Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hairy Sexist Culture

Ok, so why is it that we women are expected to pluck, pull, wax, shave, Nair every single hair on our body until we're bare as the day we were born....yet there's a horrifyingly large population of males out there who have bushy brillo pad looking eyebrows, dangling nose hairs, ear hair protruding and curly-q upper chest hairs peeking out from their shirt. Is there no justice in this world? It's a sad state of equality when we can't even have a little leg stubble w/o feeling ungroomed, yet men just let it all hang free. Oh, and let's not forget the unsightly butt or back hair that some have the unfortunate genetics to inherit. Yet, they still find love. Show me one woman with a mustache whose in relationship heaven!

I say we will have reached true equality when the day comes where men too spend as much time and money on grooming and primping themselves as we do! Cheers! :o)

Oh, and for the record, I'd still love my current beau even if he were a walking furry fella, but lucky for me he's not. Oh, and have I mentioned that he has adorable dimples and a cute tushie. Jackpot! Sorry, my ramblings got a little off topic. Hehe.


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