Saturday, July 24, 2004

Settling into Middle-Age at the Youthful Age of 25

So Friday night rolls around and hottie boyfriend and I kick around ideas for ways to spend the evening. This is our usual ritual, which is somewhat silly considering that it usually ends with us deciding to change into pj's and stay home for an exciting evening of Joan of Arcadia and Law & Order SVU (which by the way is the most addicting show and the ending always has a great twist).  My dinner consisted of a healthy bowl of frosted mini wheats as an early snack and then peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, after going shopping last Saturday it is obviously once again time to go grocery shopping.  Which means time for Lisa to go because for some reason hottie bf turns into an impatient complaining speed shopper when he accompanies me and him going alone is just out of the question. :o) He'd bring back four boxes of extra sugary high-calorie cereal and call it a day. So I usually grab my Starbucks latte and lemon bar to munch on as I cruise through the grocery store.  Anyways, I digress.  Ok, so what were our big Saturday plans? Thanks to once again muggy dreary VA weather Baden's play date plans were postponed.  We woke up entirely too early this morning and started cleaning like mad maids. So five hours and a vacuumed/dusted/mopped/scrubbed house later we pondered as to what our evening plans should be.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention that this cleaning was made bearable by the Sonny-licious General Hospital Marathon on the Soap Network today. Woohoo! I was so excited, only to find that it wasn't as Sonny-filled as they led you to believe.  Teases! How dare they dangle Sonny dimples in front of you all week and then poof show you ten minutes worth in the entire six hours of episodes.  I think I should write to my Congressman to complain. Hmmmph! Anyways, it being 5pm and I being nice and stinky and unshowered, I'm feeling lazy. So we decide to postpone big plans to go into D.C. for a fancy schmancy dinner until next weekend.  Rather we took a trip to a yummy bbq restaurant and stopped by the grand opening of a Bed, Bath & Beyond  and lastly a visit to Lowe's.  I'm so excited about the Maroon Gerbera Daisies I purchased!  And now I can't wait for boyfriend to plant them. Hehe. :o)  Upon getting home, we took our adorable loveable Baden Pup for a walk (past a pool party that apparently our invitation to was mailed to the wrong had to be a mistake) and are now comfortably settled in our living room.  He with a laptop on his lap and mine on my lap as well. Darn the technology!!! It's ridiculous, but also soo cool.   :o)  No replacement for good 'ol human communication though. Oh speaking of, this tasty bbq restaurant had quite the wait. When our pager finally went off, we practically ran. I was soo hungry.  The waitress asked me if we would mind being sat at the worst table in the restaurant.  The downside, we were in tiny tot-sized booth with a lovely view of the wall and a big red arrow painted on the wall pointing down to us saying Crappiest Table in the Restaurant or some such.  The upside, we got free dessert! And anyone who knows me can attest the fact that I'm a dessert fanatic.   Since I've had a year and a half of picking our desserts, I decided to that we could go ahead and order the bread pudding that Sean so desperately wanted.  My vote was for the Kahlua Brownie.  The sacrifices I make for my sweetie. Haha!  

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Me...a procrastinator....never! :o)

So it is 4pm on Sunday.  Another weekend comes to an end and I have managed to completely blow off studying or doing homework.  Which is normal, this I know, however to completely stress and obsess and chastise yourself for it isn't.  And if I'm going to do that, why not make life easier for myself by just being more disciplined and getting things done? My boyfriend thinks I have to be one of the world's best procrastinator's, if not numero uno.  I'm having serious motivation issues.  Alas, in the end I always seem to be able to pull it off, but I'm sure all this last minute waiting has contributed greatly to my need to dye my hair often. :o)  And yes, writing this blog, is yet another way for me to ward off the study gods.
So it's been a pretty nice weekend.  Friday night boyfriend and I ate leftovers and ran some errands.  We stopped by Home Depot to check out kitchen  cabinets and countertops and try and get some ideas.  There were quite a few nice sample kitchens set up and the prices looked reasonable until you looked at the fine print.  A 12k kitchen remodeling effort is not in our foreseeable future at this point.  We'd have to win the lotto and since neither of us play, the likelihood of that occurring is nil.   Saturday we were rudely awoken by a phone call that came much too early in the morning given that we had only been asleep a few hours.  Unable to fall asleep, I began watching 90210 reruns and am embarrassed to admit that two hours passed fairly quickly.  Upon finally getting motivated, I went grocery shopping and spent entirely too much.  We then decided to take some drinks/snacks and a blanket to the park.  Mr. Baden was quite excited at the idea.  Mistake 1- letting Sean pick the park. Hehe. It wasn't really a park, more like a woodsy area so it was a bug haven.  It took us about ten minutes to trek to a somewhat suitable spot where we camped for about twenty minutes until Sean tired of being mosquito food.  I was so immersed in my In Touch magazine, that I almost didn't notice that I was being bitten or the huge ants crawling around me.  We then decided to trek a half hour away to the only doggy park in our area that we knew of.  After fighting traffic, yes massive traffic on a Saturday, we finally arrived.  You have to park down the road at a library and then walk your pup to the park.  We were there all of ten minutes when a rainstorm suddenly came upon us- lightning and thunder included.   So my bright idea of standing under a tree waiting the rain out, probably wasn't a very good one. :o) So Baden only got to tussle around with his new-found friends for a few minutes.  I was pretty bummed and started ranting about sucky east coast weather, Sean wasn't feeling very sympathetic. I think he was secretly glad because he wanted to come home and nap.  Needless to say, our adventure cut short we headed home.  Baden was quite tired from his adventures and passed out.  Sean and I had worked up an appetite so we decided to end the day with a heart-healthy meal at IHOP. ;o)  I had an ever so healthy meal of French toast and pancakes smothered in strawberries and syrup, scrambled egg beaters and greasy ham.  Sean had a double stacked B.L.T. and a heaping order of fries.  Hey, mine was a little healthier than his...maybe.  I did take Baden for an hour walk though after pigging out on breakfast foods in the evening.  Sunday thus far, has been quite lazy for me. We went to be entirely too late last night and given my sleep deficit from Saturday I slept until 11am.  I would have slept later if Sean and Baden hadn't kept bothering me.  Yeah, get this- good 'ol Seanie-boy wakes me up so I don't waste the day away. Fine, but then a half hour later, I realize I'm downstairs all alone. Oh where is my cute Seanie Burger Butt? He's upstairs snoozing away! The nerve!  Sheesh! Anyways, he's been forgiven since he's conducted a massive cleaning effort downstairs today (his first ever since we moved in together I believe).   I've been dawdling around trying to find ways to accomplish anything worthwhile.  Ahh, how fun it can be to be lazy once in a while. :o)
Oh, I did accomplish something quite productive this weekend.  Baden will soon have quite the busy social calendar. Just take a look at this website...... 

