Saturday, July 24, 2004

Settling into Middle-Age at the Youthful Age of 25

So Friday night rolls around and hottie boyfriend and I kick around ideas for ways to spend the evening. This is our usual ritual, which is somewhat silly considering that it usually ends with us deciding to change into pj's and stay home for an exciting evening of Joan of Arcadia and Law & Order SVU (which by the way is the most addicting show and the ending always has a great twist).  My dinner consisted of a healthy bowl of frosted mini wheats as an early snack and then peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, after going shopping last Saturday it is obviously once again time to go grocery shopping.  Which means time for Lisa to go because for some reason hottie bf turns into an impatient complaining speed shopper when he accompanies me and him going alone is just out of the question. :o) He'd bring back four boxes of extra sugary high-calorie cereal and call it a day. So I usually grab my Starbucks latte and lemon bar to munch on as I cruise through the grocery store.  Anyways, I digress.  Ok, so what were our big Saturday plans? Thanks to once again muggy dreary VA weather Baden's play date plans were postponed.  We woke up entirely too early this morning and started cleaning like mad maids. So five hours and a vacuumed/dusted/mopped/scrubbed house later we pondered as to what our evening plans should be.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention that this cleaning was made bearable by the Sonny-licious General Hospital Marathon on the Soap Network today. Woohoo! I was so excited, only to find that it wasn't as Sonny-filled as they led you to believe.  Teases! How dare they dangle Sonny dimples in front of you all week and then poof show you ten minutes worth in the entire six hours of episodes.  I think I should write to my Congressman to complain. Hmmmph! Anyways, it being 5pm and I being nice and stinky and unshowered, I'm feeling lazy. So we decide to postpone big plans to go into D.C. for a fancy schmancy dinner until next weekend.  Rather we took a trip to a yummy bbq restaurant and stopped by the grand opening of a Bed, Bath & Beyond  and lastly a visit to Lowe's.  I'm so excited about the Maroon Gerbera Daisies I purchased!  And now I can't wait for boyfriend to plant them. Hehe. :o)  Upon getting home, we took our adorable loveable Baden Pup for a walk (past a pool party that apparently our invitation to was mailed to the wrong had to be a mistake) and are now comfortably settled in our living room.  He with a laptop on his lap and mine on my lap as well. Darn the technology!!! It's ridiculous, but also soo cool.   :o)  No replacement for good 'ol human communication though. Oh speaking of, this tasty bbq restaurant had quite the wait. When our pager finally went off, we practically ran. I was soo hungry.  The waitress asked me if we would mind being sat at the worst table in the restaurant.  The downside, we were in tiny tot-sized booth with a lovely view of the wall and a big red arrow painted on the wall pointing down to us saying Crappiest Table in the Restaurant or some such.  The upside, we got free dessert! And anyone who knows me can attest the fact that I'm a dessert fanatic.   Since I've had a year and a half of picking our desserts, I decided to that we could go ahead and order the bread pudding that Sean so desperately wanted.  My vote was for the Kahlua Brownie.  The sacrifices I make for my sweetie. Haha!  


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