Monday, September 25, 2006

Guess Who's a Mrs.!!!

Ok, so hopefully these picture makes up a bit for my absence as of late. As most of you who've been through the wedding planning process know, it's exhausting and mentally and emotionally draining. So I desperately needed a break from everything that wasn't on the "Must Do" list.

So yes, we are married now...and I promise I will share details of the day. It was amazing, and for the most part, the day was flawless. And I will say that I think we had the best reception I've ever been to. Not that I'm biased or anything. But we even had guests start karoke'ing. Yeah, I'm talking about you Miss Ang or should I call you Miss Bon Jovi "Living on a Prayer". Needless to say, the dance floor was packed all night and the guests had a great time. It was a big, fun party which was exactly what we wanted. I'm still waiting for the photos from the professional photographers, but I do have a few pics that friends have sent me from that day. So to make up for my extended blogging break, I'll share a few right now and post more later in the week. Enjoy!

Life is slowly returning to normal....oh, except the whole moving across country thing!!! Yep, you heard me right. But if you want to know, you'll just have to come back for that scoop. Don't be greedy now...patience my dears! I know, I suck!

Testing.... I even have a blog anymore? Anyone out there? Hello....can you hear me now? Hehehe.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What Sucks More Than Grocery Shopping....

Trying to write a list for said grocery shopping trip...

Oh, and what's worse than that? I will tell you! Trying to come up with a grocery list that follows the rules of the South Beach diet and contains only those items that will help me zip up my wedding dress and still be able to breathe. Actually at this point I'd settle for just having the damn thing zip up. The only way this could get worse would be having to actually eat those items on the list. Ha!

Ok enough whining. Anyone have any ideas on what I should get my lovely and wonderful bridesmiads? And Ang, Tram, Mia, etc you are not allowed a vote in this! :) Actually, you should not even be reading stop now. You heard me...Shoo! Go away! Yeah, I'm talking to you...hit the road chicas! (But I say all that with love...haha.)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Drive-Thru Blogging

Ok, so I owe you all an update. If any of this is a repeat I apologize, but I'm too lazy to look through my prior posts to see if I already talked about this. Hehe.

- First, I got a job? Did you all know that? Well, I did and it's with a smaller company, there's only about 40 employees. I think I much prefer the corporate culture of small companies to larger corporations. When prior evil company hired me I never got a Harry & David gift box set with yummy goodies like new company sent me. Although, the lemon shortbread cookies, so not helping me fit into the wedding dress. More on that later. Love the people at the new company, dislike a.m. and p.m. commutes that average between 75 and 90 minutes each way. So far work has been a bit slow. I'm hoping that the pace picks up not in a crazy-manic way, but just in a yeah-for-not-being-caught-sleeping-and-drooling-on-the-keyboard-because-I'm-oh-so-bored sort of way. :)

- All floral-related items for the wedding have been taken care of. Which yeah! But boo...because now we have to go back and meet with the cake lady to redo the look and colors of our cake which is all lavendar calla lilies which doesn't really fit in anywhere now.

- Still have more mucus expelling from me than should be humanly possible. Antibiotics...ha! Not doing much for my system. Or at least not expelling things and drying me up quickly enough.

- Still a bit stumped about the dress not fitting, especially after my doc appt today where I got weighed and apparently weigh less than I did when I bought the dress. Today's weight was 119, back when I got the dress I think I was about 127. You do the math, I don't get it. Only thing I can figure is that since I've so been slacking on the exercise front, I'm getting flabby. Maybe the extra weight was invisible muscles that at least kept the tummy and bottom of my arms from being so flappy. Hehe.

- Oh, and I guess the last time we talked I left you with a not really mysterious secret....yeah, let's just leave it that way. Ha! So kidding! So my handsome, oh so smart, super-computer programming honey had an interview for a job in Colorado! And he got offered the position because...well, hello they'd have to be idiots not to snatch him up. Only little problem is that we won't know for sure until July 25 because the job offer is contingent on his company winning a contract. No contract = no work = no Colorado = sad, bitter Lisa & Sean. We're so ready to be done with the rat race that is this area and the insane commutes and the rude people! So yeah, don't ask me how we're going to make it through 2 months of not knowing, especially me of little patience. But working on getting the house ready to sell will hopefully keep our crazed little minds occupied. And if we don't go, well we'll have a pretty updated house to show off to all the out-of-town wedding guests.