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hairy Sexist Culture

Ok, so why is it that we women are expected to pluck, pull, wax, shave, Nair every single hair on our body until we're bare as the day we were born....yet there's a horrifyingly large population of males out there who have bushy brillo pad looking eyebrows, dangling nose hairs, ear hair protruding and curly-q upper chest hairs peeking out from their shirt. Is there no justice in this world? It's a sad state of equality when we can't even have a little leg stubble w/o feeling ungroomed, yet men just let it all hang free. Oh, and let's not forget the unsightly butt or back hair that some have the unfortunate genetics to inherit. Yet, they still find love. Show me one woman with a mustache whose in relationship heaven!

I say we will have reached true equality when the day comes where men too spend as much time and money on grooming and primping themselves as we do! Cheers! :o)

Oh, and for the record, I'd still love my current beau even if he were a walking furry fella, but lucky for me he's not. Oh, and have I mentioned that he has adorable dimples and a cute tushie. Jackpot! Sorry, my ramblings got a little off topic. Hehe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Going to the Chapel and we're....... Not so Fast

Over my dinner of Low-Carb Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Fajitas, I decided to put boyfriend on the spot about his intentions. We've discussed the big "M" and have agreed that a proposal would likely occur by our second anniversary. Now, I being a woman of very little patience, have started to grow a bit antsy. Attending six weddings last year too, probably didn't help and neither did turning the big 25. I'm hesitant to discuss this matter because I know the poor fella is already getting bombarded with pressure from his family and dodging questions from our friends. However, my thought is that if anyone has a right to be curious as to his plans- it would be me right? Why is it that so often when the "M" word is mentioned men suddenly start to feel very warm, complexion turns red, beads of sweat drip from every pore and their eyes dart around as if they're scanning for an escape route from their predator? Ok, so maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit. :o) I guess I just haven't quite figured out yet a soothing non-pressured way of approaching this topic. It really doesn't need to be so dramatic. Next time, I may try this:

Me: Yo man, you proposing before the 2-year 'versary, a'ight?
Boyfriend: um, ooooh...eeeh...ahhh....dughgrrrr, hee....hooo, hum.....dododododo

Also, I haven't been able to drill through my honey's thick little head that being engaged doesn't mean you'll be walking down the aisle w/in six months. I, for one, would like a long engagement. I'm thinking 18-24 months. I want it to be a stress free, not entirely planning filled time. Oh, and it'll give me plenty of time to oogle my ring (Boyfriend- if you're reading this- think PRINCESS cut). Alas, in the mind of the man, he's thinking I'm only 24 and you're 25- forgetaboutit...we got plenty of time. But being a woman I'm thinking two year engagement, I'm almost 26 that puts me at 28 when I get married and then of course you want a few years of newlywed bliss before little monsters, I mean kids, come along. So I'm looking at the big, not huge, but intimadating 30 by then. *Sigh*

I think I'm done rambling now....or at least for the sake of Boyfriend's blood pressure I should stop here. :o)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Will Tigger Kitty one day have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

So I again asked the boyfriend if I could quit working to focus on our kids (5 year old kitty and 13 month doggy) and was again shot down. :o( He apparently feels they do not need constant adult supervision. Sheesh! Ok, so had to take Tigger Kitty to the vet today to have strange eye goop checked out. Picture me running from the car with purse/umbrella in one hand and kitty in carrier in the other during a downpour. Of course rain let up as soon as I got indoors. Tigger K weighed in at a fighting weight of 13lbs. 4oz. No fatty here! He got moved to the mid-weight division. Oh, and I'm proud to say that he has the teeth of a two-year old. So it's confirmed, I need to start marketing my cat for commercials. Anyone got some connections? Haha! It's about time, my two darlings started making their way in this world and helping us support their insatiable appetites. Spent four hours this evening being bombarded with useless mathematical formulas and statistics or as the professor kept calling them "sadistics". He's a strange little man. Alas, it is now almost midnight and I should begin my sleepy time so I'm not a complete crank tomorrow at work.! Lots of stimulating Access torture awaits. :P (Really, I am grateful that I'm gainfully employed.)


Thanks to my fave Ban Rep Fashion Diva and Accidental Blogger, I've officially been sucked in to the Blog Vortex. Boyfriend Sean will be quite happy that I have yet another outlet for sharing my many thoughts and wisdoms with the world, in hopes that he will have fewer ramblings to contend with. My Lis-ism's are so underappreciated by said boyfriend. Received sweet email from his lovely mom last night. Told him we must move to Florida to be closer to them so she can remind him daily of how incredibly great I am. :o)