Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Going to the Chapel and we're....... Not so Fast

Over my dinner of Low-Carb Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Fajitas, I decided to put boyfriend on the spot about his intentions. We've discussed the big "M" and have agreed that a proposal would likely occur by our second anniversary. Now, I being a woman of very little patience, have started to grow a bit antsy. Attending six weddings last year too, probably didn't help and neither did turning the big 25. I'm hesitant to discuss this matter because I know the poor fella is already getting bombarded with pressure from his family and dodging questions from our friends. However, my thought is that if anyone has a right to be curious as to his plans- it would be me right? Why is it that so often when the "M" word is mentioned men suddenly start to feel very warm, complexion turns red, beads of sweat drip from every pore and their eyes dart around as if they're scanning for an escape route from their predator? Ok, so maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit. :o) I guess I just haven't quite figured out yet a soothing non-pressured way of approaching this topic. It really doesn't need to be so dramatic. Next time, I may try this:

Me: Yo man, you proposing before the 2-year 'versary, a'ight?
Boyfriend: um, ooooh...eeeh...ahhh....dughgrrrr, hee....hooo, hum.....dododododo

Also, I haven't been able to drill through my honey's thick little head that being engaged doesn't mean you'll be walking down the aisle w/in six months. I, for one, would like a long engagement. I'm thinking 18-24 months. I want it to be a stress free, not entirely planning filled time. Oh, and it'll give me plenty of time to oogle my ring (Boyfriend- if you're reading this- think PRINCESS cut). Alas, in the mind of the man, he's thinking I'm only 24 and you're 25- forgetaboutit...we got plenty of time. But being a woman I'm thinking two year engagement, I'm almost 26 that puts me at 28 when I get married and then of course you want a few years of newlywed bliss before little monsters, I mean kids, come along. So I'm looking at the big, not huge, but intimadating 30 by then. *Sigh*

I think I'm done rambling now....or at least for the sake of Boyfriend's blood pressure I should stop here. :o)


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