- Last update, the kids are doing well. Except for Baden, the other pups in the neighborhood have been gossiping about him. Well, not so much about Baden, but about his father. Sean took him on a walk the other day in his fancy-high-power suit looking all GQ except for the minor detail of his belt being unbuckled and his fly hanging wide open. And of course, little Miss Observant, that being me, didn't even notice. Haha! Sean took this as proof that my eyes never travel to certain areas. Hmm, I think that was a complaint. Ehhhh, I'm too congested to care! :)

Phew....ok, I think that's enough for now. That should tide you over for the next few weeks, right? Pretty please?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Our Regularly Scheduled Programming will Resume when the Mucus Subsides

I know, I know. I am just a bad, unreliable blogger. I feel so bad. Ok, not really. Ha! But...I do have news though! Big, exciting, oh-my-gosh-this-has-to-happen-or-the-universe-is-just-mean news! But I'm not going to share that with you until I have time to do it justice. And right now...sorry, but my big box of Puffs Plus with Lotion tissues is calling my name. I believe this is the fourth box I've gone through over the last three days. Are you feeling sorry for my pathetic nasal-drip self yet? No...well fine then! That just means I'll make you wait even longer for the news. Just teasing! I will be kind enough to leave you with a hint.

....I heart the Rockies.....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Holy Haagen-Dazs!! I tried on my wedding dress yesterday, and granted it probably wasn't a good idea to do so after indulging in Moo Shu Chicken with plum sauce and Chinese pancakes, but the dress did not fit. I repeat, my wedding dress does not fit now!

That's right, I can't even zip it up all the way. So not fair!!! How can the universe be so cruel? But I took the hint and got my apprently ever-expanding butt on the elliptical yesterday and I did weights. A routine it looks like I will need to keep up with if I have any hopes of fitting into the dress by my wedding day.

So who votes for me just buying a new wedding dress?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

G.I. Jane, I'm So Not...

A conversation Sean and I had in the car earlier today...

Me: I think if I had to serve in one of the branches of military, I'd pick the Air Force. I don't know why, but for some reason I just think they'd let me sleep in the latest. Oh, and I'd have to work it into my contract that being a curly-haired girl and all, I'd need an extra hour of prep time in the morning to straighten my hair.

Sean: Honey, if it ever gets to the point where our armed forces are that desperate for people to serve, it's time to throw down the white flag and say lots and lots of prayers.

Hmmmph! Apparently, Sean doubts my skills as a warfighter. Sheesh, just because I'd want to look nice while kicking a little ass. What's wrong with that? ;o)

Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Over...and I have the footprint on my butt to prove it!

So you would think that after subjecting me to three weeks of ostracizing, the silent treatment, switch-a-roo games, and other misc mean-spirited behavior that they would at least let me have peace for my final day. Oh no! That would be asking too much. Here's a short list of things I learned today.
- Apparently, I've spent the last several years working under a manager who has no idea what a letter of reference is and even after having it clearly explained to him still is not capable of writing it.
- This beloved company that I devoted 5 years to does not have a corporate policy in place for references. Meaning that it is up to the Supervisor's discretion whether they respond to or answer questions about prior employees. Apparently, they are welcome to and it's encouraged that they refuse to answer the questions of perspective employers.
- This company's HR is not for the peons, but rather those earning six figure and up salaries or impressive, but meaningless titles.
- Our HR likes to pat you on the head and say "oh, that's a shame", however if you're expecting them to take action on your behalf or stick up for the rights of or mental or emotional well-being of the employee, well you're living in a fantasy world. after today I get to start tending to my battle wounds and start trying to rebuild my confidence in myself, my faith in others, and my hope that there's a company out there that truly does recognize and maybe *gasp* reward motivation and those who seek growth and advancement. There's just so much anger, frustration, sadness, shock, and hurt...and I'm not sure how to process it all. I know, it sounds overly dramatic, but I feel like I just ended an abusive relationship. The upside- been there, done that, and I survived. And one thing they can't change is that I didn't slink into a corner. I stood my ground and fought my battles, and did so while maintaining a professional demeanor, something which is all too foreign to them. sympathy to the poor sap who replaces me.