Elise

Best Adopted Dad & Inspiration of Strength and Faith: Richard Westrup (You're in my prayers and loving thoughts are sent your way.)

Ok, that's it for now. There may be more awards to come. You'll just have to wait and see and stay tuned to the ever-exciting world of Lisa's Blog!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rain Rain Go Away....

So another day of wonderful VA summer weather. In my Geology class they told us about a city in Alaska where the suicide rate is riduculously high because they only have one hour of sunlight a day. So I think the reason why VA drivers are so darn rude is the weather. How could the nasty humidity, dreary skies, lack of sunshine, bleak overcast stickiness not make a person a bit cranky and short-tempered. Really we have one nice season here a year and that's fall. Don't get me wrong on occassion we have a good day of weather. And on those days it's as if the whole DC Metro area is out and about savoring every last precious moment of it. Such as last weekend, we had beautiful non-humid weather. I'm soo longing for a nice warm non-sticky California summer or even a sizzling hot dry Arizona one. Either would be better than this yuckiness. Oh well, at I guess it's weather like this that helps keep the deordorant industry prosperous. :o)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gonna Have to Face It You're Addicted....

Ok, so here are my latest addictions:

Banana Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries mixed in
Kisses on my forehead
Any type of warm fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top
Red Lobster's Tartar Sauce
Red Robin's Ranch Dressing (awesome banana milkshake here as well)
La Llava Coffee w/ Coffeemate Hazelnut Creamer and Equal
Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell only on the big screen, Nicholas on General Hospital Shirtless..hehe
Strawberry Shortcake from Giant Grocery Store....soo good. I ate half of it the first day I bought it last week
Going clothes shopping and trying on clothes only to discover I need a smaller size
Letting someone else blow-dry my mop of curly hair straight
Buying so-called Indestructible toys for Baden, which he then destroys rather quickly
My daily or every other day chats with Sean's mom
Date Night
French toast with strawberry topping from IHOP
Finding money in Sean's pockets when doing laundry-- Jackpot!!! Unfortunately, I always give it back...darn conscience.
My purrrty new car!
Weather that isn't humid, sticky, hot, freezing, wet, damp or dreary
Law & Order: SVU (Oh, my gosh this show is soo addicting)

Phew.....I was on a roll...ok, I think I'm done now. So what are some of your all addictions? C'mon all you peeping Tom's or Mia's that read, but's time to spill it!! Tram, that means you too. Usha, keep it R-rated at least, no XXX. Hehe! Love ya all!

Are Dogs and Humans really that different?

Well, since the website hasn't brought about any pet dates for our darling Baden Pup, we've now become regulars at the doggy parks. Yes, Baden is quite the crowd pleaser there. It's soo cute to see him out there running around. Dogs are very similiar to humans. There's the popular group, the outsiders and some pups even have the "short dog syndrome". It's true, so many of the little pooches like to pick fights with the larger canines to strut their stuff and for some reason their owners think it's cute. I find it a bit obnoxious, but hey to each his own. There's also the awkward dogs, shy ones, loners and bullies. It brings you back to your days on the playground as a kid. We've discovered that Baden is the one who sort of floats from clique to clique and is pretty much accepted by all. Occassionally he'll lead the pack in a game of chase, but he usually prefers to be in the midst of the action but not right in the middle of it. If there's a scuffle/fight to establish dominance performance though, he's one of the first ones to surround and watch. I'm convinced he's like the bookie of doggie fights. He seems pretty good at picking the winners. Hopefully, we're not raising the Don King of the canine world. At least he doesn't have the hair. Hehehe.

So he has his first doggy social this weekend. He'll get to officially learn the name of his frisky friends and the treats will abundantly be flowing. He'll be strutting his stuff and showing off his brand new collar- it's a Targe't Original. :o)

Gym Goddesses

Ok, so the summer school session from hell officially ended on Tuesday. Yippee! As of now it looks like I'll be taking the fall semeseter off. My first break in two and a half years. I'll actually have time for enjoyment reading, hanging out with the girls, more date nights and bonding with Baden Pup and Tigger Kitty. Not to mention going hitting the gym on a routine basis. I don't thik once a week really counts. :o)

That thought brings me to my rant. So we joined the Gold's near our house. Great facility, tons of machines/classes and fairly new. Oh, and they have a juice bar which I'll never enjoy since each drink is a zillion calories. It'd be more health conscious to run over to the Dairy Queen just across the way. Anyways, I digress. Every time we've gone practically all the women there are primped to nines. Hair is perfect coifed with each random strand strategically placed. Their make-up is flawless and the exercise outfits fit to perfection down to the perfect fit and color to flatter them. Am I the only one who goes to the gym anymore with my mass of puffy curls or sexy grandma bun wearing one of my boyfriends t-shirts and comfy pants? I'm usually there in the evenings so make-up is anything but flawless. Could I prance in wearing a little sport bra and hoochie shorts? Well, I'm sure Sean would be thrilled. But I'd rather not worry about whether my tummy is pooching as I jog on the treadmill or lift free weights. Not to mention, it's the gym. I go there to workout which usually involves a bit of sweat or at the very last glistening. Trust me, I've searched but there is not a bead of sweat on any of these women. Hey, there's not much else to do once you've read through your entire copy of People or US Weekly than people watch. Oh, and the kicker- so yesterday, I saw I kid you not, a woman my grandmother's age in a sports bra and stretchy bike shorts. Now, granted it wasn't the most flattering outfit she could have chosen, but am I the only one who doesn't see why even at the gym we women feel the need to be glamorous and perfectly coifed? Do I really need to start laboring over what outfit to wear at the gym, just so I don't feel like the only slouch there? Sheesh! A woman's work is never done. :o)